Kids Review: Rye Ridge Deli in Stamford

Carly Monson

Carly Monson is our roving 10 yrs old food critic. She hopes to get Fairfield County kids excited about eating in new venues like this one...

Are you starving for some classic deli food?  Then get in the car and head on down to Rye Ridge Deli in Stamford, CT.  As soon as I got there I knew exactly what I was going to order, Matzo Ball Soup and half a sandwich of corn beef and half a sandwich of pastrami on white bread. Before the waiter even came to take my order we got two bowls of pickles; one bowl had half sour pickles, the other had sour pickles.  Pickles are one of my favorite foods so getting two bowls of them made me so happy. My soup was at the table not even 5 minutes after we ordered.  I gulped the steaming soup down.  It tasted delicious.  There was a huge matzo ball and tons of noodles in my bowl. I didn’t finish it because they only serve bowls, no cups. After 15 minutes my sandwich came.  I first took a bite of the pastrami.  The deli meat had a peppery flavor, but in a good way.  When I tried the corn beef it tasted exactly like steak.  The white bread was too soft to hold the meat so my sandwich collapsed. Both sandwiches were so great I could not decide which was my favorite. I was to stuffed to have dessert but they have a wonderful selection including chocolate covered pretzels and huge cupcakes. If you are in a hurry but want some good food stop by and grab a bag full of sandwiches or hotdogs to go. I say that Rye Ridge Deli is an awesome restaurant for kids and adults of all ages.  

I give Rye Ridge Deli 4 ½ pickles.

Rye Ridge Deli, High Ridge Center
1087 High Ridge Road, Stamford
Tel: (203) 322-5333

Open: Monday - Wednesday: 7:30am-9pm
Thursday - Saturday : 7:30am-10pm
Sunday: 7:30am-9pm

[Photography by Natasha Montero]