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Connecticut's BEST DAIRY FARM ice Cream. This is the only guide you need this summer. 

Swing by South End in New Canaan for excellent "modern tavern" fare in an elegantly rustic setting. Live music on Wednesdays!

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Pink Sumo Opens in Westport w/ Former Nobu Chef

Why Pink? Why Sumo? I'm not sure that I understand the restaurant's name (as it conjures up images of a very large, pony-tailed wrestler in fuchsia bikini bottoms) but there is no mistaking the quality of the food at Westport's latest Sushi and Sake cafe, PINK SUMO! Located at 8 Church Street, across from the YMCA and the colossally popular Spotted Horse, PINK SUMO suits the cozy, subterranean space that formally housed Manolo and, before that, Zest. Those restaurants couldn't seem to make it work in this location but I am pretty sure that PINK SUMO is here to stay. Here's why...

For starters, PINK SUMO'S owner, Skye Kwok, is doing it right by employing former NOBU Sushi Bar chef Eric Cheng to run the kitchen. With great expertise and aplomb, Cheng presents each dish as a work of art. And as the painter chooses the best oils for her art, Cheng uses the highest quality sushi-grade fish purchased by Kwok (also owner of SWEET BASIL in Fairfield) from YAMA, the renowned Japanese fish purveyor in New Jersey. Experienced chef, high quality fish and charming, newly popular location are certainly the ingredients for success. 

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Invites: Matsu Sushi Making Class Event Recap

A few fun facts on sushi... originally the seasoned rice found in sushi was used only as a preservative for the fresh fish in China...not Japan;  Sushi chefs (mostly men, huh?) used to train for ten years before being able to work in restaurant...while now they train for about two years; The Japanese eat miso soup AFTER the meal to aid digestion...not before as in America. 

The history of sushi and some hands on technique for making maki, or sushi rolls, were served up at the CTbites Sushi Making Class at Matsu Sushi on November 16th. 

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Shiki Hana Japanese Bistro in Fairfield

As a recent Westport transplant from New York City, one thing I find myself pining for from my former life is good sushi. A recent visit to Shiki Hana in Fairfield has changed all that. Located in a strip mall in Fairfield, Shiki Hana has the nondescript atmosphere of countless Japanese restaurants, but the surprise is in the food: some of the freshest, well prepared sushi I’ve had in a while.


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Fresh Finds at FIN Sushi in Fairfield

Some things just NEED to be fresh - my dental hygienist's breath, hotel bed sheets, and most definitely - my sushi. That is why FIN in Fairfield is my pick for outstanding Sushi restaurant in the area. We sat outside for this latest visit, overlooking the Post Road. But the indoor seating is just as comfortable with capacity for about 50. FIN isn't fancy and it isn't trendy. The decor is simple and unassuming and the wait staff is as friendly as they come. But most importantly, the fish - well - it's delish.

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Sesame Crusted Tuna w/ Wasabi Creme Fraiche

When Chef Nicole came over with her sushi grade tuna claiming that she was going to make that great Sesame Crusted Tuna appetizer I tend to gravitate towards on any sushi menu, (and she was going to prepare the whole dish in under 5 minutes), I was dubious. 

If you watch the video below you will bear witness to the simplicity of this recipe and you will have a new go-to menu item for any dinner party or gathering. These days, sushi grade tuna can be found at many local fish mongers. We like Fjord Fisheries, but if you live in Westport, the Double L Farm Stand is now getting shipments of tuna and salmon every Thursday from Boston and it is spectacular!

Sesame Crusted Tuna w/ Wasabi Creme Fraiche

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