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Kerri Rosenthal


Whether expressed on canvas, paper, or interiors, one thing is always steadfast about artist Kerri Rosenthal’s work:  There is no shortage of color.  Within D2 INTERIEURS  studio and her art studio, Kerri creates intriguing interiors and paintings conveyed on a multitude of layers. Kerri Rosenthal began as President of a Dutch children’s childrenswear company, Cakewalk for Oilily,  which has much to do with her love of color and her understanding of color theory.  She brings all of that and more to D2 Interieurs.

Kerri’s creative outlets are purely limited to designing and painting, cooking is not her specialty. However, she is an avid collector of cookbooks old and new, and enjoys eating out at her favorite local bistro. 

My current food cravings are:  salt and vinegar potato chips 

The only fast food I will eat is:  Mcdonalds French Fries- 

If I could be any Iron Chef, I would be: Gordon Ramsey 

My favorite restaurant in Fairfield County is:  Cafe Luc’s in Ridgefield, 

My favorite restaurant in the Tri-State area is:  Cafe Luc’s AGAIN... 

Restaurant dish I wish I could make at home:  Mussels Provencal

My go-to dinner party entrée is:  Steak on the barbecue- extra crispy french fries- fennel and arugula salad- 

When I’m not eating, I’m….painting or designing homes for D2 Interieurs

Prepared food I have let people think was home-made… I would always be honest, I am not the greatest cook- my husband really handles that department and there is no shame in sharing that secret as long as it’s good prepared food ;) 

I’d rather pick (pumpkins, apples, or strawberries…)  strawberries- no ladders and no bending down- just right there to grab and enjoy!

The last book I enjoyed was:  An art book on one of my favorite artists who just recently passed away, Ellsworth Kelly.  He is a total inspiration to me.

My favorite movie of all time is: Somethings Gotta Give