The Boathouse's Autumn Harvest Apple Contorno

John Holzwarth

John's Holzwarth's take on a contorno, a simple vegetable dish that traditionally accompanies a second course in Italian dining, is a deceptively easy preparation of fall flavors. This also coincides with an unwritten rule of side dishes that the addition of cheese makes everything better.

This Autumn Apple Contorno, courtesy of The Boathouse, is filled with apples, carrots, radish, greens and Gouda.

2 Local Apples, Sliced
4 ozs. Shaved Aged Gouda (or sharp cheddar)
4 ozs. Shaved (on the mandoline) Baby Carrots and Radish
1/4 lb. Baby Braising Greens
Lemon Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper… to taste
Toss all ingredients gently in a large bowl.
Divide evenly onto 4 plates.