Ask Chef Nicole: How Do I Spice Up My Summer Corn?

Nicole Straight

There is nothing quite as fresh and sweet as summer corn. It seems to define the season, and the act of shucking provides hours of entertainment for children young and old. Although corn requires very little to bring out it's farm fresh flavor, sometimes you want to dress up this sunny side dish with a little kick. Here is a quick recipe for Lime, Cayenne, Cilantro Compound Butter over Grilled Corn from chef Nicole Straight that will impress your dinner guests, and delight your taste buds.



Lime, Cayenne, Cilantro Compound Butter over Grilled Corn

½ stick unsalted butter at room temperature

zest from 1 lime

pinch of cayenne pepper

pinch of kosher salt

1 Tbs. freshly processed cilantro, or 2 cubes frozen cilantro

Grilled corn- boil corn for 2 minutes, then grill over high heat 4-5 minutes or until grill marks appear, turn frequently to ensure all sides of corn are grilled.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and rub over grilled corn. Store remaining compound butter in parchment paper and store in the freezer.

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