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Eating Out

MECHA Noodle Bar  brings Asian noodles and street food to Fairfield. This is a must try. 

Best of Mexican? Tacos Mexico in Norwalk. Super Tacos all around! 


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Peace Tree Desserts in Westport: Give Peace A Chance

Contented goats frolicking in green meadows, giving fresh, naturally homogenized milk.  Local, sustainable, organic ingredients.  The leafy Bohdi Tree, symbol of Buddhist enlightenment.  Lovely images to associate with . . . dessert.

Yeah, yeah, kumbayah, you may say.  Get to the good stuff -- the treats, not the trees.  But they go hand in hand at Peace Tree Desserts, according to owner and chef Robyn Eades.  The Peace Tree, inspired by her dog Bodhi, is a fitting symbol for Robyn’s approach to sourcing and creating delicious desserts.  Even the Peace Tree labels are eco-friendly, made from soy ink and recycled paper.

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Main Course Catering @ Westport Farmers' Mkt Aug 4

Cecily Gans, Chef and Owner of the Main Course Catering Company, will have the rapt attention of salad enthusiasts  at the Westport Farmers’ Market this Thursday August 4th, as she introduces two new dressings to liven up those farm fresh greens. Starlight’s greens will share the spotlight with Beltane Farm’s goat cheese as she turns to fresh herbs, stone fruits and berries to accentuate the summer theme.  Chef Gans describes her favorite cheese vendor’s cheeses as “ a muse for my dressings.” Talk about inspiration springing from one ingredient!

Gans’ two dressings are virtual opposites, with the ASIAN THAI (see recipe below) utilizing Thai Basil and rice vinegar as a base for a spicier salad.

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Saugatuck Grain & Grape in Westport

Vintage gated tables lined with tequilas and rums, while bourbons and whiskeys are abundantly shelved nearby. I am especially drawn to Jeff Marrons’ corner display of tequila bottles—both of the consumed and collected variety—gathered on a custom riddling rack table. The presentation makes the space feel personal and homey, as if this could be someone’s personal collection. So, I am not surprised to learn that fiancée and owner Mimi McLaughlin has a background in interior design and fashion retail, evidenced in her attention to the smallest details, down to the charming tags, framed signs and chalk drawings at the entrance.

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Shake Shack Opens Today in Westport

Delicious…that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

The ShackBurger: Shake Shack brought its world-famous (yes they have a location in Dubai) offerings to Westport today and I enjoyed one of the best hamburgers, hot dogs and shakes in the area. With all the hype of opening day I felt a bit nervous as I waited with dozens of other customers for my ShackBurger, Shack-cago Dog and fries.

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Mario Batali's Tarry Lodge Opens in Westport July 19th!!

Tarry Lodge Enoteca and Pizzeria opens tomorrow in Westport at 30 Charles Street. For more on this, read our recent interview with Joe Bastianich and check out a few photos and our take from our visit during a Saturday night preview, below.

Very similar to Tarry Lodge, slightly more informal. Pizza and antipasto will be a major component. Lighter style and more grilled items.  We'll adapt our food purveyors so its also done locally. The pizza will also be a focus. Our pizzaioli is Mario LaPosta who will be there full time, he's very talented. 

 --Joe Bastianich 

A quick preview of the Tarry Lodge Enoteca menu reads as Tarry Lodge light. Think greatest hits of its Port Chester location.

An heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad, Tuna Tartare, Grilled Octopus, Porcini Arancini, Baccala "Livornese," and Soft Shell Crabs with lemon aoili are a few of the "Insalate" and "Fritti" offerings. The pastas and proteins look formidable and familiar, a Brown Butter and Sage Gnocchi, Fettucini Carbonara and Goat Cheese Agnolotti with Fennel Pollen are three of the eight pasta dishes and a Whole Branzino, Ribeye (with pepper almond pesto) and Rock Hen Al Matone are just three of eight "Secondi." It seems a fitting, if cautious menu for the launch. The wine list, similar to the menu, is a curated list of Port Chester classics, with the Bastianich label front and center.

