Behind-the-Scenes at Stamford's Fairway

Amy Kundrat

With over 80,000 square feet, a staff of 500 passionate employees and 77 years of experience, Fairway Market’s newest location in Stamford at Harbor Point is poised for success and sure to draw the grocery-getting masses. The store will officially open on November 3 with a grand opening party but we were lucky to get an early behind-the-scenes tour with CEO Howie Glickberg, the grandson of Fairway founder Nathan Glickberg. 

Walking through Fairway’s front doors and into the cavernous grocery-filled space, we were instantly greeted by huge, wide aisles and shelves already stocked with the non-perishable organic and traditional food stuffs we know and love. As tempting as it was to skip down the empty aisles with this grocery mecca to ourselves, it was the perimeter that got our attention. At the far left corner, the produce section was beginning to come to life as employees set up displays primed for the arrival of their perishable contents. High above the aisles drawing your gaze upward were colorful free-hand murals announcing and inviting me to visit the mouth-watering stations below. I lost count of how many times I pointed with my mouth agape, but here are a few reasons why: 

- An impressive variety of organic produce

- Kosher meat section & a full-time kosher butcher on-premise

- Dozens of types of olive oil & over 50 types of olives

- Coffee roaster & a master roaster on-premise

- 600 artisinal cheeses & a hand-pulled mozzarella station

- Vast selection of yogurt, milk & imported butter

- Bakery with bagels made on premise 

- Aged meats & butchers who will cut-to-order

- Cafe with seating for 80

- Prepared & made-to-order foods including sushi, panninis, pizza, & espresso drinks

Fairway seems to have fused your favorite vendors, from your butcher, fish monger, and even coffee roaster successfully under one roof. In early December, Fairway has also announced they will be opening a wine, spirits, and beer store.  If I was a betting woman, I’d say Fairway will be a smash success and a cornerstone to the revitalization of Harbor Point. Well done, Stamford. 

A grand opening party will be held on November 3 beginning at 10 am featuring performances by the Stamford Symphony Orchestra and the Stamford High School band. Fairway will be open from 8 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week.