Grated Greatness: Julian's Brick Oven Pizzeria

Alexandra Wells

It would be easy to dismiss Julian’s Brick Oven as yet another one of Westport’s new crop of pizzerias-- with its temporary sign, small unassuming storefront, lack of marketing (heck, for a while you couldn’t even get their number from 411!). But when the pizza is this good, word spreads quickly and your detective powers kick in. Their standard pie is “New Haven Style” (think Pepe’s without the lines). It is chewy, perfectly salted, and sports a thin crust (but not wafer thin like Fat Cat Pie Co.), simple tomato sauce, and wonderfully fresh mozzarella. Their signature wood-burning brick oven, the centerpiece of this small restaurant, adds the finishing touch on this flavorful, highly satisfying pizza.

But what REALLY has me going back to Julian’s and crafting new excuses for mid-week pizza night (last soccer practice? American Idol finale? It stopped raining?) is their grated cheese pizza100% Pecorino Romano grated over homemade tasty red sauce in the perfect ratio. It is tangy, just the right kind of greasy, and positively addictive! Once you try this you will thank me... although your personal trainer may not feel the same.

Julian’s took over the small space at 539 Riverside Ave in the spring of 2009. This is their third location, with two others in Monroe and Bridgeport. They have a full pizza menu with a wide variety of toppings, pastas, Italian entrees, soups, and desserts, but purists go for the pizza. They do not deliver and have very limited seating, but if you drive by at lunch- or dinner-time, you’ll witness the steady stream of fellow Julian’s fans, boxes in hand, scurrying home in delightful anticipation of the irresistable brick oven flavor.

To save you the google search or furtive drive-by in search of Julian’s phone number, here it is: 226.8900. In fact- I’m calling right now! After all, the sun is shining.............

Julian's Brick Oven Pizzeria can be found at 3 convenient locations:

539 Riverside Avenue, Westport. 203.226.8901

Unit 4, 525 Main St, Monroe. 203.445.7032

1031 Madison Ave, Bridgeport. 203.333.7133

Julian's Brick Oven Pizzeria on Urbanspoon
Julian's Brick Oven Pizzeria on Urbanspoon