The Buzz Truck: Mobile Coffee Truck in Fairfield County

Jessica Ryan

Have you heard the buzz? If you haven’t and you live in the Westport and Fairfield areas you’ll not only hear it but you’ll see it any day now! The Buzz is The Buzz Truck, the brainchild of Jessica and Alex Grutkowski. Sleek, hip and sharp, this handsomely renovated school bus will have tired moms and dads cheering with delight. But it’s not just for parents - this little black bus has something for everyone.

The idea was conceived about a year ago when Jessica Grutkowski wondered why there wasn’t an ice cream truck for grownups. Only her ice cream truck wasn’t going to sell ice cream, it was going to sell coffee. “I was waiting on line for my coffee,” she told me, “and there was this person in front of me placing this ridiculously long order. I knew I was going to be late in picking my kids up from school.” Her eyes kept darting to the clock as she debated whether to ditch the line or not. And that was when the idea of the coffee truck came to her. “I knew right away that it would be called the Buzz Truck.” 

That night she shared her idea with her husband Alex and he loved it as well. With their marketing and PR backgrounds, the couple knew they wanted to eventually start their own business, but nothing, until then, seemed right. 

It was important to both Jessica and Alex that they partner up with local businesses. Jessica wanted their coffee to be not only local, but organic as well. After meeting with several vendors they selected Shearwater Organic Coffee, located in Trumbull, which is the only organic coffee in Fairfield County. She liked their philosophy, their coffee and what she saw in owner Ed Freeman. A partnership was born. Should you prefer your coffee a lighter shade of brown, local milk from The Farmer’s Cow, a group of six Connecticut-owned dairy farms, will help you to achieve your desired color.

Now that the truck had its fuel, it needed sustenance.  The Buzz Truck isn’t merely about the hot liquid that keeps us alert and on our toes – it’s also about the goodies that complement the coffee oh so well. The Grutkowskis had to look no further than their own backyard. Hungry patrons will be able to snack on Greenfield Hill’s own Sweet & Simple’s Donut Muffin, a breakfast favorite, assorted cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Sweet & Simple even created a special treat specifically for the truck - The Buzz Scone, an espresso-chocolate chip scone that looks mouth wateringly delicious.

Thirsty children need not worry either for they have not been forgotten. Planet Fuel, another local and organic company located in Fairfield County, will be providing them with organic beverages. 

Look for The Buzz Truck in the Westport, Southport and Fairfield areas in a neighborhood near you! For more information about The Buzz Truck and where you can find it on their website at The Buzz Truck ( and on Instagram.

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