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Eating Out

We just keep going back to South End in New Canaan. Here's why...

Ummmmm.....Tacos..... Run, don't walk to Casa Villa in Stamford if you haven't been. 

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Lou Gorfain

I’m a tv producer living in Stamford, but originally a child of Midwestern cornfields, where  Seafood was Mrs. Pauls, cheese was Velveeta, and desert was  a mold of Lime Jello topped with Miracle Whip.

My current food cravings are:  Shake Shack double burger

The only fast food I will eat is:  Mickey D fries

If I could be any Iron Chef, I would be:  Peter Kelly who walloped Flay and is the most underrated chef in NY Metro area. A great chef.  A better man. 

My favorite restaurants in Fairfield County are:  Napa and Boathouse tie. 

My favorite restaurant in the Tri-State area is:  X2O

Restaurant dish I wish I could make at home:  Crème brule from Chinois on Main.

My go-to dinner party entrée is:  Crown Pork Roast

When I’m not eating, I’m…. watching news or sports

Prepared food I have let people think was home-made…  chicken chili, doctored with my own cilantro.  Admit it’s not home made, but I blush to confess where it’s from.  So I won’t.

I’d rather pick (pumpkins, apples, strawberries)  Apples.

The last book I enjoyed was:  Elizabeth Street

My favorite movie of all time is:  Diner. 

My favorite food related movie of all time is:  Diner.   (Ah, those fries and gravy)