Moe's Burger Joint in Old Greenwich via The Hamblogger

Amy Kundrat

Photo: Chris Preovolos

It's safe to say we've had burgers on the brain this week. Our recent CTbites Burger Shout-Out is our ode to this quintessential American dish with dozens of readers weighing in on their favorite burger. So when I saw the all-beef-all-the-time blog The Hamblogger touched down in CT at Moe's Burger Joint in Old Greenwich, I knew I had to share the love. The Hamblogger's Chris Preovolos sums up what makes Moe's "a serious hamburger establishment." 

"Situated in a tiny strip mall of sorts along busy Route 1 in what is otherwise the great-granddaddy of waspy suburbs, Moe’s sticks out. A vast majority of the patronage here — including myself — could be classified as proverbial East-Coast-elitists, but that doesn’t stop Moe’s from being a serious hamburger establishment."

Read the full review (and check out some gorgeous burger photos) on The Hamblogger.