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Pho Saigon: Real Pho. Really off the beaten path. 

If you like Italian cuisine (I mean real Italian) and you haven't been to Fortina in Armonk yet, something is ALL wrong. 


The Latest Talk

Reheated: Stew Leonards, Bourdain, Batali [oh my] 

Reheated is a twice-weekly round-up of bite-sized food news in Connecticut and beyond. 

In Connecticut...

Anthony Bourdain is coming to Stamford on February 12 at the Palace Theater. Via LunchBreakChronicles & Info

Help protect family farmers, farmers markets and the local food movement with the Food Safety Modernization Bill and Small-Scale and Organic Farmers. Info

'Tis the season for 2 for 1 Holiday drinks at Starbucks. Info

Batali and Bastianish continue their Port Chester tear, with Tarry Wine opening adjacent to the newly opened Tarry Market and the popular Tarry Lodge. Info

...and beyond.

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leFarm's Cider Braised Turkey Legs

Recipe: leFarm's Cider Braised Turkey Legs

For many people, the best part of the Thanksgiving turkey are the legs. The dark meat is more richly flavorful and for those who are in this camp...why bother with the breast? Bill Taibe has come up with a solution for turkey leg lovers everywhere...Cider Braised Turkey Legs. Braising vs baking makes the meat literally fall off the bone. Enjoy.

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The Boathouse's Autumn Harvest Apple Contorno

John's Holzwarth's take on a contorno, a simple vegetable dish that traditionally accompanies a second course in Italian dining, is a deceptively easy preparation of fall flavors. This also coincides with an unwritten rule of side dishes that the addition of cheese makes everything better.

This Autumn Apple Contorno, courtesy of The Boathouse, is filled with apples, carrots, radish, greens and Gouda.

2 Local Apples, Sliced
4 ozs. Shaved Aged Gouda (or sharp cheddar)
4 ozs. Shaved (on the mandoline) Baby Carrots and Radish
1/4 lb. Baby Braising Greens
Lemon Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper… to taste
Toss all ingredients gently in a large bowl.
Divide evenly onto 4 plates.



Wholesome Simplicity at Michele's Pies in Norwalk

When Michele Albano first got into pie-making, she burned out three ovens in her ski condo in Vermont supplying local farmers’ markets with pies made with “love and fresh fruit. ”Those days are long gone. She now operates Michele’s Pies out of a commercial kitchen and bake shop on Route 7 in Norwalk, delighting customers with award-winning crusted concoctions such as Chocolate Pecan Bourbon, Candyland and Ultimate Banana Split as well as old-fashioned favorites inspired by the pies she remembers her grandmother baking.


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Thanksgiving Cheese Selections c/o 109 Cheese Market

A cheese platter, like our "109 Thanksgiving Cheese Selection" is an easy and elegant way to ease into a holiday feast.  Whether you buy a platter of craft your own, this is a great way to kick-off the holiday and can be endlessly repurposed into your holiday leftovers. 

The first cheese selection is an award-winning Fiscalini Bandaged Cheddar, a mature cheddar aged in cloth from Modesto, CA.  A little further south, I've chosen a smooth and bold blue with the Point Blue Reyes.  For a lighter and creamier cheese, I chose the Vermont Butter and Cream Cremont an earthy selection from Vermont goats and cows. And finally, a Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper, a mild sheeps milk cheese from France with a slight nuttiness and nice body and one heck of a name.

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Thanksgiving Wine Pairing & Shopping Guide 

Thanksgiving presents a special challenge in wine pairing. 

Think about the typical foods served for Thanksgiving dinner:  salty roasted turkey, savory turkey gravy, tangy cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, herbal chestnut stuffing, sweet candied yams, rich butternut squash soup, vegetal green beans…. so many contradictory flavors and textures !  Which wine should you choose? 

Well… you will need a wine that is not too high in tannins because that will overwhelm the mild flavors of the turkey.  A wine with medium to high acidity to cut through the fatty and creamy textures.  A wine with an abundance of fruit flavor to complement the sweet side dishes. 

The answer is:  there is no ONE wine !   It’s all a matter of personal preference.  The key is to pick a versatile wine that will harmonize with the many flavors of the meal.

Here are a few wine suggestions that I believe might just do the trick complete with a handy local FC buying guide for easy holiday shopping:

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Kids Reviews: The Lumberyard

Carly is a 10 year old from Redding, CT with a passion for eating & writing.  She has joined the team as our youngest reviewer and she hopes she will inspire kids to be a little more adventurous in their FC restaurant choices.  She has developed a restaurant rating scale of 1-5 pickles, 5 being the best. This is her first review. 

The Lumberyard

Are you craving some juicy meat and some fun?  Drive down to The Lumberyard in Georgetown, CT.  The huge menu sounded delicious. I had to look it over twice. The kid’s menu was the usual cheeseburger, grilled cheese, hot dogs and chicken tenders, so I decided to choose something off their regular menu. 

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Reheated: Dorie Greenspan & Darien Restaurant Week

In Connecticut...

Darien Restaurant Week is underway! Info

Free Cold Stone Creamery samples tonight at participating stores. Info

Chef Pietro Scotti, of Westport's DaPietro's will offer a Thanksgiving Cooking class on Nov 16 at The Clarke Culinary Center. Info

Dorie Greenspan will be speaking at the Darien Library on Nov. 18. Info & an interview via

CT Food Bank has launched a virtual Thanksgiving Day food drive. Info

Welcome to The Feast, an NBC-owned site that will be all things shop-food-play in regions such as our lovely state of CT.

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A Thanksgiving Day Guide to Take-Out or Eat-In Feasts 

Thanksgiving is the most anticipated and sometimes the most daunting meal of the year. But, in the end, it is all about food, friends and family. Depending on the number of guests in your party, there are several options for celebrating the holiday that don't involve slaving away in the kitchen for days.

We often get asked for resources that allow diners to opt out of preparing a do-it-yourself feast in favor of a catered event or a restaurant meal. Others may use a lifeline and choose to order a few dishes to supplement their home cooked menu. 

Here are a few resources for those who would prefer to get a little assistance or just make a reservation.

Restaurant Reservations

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Jeff’s Cuisine in Norwalk: Smokin’ BBQ & Soul-full Food 

Jeff’s Cuisine is the warmest spot in Sono if you ask me. Its namesake, Jeff Esaw, is not only an accomplished, award-winning chef of southern cuisine and barbecue; he’s also a great host.  Often welcoming patrons in personally and guiding them through his extensive menu, he does everything possible to create a memorable experience, transmitting his enthusiasm to the gracious staff.  

It was as if we could hear the seductive sound of classic Blues before we even walked through the door recently…actually it was emanating from an outdoor speaker above the back entrance.

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