Stamford's Tappo Restaurant via Slice

Amy Kundrat

If you haven't checked out Stamford newcomer Tappo yet, you should.  Although I've reveled in their tuna entree and sipped a few delicious negronis at their bar, it's their pizza that keeps me coming back. The cozy spot and its warm Italian welcome inspired me to review Tappo's pizza for my first contribution on Slice, America's favorite pizza blog in case you didn't know.

"A modern yet cozy Italian trattoria, Tappo's approach is regional Italian cuisine, with about a third of the menu given up to Neapolitan pizza worship. If the menu at Tappo was suddenly culled to that one page, a beacon of 14 pizza offerings, we wouldn't mind too much. It's not that the rest of the menu doesn't deserve its own nod—in fact, it does. But the pies at Tappo are good enough to make us believe this corner of Connecticut is serious about staking a claim to excellent Neapolitan-style pizza."

You can catch my full review of Tappo's pizza, in all its cheesy carb glory over on Slice.