CTbites Votes: Best Sushi in Fairfield County

Stephanie Webster

The people have spoken yet again, and this time we're talking raw fish. Here are the results of our Best of Sushi poll with top ranking Kazu strongly in the lead with 38%. If you are in the Norwalk area with a hankering for sushi, go check it out.

If you have suggestions for future CTbites Votes polls, please contact usand share your thoughts. 

Photo: Courtesy of Kazu Kazu (Norwalk) 38%

Tengda (Multiple locations) 16%

Matsu Sushi (Westport) 14%

Wasabi Chi (Norwalk) 12%

Fin (Fairfield) 8%

Duo (Stamford) 6%

Shiki Hana (Fairfield) 3%

Matsuri (Darien) 2%

Kotobuki (Stamford) 1%