What's in Your Lunchbox? Kids Bento

Nicole Straight

Back by popular demand, our "What's in Your Lunchbox" column has returned offering answers to the age old question...What do I pack in those darn lunchboxes today? 

The concept here is simple...Bento box. What child wouldn't love the smorgasbord of choices with this kid style bento box? Today we are featuring garbanzo beans, black olives, shredded carrots, peas, mini mozzarella balls, cornichons (baby pickles), and tamari cashews (if your school is nut friendly). Really, you could put anything in these little foil containers. Just cup your hand and tuck a small piece of foil inside to make the cups, place food in and voila...bento. Kids will love opening up these little surprises!

Now, we at CTbites do not advocate generating extra waste in your lunch, so we suggest reusing or recycling the foil after use. You can also get great reusable bento-style lunch boxes from LaptopLunches.com

For more information on great waste-free lunchboxes, see our back to school roundup.