Colossally Delicious Salad @ Jordan's in Norwalk

Sarah Green

It’s not always Greek to me, but in the case of Jordan’s Kitsa Pella Salad, just call me Zorba! Jordan’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, located near Stew Leonard's in Norwalk offers an enormous variety of Greek and Italian fare. It's kid-friendly, reasonably priced, and all good... especially the pizza. But the Pella salad topped with grilled chicken is to die for. Imagine this: succulent grilled chicken atop a bed of crunchy greens, crisp cucumber, plump ripe tomatoes, moist mozzarella, and juicy feta doused in the owner’s homemade, incredibly tangy, yet sweet dressing. Served in a bowl? Never! This amazing salad is floating in a crunchy pizza dough basket, which hovers over just the right amount of icy cold tzatziki. To call this a salad is almost an insult. This is a meal fit for the gods – Ambrosia comes to mind. To paraphrase Hippocrates, “Life is short, Jordan’s Pella salad - divine.” 

Jordan’s Pizzeria and Restaurant 369 Westport Avenue, Norwalk. 203-846-9558

Jordan's Too! 252 Flax Hill Road, Norwalk. 203-855-9598

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