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Taprock Hosts Hartford Flavor Co. Spirits Dinner

On March 1st, Taprock will be hosting its monthly dinner event highlighting a brand that we stand behind. We will be featuring a local spirits company that has caught the eyes of many. Their mission is to provide the liquor market – mixologists, retailers, and consumers – with uniquely flavored natural liqueurs that are on-trend and align to the idea that the creative cocktail is an essential aspect of both the social and dining experiences.  More Info here
Liqueurs are basically sweetened tinctures. In Medieval and Victorian times, tinctures and herbal medicines were sweetened following their creation to help conceal the bitter taste. ‘A spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down’ is exactly what a liqueur is. Most liqueurs of the past were used for the medicinal properties, to aid in digestion, and to help with ailments. They want to get back to this idea – healthful drinking!

Courses & paired Cocktails are listed below

dill | pickled mustard seed | rye

Iberian Spritz
fino sherry | wild moon cucumber | spanish brandy | sage grapefruit bitters
Grilled Radicchio
gorgonzola | blood orange

Cranberry Martinez
wild moon cranberry | old tom gin | maraschino qr liqueur | lemon rhubarb bitters
Rabbit Agnolotti
duck egg | mascarpone | hazelnut

Colored Glasses Sour
wild moon rose | house made fig cordial | litchfield distillery port cask bourbon | egg white | classic bitters
Pork Tenderloin
fig | saffron yogurt | beet | sage | cornbread

Forest Floor Old Fashioned
eagle rare | wild moon birch | smoked pine | served up
Pots de Crème
ginger | carrot

Berkshire Cobbler
house barreled wild moon spiced chai | plantation rum | atomized wild moon lavender | fresh lime | muddled blackberries