Scallop Crudo Recipe from Chef Arik Bensimon

CTbites Team

Chef Arik Bensimon of Le Farm wil be the guest chef at The Westport Farmers' Market on August 14th. Chef Arik will be be demo-ing and serving up his Scallop Crudo with Buttermilk, Yuzu, Beets, Cucumber & Peanuts.

Scallop Crudo recipe can be found below.

Chef Bensimon began his career at the age of 11 in his family’s restaurant in NYC. After culinary school he worked at renown restaurants such as Le Cirque, Picholine and La Panetiere. In 2009 Arik came to Connecticut as the executive chef of Napa & Co., then opened The Spread in Sono, and in 2013, he joined the team of LeFarm as Chef de Cuisine.  

Scallop Crudo Recipe

This recipe uses raw Stonington scallops,Yuzu, beets, cucumber, peanuts, and buttermilk.

Depending on scallop size 2-21/2 scallops is a good size for an individual serving.


-Scallops, rinsed in a bowl of water to remove any sand or grit

-Coarse sea salt

-Extra virgin olive oil a fruity kind works well

-Red Yuzu kosho paste

-Pickling liquid with a good balance of sweet and salt

-Cucumber peeled or unpeeled however preferred depending on thickness of skin if on thinner side no need to peel just rinse under some water, sliced thin then and salted and left to drain in colander for about 30 min in the fridge.

-Sour cream


-Beets any color or a mix of all is nice either roasted or boiled. If roasting, wash your beets, dry them, toss with salt and wrap each individual one in aluminum and place in a 350 degree oven until cooked through. If boiling, place your washed beets in a pot an cover with cold water and some salt. Peel beets while warm with a kitchen towel, skin should come right off. Slice or dice them. Marinate with olive oil and a few drops of lime juice.

-Peanuts, roasted and crushed

-Mint leaves


About 30 min before you are ready to eat put some plates in the fridge, peel or don't your cucumber, slice and salt leave to drain in fridge.

Take yuzu paste and dilute with some of the pickling liquid, keep tasting different brands are spicyer and saltier than others, get it to a point that won't over power the scallops, but not too thin.

Take 2 tablespoons of sour cream and thin out with buttermilk, just to the point where it can easily pour off a spoon, season gently as Yuzu Kosho is pretty salty.

Thinly slice about 4 mint leaves.


Slice your scallops not to thin not to thick, somewhere in between.

Lay each slice on chilled plates not in any particular pattern. Have fun with it. Feel free to place them randomly.

Sprinkle each scallop with a flake or two of Maldon salt

Drizzle with some olive oil.

Spoon some of the sour cream and buttermilk on around and in between the scallops.

Scatter the beets randomly.

Do the same with cucumber...scatter them about.

Use your Yuzu kosho vinaigrette to dress the plate.

Scatter sliced mint leaves and crushed peanuts.