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Guide to Fairfield County Farmer's Markets from FGFG

The spring/summer season brings many things: rain, blooms, a high pollen count, and vastly improved temperatures. The onset of warmer weather also means that farmers from all over our fair state will begin to harvest and sell the fruits of their labor at The Fairfield County Farmer's Markets. Sure, there were a selection of dedicated year-round markets this year which kept me deep in kale and root vegetables, but summer brings vibrant colors and flavors we can only imagine in the winter months. Perhaps, you already have a favorite, but the list of farmer's markets expands every year due to growing demand. Here's the roundup you need to stay in the local loop. 

Analiese Paik of The Fairfield Green Food Guide has the ultimate Guide to Fairfield County's Farmer's Markets. This cheat sheet is all you need to enjoy beautiful local produce, baked goods, and prepared foods all summer long. Let the season begin!!


A Field Guide to Fairway Market's Smoked Salmon

Gossamer thin slices of novy, redolent of smoke, salt, and the sea, layered on a bagel with a schmear  -- I salivate as I write the words --  used to be a food group you couldn't easily find in Fairfield Country.  We might as well have been in Kansas.

Then, as if by wizardry, a piece of the Upper West Side was transplanted to Stamford's South Side last year.  That's when Fairway Market opened its new 80,000 square foot foodie emporium on Canal Street.  And the most outstanding feature of this wonderland greets you just past the spectacular array of cheeses:   a deli case featuring 10 varieties of smoked salmon and lox from oceans around the world.

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Arogya Tea in Westport

Photography by Pam Zaremba

Woodsy, flowery and herbal scents wafted towards the entrance of AROGYA as I sought shelter from the cold drizzle of the damp, spring day.  Part tea boutique, part apothecary, AROGYA is committed to providing the ultimate tea drinking experience to novice and devoted tea connoisseurs alike.  There were two contemporary glass teapots  filled with  steaming liquid on the reception desk.   I made a bee line for the golden hued warmth, placed both hands around the handsome ceramic cup that was offered to me and inhaled the deep, earthy flavor of Pu-erh.  The knowledgeable and friendly woman behind the counter explained that I was drinking organic Yunnan Pu-erh tea leaves combined with organic ginger. She proclaimed it to be the perfect warming  anecdote to the chilly damp day. She was correct.

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Tequila: Worth A Serious Sip

Tequila is the worst thing you can do to the end of a great evening. It is the party ender, the last nail in the coffin. That's what we all think about the national spirit of our southern neighbor, Mexico. I'm not quite sure how Tequila landed "closer" status but I believe it deserves a revival. Tequila needs to get promoted to "first string." Whether it's an old classic like the Tequila Sunrise, a new cocktail like the Mexican Car Bomb, or you're drinking it neat, there's a flavor for everyone.

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Local Fromagerie Hosts Cooking Channel Special

This just in from Leeanne Griffin of's Dining A La CarteJason Sobocinski of New Haven's Caseus Fromagerie and Bistro will be hosting a Cooking Channel special airing this Sunday, May 1st.

"The owner of Caseus Fromagerie and Bistro is the host of a one-hour Cooking Channel special,"The Big Cheese," airing Sunday night. In the course of the program, Sobocinski stops by several farms and cheesemakers, often milking cows, goats and sheeps himself. Next, they'll cook with the featured cheese, meeting with local restaurants and chefs.

Sobocinski was approached by network executives, who were looking for cheese professionals to host the show. He is hoping that the show will become a full series, in which he travels across the country, he said."

Clcik here to read the full article. 


Big News @ Wave Hill Breads: New Location...New Bread!

When husband and wife team Margaret Sapir and Mitch Rapaport first began delivering their signature bread to farmers markets in 2005, it was with a signature bread crafted from one recipe. Not that this has been a bad thing. Their Pain de Campagne is what started it all and has brought them the recognition they receive to this day. 

Now, in addition to the fabulously addictive three-grain country loaf that we all know and love, Wave Hill Breads is proud to announce the launch of two new breads for your dining pleasure (+ spoiler alert...come May, you can dine in their new bakery/cafe in Norwalk). But first, let's talk about these magnificent loaves..

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Patel Bros. Indian Grocery Superstore Opens in Norwalk

I walked into the supermarket, mouth agape - I felt like Alice in Foodland! It was a 10,000 sq feet epicurean trove of gastronomy, nostalgia, delectable aromas and MORE all rolled into one. Finally an ethnic supermarket in Fairfield County. Patel Bros is a family owned grocery store chain that has established itself as a destination for Indian Groceries in North America. With over 35 stores across the country – it is called the Walmart of Indian Groceries, where you get a phenomenal range from the subcontinent at the best price possible.  Their motto is “Celebrating Our Food… Our Culture.’ And it sure does. It is like having my own kirana store, times ten, right here in Norwalk!

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Local Find: Nueske's Smoked Bacon 

I recently came out of the closet regarding my bacon obsession. In fact, my passion for the smoked pork has kept me in constant pursuit of good bacon-y finds in our neck of the woods. 

This weekend, I spotted  a brand @ The Fresh Market in Westport that I have only previously found via mail order...Nueske's Smoked Bacon. Smoky with a mild sweetness, this bacon is smoked over apple wood embers for 24 hours (commercial bacon is smoked for about five hours).  It's lean and luscious, and since most of the fat is rendered in the smoking process, Nueske's bacon doesn't shrink like other brands when cooked.

If you haven't sampled Nueske's Smoked Bacon, hightail it over to The Fresh Market's meat department and shell out $5.80.  If you have found Nueske's Smoked Bacon anywhere else in Fairfield County, please share the coordinates below…


"The King of Cheeses" Tasting @ Fairfield Cheese Co.

Join Fairfield Cheese Company for a special cheese tasting on Friday March 25, 5:30-8pm 

It's been called, "The King of Cheeses," and even if you have a different opinion it is hard to deny the appeal of Parmigiano Reggiano.  No longer relegated to a pasta topping this authentic Parmigiano Reggiano is a great choice for any cheese plate.  Fairfield Cheese Co. decided to take the plunge and just received their first full wheel (about 80lbs.). In their quest to always find the best of the best, this gorgeous wheel comes from the great affineur Giorgio Cravero. 

This Friday at 5:30pm everybody is invited to watch Chris crack it open. Of course while you're tasting, FCC will also be pouring a little something Italian to celebrate the occasion

Fairfield Cheese Company 2090 Post Road, Fairfield 203.292.8194


Scoring Mexican Coke in Fairfield County

There is something nostalgic about Mexican Coke, and it's not just those hourglass shaped glass bottles. It is made the way Coke used to be formulated years ago, with refined cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, resulting in a sweeter, more natural tasting product. Manufactured and bottled in Mexico, it has has become coveted in the US, and yet for those seeking out this less "chemical tasting" Coke, it can be elusive. 

We have run across Mexican Coke at espressoNEAT in Darien, Fresh Market in Westport, Tequila Mockingbird in New Canaan and Casa Villa in Stamford…purely by happy accident. Yeah, we know soda is bad for you and all, but if you're going to drink it, drink the good stuff.

If you have scored Mexican Coke in your culinary or consumer travels, help out your fellow readers and give us the coordinates.   

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