Savannah Bee Company Opens in Downtown Westport's Bedford Square

Stephanie Webster

Savannah Bee Company is bringing its Southern charm and hospitality to the Northeast, summer 2017. One of the leaders in all things Honeybee has just opened a boutique in Westport's Bedford Square.

Savannah Bee Company is known for its premium artisanal honeys, honey-based health and beauty products, and mission to educate people about the wonders of the Honeybee and preserving the art of beekeeping.

Embodying the brand’s signature customer service and shopping experience, Savannah Bee at Bedford Square will offer daily honey tastings and an extensive Health & Beauty section featuring luxurious products made with ingredients straight from the hive.

The new Savannah Bee boutique in Westport will mark a milestone for the company as not only its first shop in the state of Connecticut, but its first retail location in the Northeast. Savannah Bee at Bedford Square will be home to one of the company’s newly redesigned concepts, debuting summer 2017, where visitors will be able to experience a designated kid’s area, and participate in different workshops and classes.

To date, Savannah Bee Company has 4 locations in Georgia, 1 in Florida and 2 in South Carolina, with 3 more locations opening this summer, including Westport, Connecticut.

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About Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company is the leading manufacturer of all things Honeybee. Ted Dennard, the brand’s Founder, President and Head Beekeeper has established a growing empire based on his extensive knowledge of the Honeybee, acquired over 35 years of studying this unique species. The brand’s offerings include the purest forms of honey for cooking and tasting, and hive-inspired health and beauty products made with all-natural, organic ingredients. In addition to offering a wide range of honeybee-based products for everyday use, Savannah Bee is dedicated to preserving the Honeybee through educational and charitable initiatives, while supporting conservation efforts through TheBee Cause Project. Savannah Bee products are available for purchase online and at multiple retailers across the United States. For more information, visit