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Eating Out

Connecticut's BEST DAIRY FARM ice Cream. This is the only guide you need this summer. 

Swing by South End in New Canaan for excellent "modern tavern" fare in an elegantly rustic setting. Live music on Wednesdays!

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Scoring Mexican Coke in Fairfield County

There is something nostalgic about Mexican Coke, and it's not just those hourglass shaped glass bottles. It is made the way Coke used to be formulated years ago, with refined cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, resulting in a sweeter, more natural tasting product. Manufactured and bottled in Mexico, it has has become coveted in the US, and yet for those seeking out this less "chemical tasting" Coke, it can be elusive. 

We have run across Mexican Coke at espressoNEAT in Darien, Fresh Market in Westport, Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan and Casa Villa in Stamford…purely by happy accident. Yeah, we know soda is bad for you and all, but if you're going to drink it, drink the good stuff.

If you have scored Mexican Coke in your culinary or consumer travels, help out your fellow readers and give us the coordinates.   

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Fairfield County Eats! Tasting Benefit for The Food Bank

SAVE THE DATE!! Join us at Fairfield County Eats on April 27th for an evening of outstanding food, beer and wine...for a very good cause. This unique tasting event will take place at The Italian Center in Stamford with all proceeds directly supporting The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County's efforts to help end hunger in our community. The list of restaurants, caterers, and beverage purveyors participating in this event will surely make you salivate. @ $45 a person this is an event not to be missed. 

Restaurants include: 1020 Post, Fat Cat Pie Co, L'escale, Rory's, Coromandel, Restaurant Jean-Louis, Tavern on Main., Da Pietro's, Colony Grill, Butterfield 81, Bobby Q's, Shelley's On The River, Tawa Indian Cuisine, The Capital Grill, The Melting Pot, Tuscan Oven, Vinny's Backyard Restaurant, Cafe D'Azur, My Favorite Place, The Gingerman...and more are signing on every day. 

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Foodies: A New Online Web Show

The first episode of Foodies, a new web series following the adventures of a group of L.A. culinary enthusiasts, launches online today. The series pokes fun at the passion, often mistaken as snobbery, rife among foodies. New episodes air online each Wednesday with a run-time of about 5 to 10 minutes, the perfect length for any amuse-bouche. 

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Macarons with Chef Emilie

Whether you are a hopeless Francophile or just a lover of confections, macarons are the pinnacle of dessert perfection. A cross between a tiny cake and a cookie, macarons boast smooth and delicately crisp exteriors that give way to light and pillowy interiors and are filled with sweet and occasionally savory fillings. In the right hands, they can be the miraculous result of a few deceptively simple ingredients of almond flour, eggs and sugar. 

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Dressing Room Hosts Benziger Biodynamic Wine Dinner

On Wednesday, March 16th @ 7PM, The Dressing Room & Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines hosts the next in their series of wine dinners featuring Benziger Family Winery. Benziger is one of the finest biodynamic, organic vineyards utilizing only sustainable farming methods. The result is a portfolio of authentic and memorable wines. Their commitment to "practices that are good for the earth and the vine, good for the farm worker and the farmer, and good for our colleagues and our customers" mirror Dressing Room's mission precisely. The inspired menu reflects their enthusiasm for this pairing partner. 

UPDATE: We just got word that Mike Benziger will be is town to host the event himself. Check out the menu below: 

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Mardi Gras Wine Dinner @ Blue Lemon, Westport



Coromandel: A Visual Guide to Authentic Indian Cuisine


As an expatriate, I am always on the lookout for good Indian Restaurants – places where I can get a proper Indian comfort food fix. Unfortunately, in this part of the world this is no easy task. Rarely do you come across a gem like Coromandel – offering inspired authentic Indian cuisine, very reasonable prices, and a restaurant experience that delivers in terms of ambience and service. 

The Coromandel group has a monopoly on good "home cooked" Indian food in Fairfield County. And while there is ongoing debate over the "best" location, mine is SONO. Manager, Gopi Nair, is very proud about what sets Coromandel apart. Their dishes are based on traditional recipes sourced from master chefs and regional culinary pundits in India. Their local chefs are then trained to cook the ‘Coromandel Way.’ 

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Shout Out: Best Italian Restaurants in Fairfield County?

If you live in the tri-state area, you eat Italian. The power of pasta is epic. With the breadth of regional Italian cooking, and the celebrity chefs who have elevated it to dizzying heights, you are likely to have a favorite spot where you seek the Italian comfort food you crave.

Where do you go for great Italian - where the ravioli melts in your mouth, the osso bucco is succulent, and the risotto is cooked to perfection? 

What are the best Italian Restaurants in Fairfield County? 


The Winner of the Pine Social Cocktail Contest is...

Selecting a cocktail name for this month's contest was no easy task but Pine Social has declared a winner for their Cocktail Naming Contest. 

Congratulations to Stephen H from Stamford for his submission...drumroll please..."Social Butterfly." He will receive a FREE lunch for 2 @ Pine Social in New Canaan CT. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted creative and inspired names. 

Stay tuned for our next Cocktail Contest from Match Restaurant in Sono.


Friday Froth: The Beginnings Of Spring

I absolutely adore Greek mythology. The creatures were probably the first aspect to grab my limited attention, but the imperfection and compellingly human nature of the gods, the odd sense of justice, the creativity and cleverness of classical civilization have never ceased to captivate me. "I, my, me" - isn't this supposed to be about beer? It will be, but first let me tell you about a youth named Narcissus. 

Born to a river god and a water nymph, the boy was impossibly beautiful from birth, and he knew it. Men and women alike threw themselves at Narcissus and all were rejected. Ovid writes: "Thereupon one of the scorned raised his hands to heaven and cried: 'So may he himself fall in love, so may he not be able to possess his beloved!' and Nemesis heard it." One hot day, Narcissus bowed down at a spring to drink and unwittingly fell in love with his own reflection. Unable to grab the object of his desire and unwilling to leave it, he wasted away to death by that spring, and in his place grew a yellow flower botanists call by his name. The rest of us call it a daffodil, and I noticed a bunch of them beginning to push up through the frosty ground this week. Spring is beginning, and with spring comes spring beers.

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