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D.E.W.s and Brews in New Haven: Beer Crawl

Join Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey Ambassador Jane Maher for a fun evening of D.E.W.s and Brews in New Haven on Friday, March 3rd. Jane has been traveling the country for the past few weeks visiting some of the nation’s best independent breweries to celebrate the Irish tradition of a ‘pint and a drop,’ and on the 3rd she’ll be in town to sample some of the finest pints the Outer Light Brewery in Groton has to offer, followed by a bar crawl in New Haven. We hope you can join us for one or both of the following events:

5pm – 7pm:

Cask Republic – DEW and Brew tasting mats with food

7pm – 9pm:

116 Crown – DEW and Brew tasting mats with food


Elm Street Social – DEW and Brew tasting mats with food

Trinity – after party

The tradition of the boilermaker (as it’s now known in America) goes back centuries in Ireland, ever since the monks began distilling whiskey alongside their beer. Hope you can join us to learn more about these two malt cousins and how a D.E.W. and a Brew can unlock the best flavors in both beverages.