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Don't miss this amazing chef lineup @ CTbites Chef Demo Tent at The Blues & BBQ Festival THIS WEEKEND! 9 rock star chefs. Grilling demos and tons of samples for all!

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Invites: Matsu Sushi Making Class Event Recap

A few fun facts on sushi... originally the seasoned rice found in sushi was used only as a preservative for the fresh fish in China...not Japan;  Sushi chefs (mostly men, huh?) used to train for ten years before being able to work in restaurant...while now they train for about two years; The Japanese eat miso soup AFTER the meal to aid digestion...not before as in America. 

The history of sushi and some hands on technique for making maki, or sushi rolls, were served up at the CTbites Sushi Making Class at Matsu Sushi on November 16th. 

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Say Good Bye to Doc's Cafe in Westport (w/ a Party!)

Longtime Westport favorite, Doc's Cafe, will close this Saturday as the building is being torn down for development. But fear not, before they close the doors Docs will be throwing a party to say "thank you" all of their loyal customers on Saturday November 19th between 3-6 p.m. Complimentary coffee, espresso drinks, beer, wine, hors d'oeuvres and sweets will be served. on for info on a possible move. 

Native Texan and longtime Westport resident Yvonne Dougherty opened Doc’s Café in September 2000, and her eclectic, family-friendly coffee shop has been a fixture in the town’s Saugatuck neighborhood ever since. Yvonne fell in love with the coffee business in the mid-nineties while serving as an entry-level barista at Juba’s, a small café housed in the former Peter’s Bridge Market space. Over the past decade, Doc’s Café, buoyed by a loyal following of commuters and lunch patrons, has served tens of thousands of expertly crafted cappuccinos, lattes and cups of their signature French roast blend, Sledgehammer.

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Saugatuck Craft Butchery Opens in Westport

“Americans eat way too much meat," Ryan Fibiger says, and then grins, "I guess that sounds funny coming from a butcher."  

No kidding. But then Fibiger is a butcher truly on the “cutting edge” -- one of the very few whole animal cutters in America, sourcing his organic meat from local sustainable farms and utilizing every part of the animal, from nose to tail.  

Once a Wall Street investment banker, he’s turned from issuing stock to butchering them. For the past two years Fibiger trained with the “moo-rus”” at Fleisher's Meats, a whole animal butcher shop in Kingston, NY. With his knives honed as keen as his business skills, Ryan decided to open Saugatuck Craft Butchery and join in Westport’s red hot culinary renaissance.  

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Butchering Demo @ Westport Farmer's Mkt. October 13

Ryan Fibiger, owner of Craft Butchery (opening soon in Saugatuck, Westport) will be making a unique appearance at The Westport Farmer's Market on Thursday October 13th. He will be walking guests through two butchering demonstrations at 11am and 1pm. 

Ryan feels passionately that for anyone who loves food, understanding where food really comes from is an integral part of the culinary experience. The demos will be on a side (half) of a heritage breed, pasture-raised pig sourced from the Hudson Valley.

Throughout the demos Ryan will be hosting a discussion and Q&A on the following topics:

-Basic butchering techniques and tools

-Overview of the animal (farm, breed, age, feed, slaughter, primal cuts, etc.)

-Demonstrate break down of basic primal cuts

-Demonstrate break down into the case-ready cuts that everyone recognizes

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Oktoberfest Arrives at Shake Shack

The Shake Shack is tackling Oktoberfest from October 7 through 16 with a special Bavarian-inspired menu of burgers, beers and custards. Here is a sneak peek of their Shacktoberfest menu:

German-style Biers

A regional Oktoberfest selection featuring a $12 option that includes a 25 oz. Shacktoberfest Stein and seasonal bottles for $8.

Brat Burgers & Bratwursts

The Brat Burger will feature a burger topped with split & griddled bratwurst with German-style slaw. Usinger's bratwursts will include a Shackmeister, a marinated cheddar brat and a Currywurst, a griddled and slices bratwurst topped with Shack-made curry ketchup.