Mario LaPosta, Tarry Lodge pizzaiolo

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Tim LaBant @ The Westport Farmers' Mkt

Tim LaBant, Chef and owner of The Schoolhouse Restaurant at Cannondale,  will be cooking at the Westport Farmers’ Market on July 14.

LaBant will be cooling his fans with HERBAL SNOW CONES as the temperatures continue to hold steady in the 90’s.  Simple foods and icy treats are what we crave in this weather and LaBant obliges.  Herb infused simple syrups mixed with freshly squeezed juices combine to make FRUIT FLAVORED HERBED ICES served in paper cones.  Stroll the market with his refreshing creation and note the exotic combinations of distinctive flavors like GREEN TEA PEAR, WATERMELON BASIL, WATERMELON MINT, LEMON PRICKLY PEAR or PINEAPPLE PEPPER.

LaBant sources regularly from his neighbors at  Millstone Farm in Wilton. He may surprise shoppers with an additional dish, utilizing ingredients he discovers from other vendors at market. I’ve heard murmurs about a mixed green salad with cherries, mint and Beltane’s goat cheese. We can only hope.

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July 4th Strawberry S'mores Kits c/o Peace Tree Desserts  

July 4th just got sweeter. Peace Tree Desserts is serving up Sustainable Seasonal Strawberry S'mores this 4th of July. For those of you who have sampled their Classic Chocolate S'mores c/o Skinny Pines Pizza at your local farmers' market, you know Peace Tree does a s'more justice. These S'mores Kits are ideal hostess gifts or one stop shopping for a high end night by the campfire. The S'mores Kit is handcrafted in small batches with local and organic ingredients, and includes homemade graham crackers made with local honey and Wild Hive Farm's organic whole wheat flour, strawberry marshmallows made with local strawberries, and Taza's organic stone-ground chocolate. Each kit makes 6 s'mores. If this doesn't make you hungry, check out their S'mores Video:

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Rose Wine Tasting @ The Boathouse in Westport

Rose seems to be the buzz word on every wine menu this season. Trendy? Who cares...there are some really great labels out there doing Rose right.

You can sample a few of these at The Boathouse on Tuesday the 5th of July at their weekly "Wine on the Water" wine tasting series. 

Those of you who already drink rose will find exciting new examples of this category and those who don't will be introduced to some truly amazing summer wine. 

The Wine: The tasting will include a Bandol  under the label "Mas de la Roviere", a Cerasoulo under the label "Torre dei Beati", a Provencål called "Le Ferme St Pierre" and a Venetian sparkler by "Le Colture."They will also be throwing in an oddball or two in the mix.

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Fine Dining For Less at a Westport Landmark: Da Pietro’s 

Once Le Chambord vacated its location on the Post Road (you have to be a true townie to remember it), Da Pietro’s staked its claim as Westport’s standout “classy joint” from the late 1980s on, and today is like the town’s elder statesman in the restaurant realm.  A seamless fusion of French and Italian cuisine, a tour de force of European refinement and classic technique, Chef Pietro Scotti’s repertoire has evolved with the times, but his establishment is still a benchmark of classic fine dining in the area, and he's still in the kitchen. 

Happening by Riverside Avenue recently you might have seen a chalkboard sign subtly advertising DaPietro’s weekday lunch and dinner prix fixe deals. For real?  Yes, $12.00 gets you a two course lunch, three courses for $15.00, and at $33.00 for dinner (drinks excluded), you can enjoy a three course meal and be privy to the chef’s wonderful creations. 

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10 Questions w/ John Holzwarth of The Boathouse

John Holzwarth has been cooking professionally since 1995 when he trained under Master Chef Fortunato Nicotra and Lidia Bastianich at Felidia Restaurant in New York City.  As Chef and owner of The Boathouse at Saugatuck,  John creates innovative, farm-fresh dishes by supporting local farmers and their sustainable agricultural and aquacultural practices. We recently spoke with him about everything from his favorite ingredient to his favorite local restaurnat. Here's what he had to say...

1. If you had unexpected guests arriving at your home for dinner in one hour, what would you whip up?

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