Timothy's: Ice Cream the Old Fashion Way

Stephanie Webster

Yes, I know we have been featuring a great many frozen desserts these days but tis the season, so here is one more not to be missed frosty snack. Grab your kids, and run...don't walk to Timothy's in Bridgeport. This old school ice cream parlor may no longer use the salt-and-ice churners that stand in the front window, but their ice cream is every bit as classic and delicious as it gets. It’s cranked out by hand in their back room, made with sweet cream, that is not too sweet (as we have found in Cold Stone Creamery's product), and comes in several dozen inventive flavors. It is truly one of Fairfield County’s best-kept secrets.

The retail location is not fancy. It is reminiscent of Mad Martha's on the Vineyard, with quite a few small tables that are only a little bit sticky (hey, you can't have everything), as well as some plastic chairs outside. There are several flavors that hard core Timothy's fans swear by. These include Sweet Cream, Black Rock (a tribute flavor made with French vanilla and chocolate covered almonds), Oreo Cookie (packed with crunchy cookie chunks), Peach, Dutch Chocolate, and Banana. This reviewer was a big fan of the Oreo, and French Vanilla, made with Malt. They also do mix-ins with the standard toppings.

Once you have settled on a flavor, you will be asked if you would like the "edible bowl". I recommend saying yes to this inquiry as this heavenly waffle cup is light, crunchy, and less sweet than your average waffle cone. It balances out the richness of the ice cream residing in it's center, and the waffle cup allows small children to enjoy the cone taste while avoiding the laundry situation that often results from an ordinarily drippy dessert. Sundaes are also fabulous, featuring whipped cream that is home made throughout the day, and dark rich hot fudge. We hear the milkshakes are pretty delicious as well.

If you are looking for an excursion (with or without kids), head over to Timothy's, grab a cone, and stroll along the beach front of St Mary's by the Sea. And, for a full night of excellent and inexpensive dining, start your evening at Layla's Falafel, in nearby Fairfield (and reviewed on CT Bites). It's the perfect double header. 


Timothy's 2974 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport. (203) 366-7496