Kids STILL at home? Bake Up Some Pizza Pops

Stephanie Webster

School's closed again??!! Don't fret, just keep those kids busy in the kitchen (if you have one working). I found this recipe while browsing (on a friend's computer, as mine is still out of commission). These Pizza Pops are a great activity for any age, and what child doesn't like food on a stick? Even vegetables are more fun on a skewer.

Just like the 2 dimensional version, these Pizza Pops can be made to suit every palate. Try adding sausage and cheese, ham and pineapple, plain cheese, and so on. When creating your pizza bites, note a good tip from Distinguishing the different fillings once the bites are baked might be tricky. Maybe a different topping sprinkled on the top of each batch?

Here's the original recipe from Pennies on a plattter.

When the pizza bites are cool, just separate them carefully and put a lollipop stick in the middle of each one. Have fun!

(Photos from Nikki from Pizza on a Platter, via Tastespotting)