CTbites Lunch @ Wild Rice Recap

Christy Colasurdo

Yesterday's CTbites reader-appreciation lunch event, in conjunction with SuzySaid, saw a terrific turnout. More than 60 readers reserved spots at Wild Rice in Fairfield, lured by the promise of good food and good company. As advertised, the bargain Bento boxes and sushi specials were tasty steals, most under $10. The wine at $2 a glass was a good deal, too. Colorful plates of fresh sushi, sashimi and spicy Asian specialties flew by, groups of girlfriends re-connected after the holidays and a fine time was had by all.

Rumor has it our editor is working on a lunch date in March at the Dressing Room in Westport. This will be modeled after our first reader-appreciation lunch in December at Café Lola, where the chef wowed guests with a custom-designed three-course French meal. Everyone felt like they were part of something unique to CTbites fans, and we're going to make sure to bring this feeling back in our next event. 

We'll keep you posted on our upcoming lunches, and we look forward to meeting you in person to learn about your favorite local haunts and places you’d like us to cover in the New Year.  See you soon!