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Pho Saigon: Real Pho. Really off the beaten path. 

If you like Italian cuisine (I mean real Italian) and you haven't been to Fortina in Armonk yet, something is ALL wrong. 


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Back to School with Clarke Culinary Showroom

Summer is winding down and school is nearly back in session. With that sobering news I decided to take it upon myself to reprogram the negative connotation with this time of year and embrace the classroom.

Clarke Culinary Showroom has a terrific line-up beginning late summer and into fall with new classes and a couple of new yet familiar faces such as Prasad Chirnomula of Thali and Michel Nischan.

Clarke's classes are known for their small class size which encourages an intimate atmosphere and the ability for guests to get up close and personal with the chefs. For a chance to win two tickets to a class of your choosing vote in Clarke's contest called "Vote for your Favorite Chef." The full list continues to change daily, so check-back soon as Clarke add classes, chefs and details:

Ice cream and Lollipops with Fritz Knipschildt on August 25; Tuna: Head to Tail with Matt Storch on September 1; Scandanavian Cooking with Fritz Knipschildt on September 15; Hors d'oeuvres with Chef Rui Correia on September 14; A Lesson in Spice with Prasad Chirnomula on September 29; A Special Night with Michel Nischan on October 6; Fritz's Favorite Pies With a Twist with Fritz Knipschildt on October 20; A Night with Chef Rui Correia and Portugese Cooking on October 27; The Freshest Ingredients with Michel Nischan on November 3; The Bounties of the Fall Market with Matt Storch on November 10; and A Winner's Class: The Art of Cooking with Root Vegetables with Fritz Knipschildt on November 17.

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BBQ an’ Crab at House in Norwalk

Barbecue and Crab.  That may not be a combo found in nature, but the two do live together, albeit on separate sides of the menu, at the new  House of Norwalk, a restaurant packed with flavors and patrons, (The name is an acronym for BBQ an' Crab.) 

B.J. Lawless and Buckley Ryan -- founders of the popular Norwalk pub BJ/Ryans -- believed Southern Connecticut needed a great crab and seafood house. However Northern seafooders have trouble surviving the winter, so BBQ not only winterproofs the menu, it conveniently taps into America's hottest food trend.  The ribs also serve as a sentimental salute to the late Norwalk Rib House, Cogburns, which once occupied the same space and where B.J.and Buckley first met and began hatching their restaurant concepts.   

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Kids Review: Bond Grill Hibachi and Asian Bistro in Norwalk 

Carly Monson is our roving 10 yrs old food critic. She hopes to get Fairfield County kids excited about eating in new venues like this one...

Do you love to have fun while eating delicious food? Well, then Bond Grill Hibachi and Asian Bistro in Norwalk, C.T. is the perfect restaurant for you!

I felt very welcomed when I first walked in. Bond looks very modern and most Asian restaurants look very ancient. Bond offers Hibachi and traditional Asia food, we chose Hibachi.  The Hibachi dining room has a totally different vibe (from the main dining area), you feel like you’re in Asia. The walls are painted a dirty green and the texture looks created by hand.

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The Making of the MATCH Restaurant Burger 

Start with a patty of locally raised (Roxbury, CT) grass-fed beef. Throw in some bacon-cheddar sauce and sweet and sour onion jam. House it all on a caramelized onion brioche bun. And don't forget those fries.

No, this is not a new burger joint, this is Match's new Thursday Night Burger offer and CTbites was there for its beefy birth.

CTbites sent burger guru, "jfood," into the kitchen with Match Restaurant's Chef Matt Storch to develop this recent menu addition. From concept to reality, we bring you the new Match (SONO) Hamburger. Here's how it went down. 

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Hidden Gem: The Blue Cactus Grill in Norwalk

The Blue Cactus Grill is a hamburger and sandwich shop off the beaten path in Norwalk, up the street from the Norwalk Hospital. Vic Amereno, the owner, brings 20+ years of experience overseeing kitchens in Connecticut and Arizona to this location where he prepares southwestern influenced fare. Hamburgers, cheesesteaks (beef or chicken), wraps, salads, and other assorted sandwiches complement his house made potato chips, lemonade, iced tea and a delightful “cactus slaw.”

Vic’s hamburger is the star of the menu. Blue Cactus begins with a daily delivery of a 70/30 blend of beef sourced from Omaha Beef Company in Danbury, based on a 50-year old recipe that has changed little in the interim.

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Pizzeria Rosso in Norwalk

At Pizzeria Rosso, it’s a family affair. As chef and partner of Norwalk’s newest take-out pizzeria, Pasquale Pascarella is the driving force behind this old world meets new world approach to pizza. His cousin handles the dough, his mother arrives each morning at 7 a.m. to make the sauce, and Dad shuttles the pies from oven to destinations in Norwalk and just beyond.
A veteran chef of Stamford’s Old Saltwater Grille where he remains a partner, Pasquale decided that a take-out pizza business would help him shift his focus and gain control back to what he loves about cooking, both Italian-inspired dishes and traditional Neapolitan pies (he cites San Francisco’s A16 as inspiration) would be a great muse for this transition.

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Sono Restaurant Week 2011 June 12th- 17th

Participating restaurants include: Strada18, Match, Black Bear Saloon, Donovan’s, Gingerman, The Sono Baking Company, Red Lulu, Bacchus, Coromandel, Chocopologie, Barcelona, O’Neill’s, Wasabi Chi and Sono Brewhouse. Call restaurants directly for reservations. 


Nicholas Roberts' Whole Wheat & Porcini Fettuccine

Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro is a restaurant with a lot of heart and some really well prepared food. On a recent dinner excursion, we stumbled upon a seasonal pasta special that I knew wouldn't stay on the menu for long, and yet I could envision myself craving it on a weekly basis. I considered lobbying for a permanent spot on the NRGB menu, but some meals are more ethereal in nature. Instead, Chef Rob Troilo handed the recipe over to CTbites to enable future enjoyment in our own homes. If you don't want to make your own pasta, go buy it fresh, and take advantage of the beautiful asparagus currently available at our local Farmers' Markets. Let us know how you like Nicholas Roberts' House Made Whole Wheat & Porcini Fettuccine with Artichokes & Asparagus. 

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May 13th Bubbly Dinner @ Fat Cat Pie Co.

On Friday May 13th, join Fat Cat Pie Co & Fountainhead Wines for sparkling pairings with Terry Theise Treasures. It’s their May ‘Grower Bubbly’ Dinner with Leif Sundström, Portfolio Manager for Terry Theise Estate Collections. Having attended their last effervescent event, these noteworthy dinners are a wonderful way to gain insight into a portfolio or indivudual grower. Some of the bottles opened for these events are simply impossible to find in the states or have been created in such small quantities that they are cost prohibitive. If you like your bubbles, this is one to check out. You can review the complete pairing menu below: 

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"Chopped" Chef Bynum Brings Beach Burgers to Norwalk

Our contributor Jfood and readers Andrew Dominick and Toni Tiller get to the soul of Chef Bynum's new Beach Burger in East Norwalk. Here's what they had to say…..

Jfood on Beach Burger:

If you are like me, you watch the Food Network and wonder how the chefs on Chopped develop each dish and how do they really taste? To sample the results of Chopped Champion Chef Marc Anthony Byrum’s renditions of hamburgers, residents of Norwalk need only drive to a restaurant on First Street to taste some inventive hamburgers being prepared at The Beach Burger. Housed in a non-descript white building across the street from his business partner Anthony Luciani’s Frosty Cone, the pair are delivering very good burgers at incredibly reasonable prices. 

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