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3 New Picks For Top Burgers: Greenwich to Westport

Shake Shack

Earlier this summer CTBites published my list of Ten Recommended Hamburgers from Greenwich to Westport. Subsequent to the article I received numerous suggestions, both here and through my e-mail.  I want to thank all of the passionate hamburger lovers for some great options for me to try and I made every attempt to visit as many as I could. 

With summer now officially behind us, I wanted to report back and add three destinations to my list of Recommended Hamburgers from Greenwich to Westport. 

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Vote YES for 3 New Restaurants on Westport's Waterfront

This just in via the The Westport News. Westporters-please support this proposal at the public hearing scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday Sept 15th in the Town Hall auditorium.

"The west side of downtown Westport could soon be serving up a new menu of restaurants, if a zoning text amendment proposed by the owner of the downtown landmark, National Hall, is approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Greenfield Partners, a South Norwalk-based commercial estate firm that owns National Hall and several surrounding buildings, has secured three letters of intent to open new dining establishments on the west bank of the Saugatuck River, according to its land-use counselWilliam Fitzpatrick.

Safita, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Fairfield, would open a new establishment at 6 Wilton Road, which once served as a fire house. Bartaco, a chain of Mexican restaurants, would open a new outlet at 20 Wilton Road, which formerly housed the Peter Coppola hair salon. The third restaurant in the National Hall complex would be sushi-themed and operate on the first floor of 12 Wilton Road, which overlooks the Saugatuck River." --Paul Schott

Read the full article here.

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10 Questions w/ Prasad Chirnomula of Thali Restaurant

1. If you had unexpected guests arriving at your home for dinner in one hour, what would you whip up? If it is in season will check my garden for some veggies and greens, next check the refrigerator and pantry and then make a decision if I have to go out to the restaurant or grocery store. Tacos are always a priority and a very quick fix. Typically I would whip a salad and/or seafood appetizer and a mix-grill of marinated meats and veggies on the deck.
2. What is the last dish you cooked for yourself?
Today was particularly a very hot day. I made some green apple Gazpacho in the morning and stored it away in the refrigerator and Crab filled Japanese Eggplant with Roselle leaves and green chili paste. Apples, Chilies, Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Roselle Leaves were picked fresh of my garden. I am from the rice and spice country, so made some fragrant Basmati Rice.

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Thali in Westport Goes Vegetarian (via The Feast)

Well here's an interesting turn of events. Peyton Dougherty @ resports that Thali's chef/owner Prasad Chirnomula is removing all non-vegetarian items from the menu of Thali's Westport location

"Farewell, pepper-crusted breast of lamb smoked in a Tandoori-Cabernet sauce.

Chef Prasad Chirnomula will remove all non-vegetarian items from his Westport Indian restaurant, Thali, and will make the menu identical to Chirnomula's meatless New Haven outpost,Thali Too.

The new fare debuted last night and it's a complete overhaul, with a rice bar, rolled house breads cooked on a griddle, lassi, Bombay and Dehli street vendor-style snacks, a tiffin menu and veggie entrees like potato and paneer cheese balls, spicy veggie stir fry, cabbage cauliflower and carrot fritters, and spicy chick peas. The sweeping change is surprising, but it makes sense given the market." -Peyton Dougherty

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Longtime Westport Restaurateur Opens Pane e Bene

After more than three decades as the maestro at other people’s restaurants, Angelo Capponi, the proud owner of Pane e Bene, 1620 Post Road in Westport, struts around his new Italian restaurant and bar like a proud papa. 

Pane e Bene means “bread and goodness.” To Angelo, it signifies, “Freshly prepared, simple food, nice décor and an ‘experience’.” He explains, “We want to give people what they don’t find elsewhere; a place where you feel special. The opposite of places where you feel like they’re doing you a favor.”

Just two months into opening, with talented chef and partner Henry Lopez in the kitchen (“a partner who radiates goodness inside and out,” Angelo says), the word on Pane e Bene is out.

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