Brunch Pick: Bloodroot Restaurant, Bridgeport

Stephanie Webster

I first caught wind of the somewhat elusive Bloodroot Restaurant on Fat Cat Pie Co’s menu. In the midst of the pizzas and salads (more on that later), you will find “Bloodroot Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Bread," a thick slice of homemade, cake-like bread that tastes both healthy and decadently delicious at the same time. With its crunchy crust and spongy interior, the Bloodroot bread became a personal obsession. To my surprise, I found that Bloodroot is more than just heavenly bread. It is a full-blown “feminist restaurant & bookstore” in the midst of a residential neighborhood in Bridgeport, serving organic, seasonal, local vegetarian food. If the bread was this good, I could only imagine what the rest of the menu had to offer.

I did a little research and opted for the Bloodroot Brunch, and the blissful summer day gave us the opportunity to eat outside on their patio, overlooking the water. Inside, the restaurant looks like a slightly more upscale camp mess hall, complete with photos of suffragettes, quilts hanging from the rafters (they host both weaving and bread baking classes), and eco-feminist posters. If you are first-timers, as we were, you will be given directions to the cafeteria style dining experience upon entry. We listened carefully as we were instructed to order from the large chalk menu board hanging over the open kitchen, and then wait for our name to be called.

The menu is small, and changes constantly based on what is seasonally available, but all the basics are covered alongside some more interesting entrees. Some of these included poached eggs in spinach nests, Soysage Patties, omelets filled with artisanal sheep cheese, creamed spinach, or oyster mushrooms, as well as sourdough pancakes. Many of these items are also Vegan. On the counter are loaves of freshly baked bread (including my beloved Oatmeal Sunflower Seed loaf) with hunks of fresh butter, which you can order to accompany your breakfast.

We waited patiently outside, watching their pet cat roam under our feet, until we heard our name called. We quickly jumped up to retrieve our bounty. My Scrambled Tofu with crispy oyster mushrooms, peppers, and onions (seen above) was flanked by their addictive homemade bread. The mushrooms gave a decadently rich flavor to what was actually a wonderfully delicious healthy entrée. I savored every bite. The home fries (also seen here) were worthy of tomes. They were perfectly dark and crispy on the outside, mingled with peppers and onions, and were just plain fabulous. My husband ordered an omelet with Manchego cheese and roasted red peppers, which was cooked just right, and the artisanal melted cheese was great for dipping. My daughter selected the sourdough pancakes which were light and leftovers here.

We practically licked the plates clean, and then bussed our dishes as the instructions on the wall dictate. I stared longingly at the bread before leaving, wondering whether I would be back soon enough or perhaps I should take a loaf home with me. 


I should mention that one is grateful for an in-car nav system while hungrily seeking out Bloodroot. It is truly off the beaten path. Don’t leave your house without directions from the web site.

It is also worth noting that we went back for lunch the following week, and while the ingredients were fresh, healthy, and nicely prepared, we were not as captivated with the dishes we sampled. CT Bites recommends Brunch at Bloodroot for a peak dining experience.

Also, Bloodroot is kid friendly, but probably not if you have a rowdy group. The vibe is quiet here, so you can feel comfortable bringing one or two kids, but probably not the whole softball team. 

Bloodroot 85 Ferris Street, Bridgeport. 203.576.9168

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