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16 Fall Recipes from Our Local CT Chefs

Temperatures have started dipping and a fall chill is in the air!  CTBites has collected recipes from local chefs and popular restaurants that embody the seasonal harvest.  We've compiled some of our favorites below- and included three new fall inspired recipes.  Try Chef Frederic Kieffer's Acorn Squash Cappuccino Soup, Chef Matt Storch's Quince and Hazelnut Torte, and Cask Republic's Harvest Vegetable Medley.

  1. Autumn Harvest Apple Contorno, The Boathouse
  2. Curried Butternut Squash Soup, Chef Nicole
  3. Cider Braised Turkey Legs, le Farm
  4. Prosecco Apple Fizz, Sugar & Olives
  5. Baby Pumpkin, Bernard's
  6. Spiced Dark Chocolate & Pumpkin Seed Bark with Sea Salt, Katie Vitucci
  7. Homemade Apple Fashioned Cocktail, Luxe Wine Bar
  8. Pecan Pie, Leticia Schwartz
  9. Apple Tart, Tina Rupp

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CTbites TV:Chef Bernard Bouissou Demo's Baby Pumpkin Holiday Recipe

Chef Bernard Bouissou of Bernard's in Ridgefield is somewhat of a Fairfield County legend amongst both chefs and diners alike. Talented chefs including Arik Bensimon and Bill Taibe have gained valuable skills in his contemporary French kitchen, and when it comes to entertaining, no one has a larger repertoire of beautiful holiday recipes.

Recently, Chef Bouissou stepped into CTbites' test kitchen to demonstrate his recipe for Baby Pumpkins filled with Pumpkin Mousseline, Sautéed Shrimp & Wild Mushrooms. These are stunning on a Thanksgiving table and simple to make. Watch the video for great tips while you try out this recipe at home (Recipe Below). 

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Barcelona Chef Proto: Hanger Steak w/ Truffle Vinaigrette

Truffle fans, listen up. Barcelona Restaurant has begun importing the "good stuff." Teaming up with an international purveyor of this Italian culinary treasure, Barcelona is now offering private label white truffle oil and truffle shavings (slivers, packed in juice). 

Wondering what to do with these fabulous fungi? Frank Proto, Executive Chef at New Haven's Barcelona Restaurant has just the recipe: Truffle Vinaigrette, using black truffles and white truffle oil. This vinaigrette is delicious on hanger steak as presented in the recipe above, but really, what wouldn't truffle vinaigrette be good on? 

These exotic woodland delicacies are available to food enthusiasts through Barcelona’s already active “marketplace” on their web site. 

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Video: Matt Storch Demos Pea Carbonara w/ Poached Egg

When eggs and bacon come together with pasta, it's all good. When Chef Matt Storch of Match Restaurant demos said dish, it's even better. This is exactly what went down during a recent video shoot, where Storch did a trial run for his entree selection at the CT Chefs' dinner at the James Beard House. Storch's carbonara has a seasonal twist that sets it apart from the classic dish. Instead of mixing the eggs into the pasta, he uses fresh peas and pea shoots to create a puree that serves as the sauce, while gently resting a poached egg atop before serving. This is a great entree to make at home. Watch and learn...

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Video: Napa's Chef Arik Bensimon Demos Roasted Sea Bass w/ Polenta & Mushrooms

Our latest installment of the CTbites Video Demo series takes us to Stamford, CT with Chef Arik Bensimon (without ever leaving CTbites global headquarters).

If you ask Napa & Co's Chef Arik Bensimon what he enjoys cooking with most, fish and mushrooms will always trend to the top of his list. His passion for these ingredients can be seen in this recipe for Roasted Striped Bass with Polenta & Mushrooms which includes great pro tips for proper fish cooking and preparation. Also, pay close attention to the polenta'll definitely want to replicate this at home.  

If you have a chef or recipe you would like to see on CTbites, let us know


Video: Chef Matt Storch Demos Pomegranate Braised Short Ribs w Pea Puree

Live from CTbites global headquarters, Chef Matt Storch of Match Restaurant launches the CTbites Chef Demo Video series. Watch and learn people.

Matt Storch's recipe for Pomegranate-Orange Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs With Pea Puree takes a classic winter dish and re-imagines it for spring with vibrant fresh peas. Get great tips as you watch Chef Storch review the basics of braising in this beautiful dish. 

If you have a chef or recipe you would like to see on CTbites, let us know. 

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How To Make Grilled Pizza

With warmer weather on its way, it's time to clean up that grill and bring on the 2010 grilling season. And really...doesn't everything taste just a little bit better on the grill? Even pizza....

If you've never made grilled pizza, you'll be amazed by how simple it is. Chef Nicole throws down some serious pie in her step-by-step video, and she's got tons of great tips. We've gone with Prosciutto, smoked Gouda, and arugula for our toppings, but feel free to dream up any accompaniment you wish. 

If you decide to make you own pizza dough vs. picking one up in the store, Chef Nicole has a great recipe for homemade dough. Happy cooking!

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Ask Chef Nicole: Perfectly Grilled Fish

Chef Nicole Straight of Time to Eat! has all the answers when it comes to simple preparations for healthy delicious meals. This week she brings us a great recipe for Grilled Fish with Herbed Sauce. We used Branzino, but any white fish fillet will work just fine.

The key to enhancing the fresh taste of this beautiful dish is the use of herbs. Sure, if you have a garden, you can pick your own, but if herbs are out of season, you can still capture the summer fresh taste with frozen processed herbs (Here's Nicole's recipe). Of course, you can also swing by Trader Joes and grab their frozen herb cubes in a pinch. Enjoy Chef Nicole's "How to make perfectly grilled fish".

Watch chef Nicole's step-by-step video below for additional tips and tricks.

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