Village Gourmet-Chinese Food Done Right

Pauline Rhoads

I’ve been going to Village Gourmet in Norwalk for years for what is hands down, the best Chinese food in the Westport/Norwalk area. Loyal customers have seen this local treasure tucked away in the Cranbury Shopping Center grow from a tiny take-out place with a few small tables to a larger, full service restaurant that now serves wine and beer. I’ve tried it all, and it’s all exceptionally good. Here’s what to order...

Start with the mouth watering, pork-filled Szechuan Dumplings with Red Hot Sauce, but don’t let the name fool you. They’re not that hot. Also try the Cold Noodles with Sesame Hot Sauce, which are simply perfect. Another stand out appetizer are the Crispy Spring Rolls, which are lightly fried, crispy, and refreshing. 

As you move on to the entrées, don’t miss my family’s favorite; Crispy Walnut Chicken and Shrimp. It is so good that we usually order two to make sure we each get our fair share of the delectable shrimp. There are several textures and flavors going on in this dish — the lightly breaded and fried, chicken and walnuts are crispy with a sweet glaze, and the butterflied shrimp, also lightly breaded and fried, has it’s own amazing, lighter white sauce — making this almost two entrées in one.

For a fabulous noodle dish, go for the Chicken Lo-Mein (seen above), which consists of perfectly cooked noodles tossed with string beans, carrots, mushrooms, onions with a flavor so good that you just can’t stop eating them. The Crispy pan-fried Noodles are a universal kid favorite. I promise you three things: You’ll be stuffed, very happy, and you’ll keep going back for more.


Village Gourmet 22 Chestnut Hill Road (Cranbury Shopping Center), Norwalk 203-849-8788.


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