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Wave Hill Breads Serving Breakfast & Lunch in Norwalk

Wave Hill Breads recently moved their renown bread baking mecca and opened a new cafe in Norwalk, heralding a new “must eat” venue to add to your Fairfield County foodie dance card. At their new location on 30 High Street, Wave Hill Breads is baking way beyond their notorious three-grain pain de campagne which graces the tables of some of the finest CT restaurants and markets. The cafe features 20 seats for eat in dining with sandwiches (on Wave Hill Bread of course), soups, muffins, pastries, tea and coffee, as well as wi-fi. And if you just want to stop in for a loaf of that pain de campagne, just knock on speakeasy-esque “Back Door Bakery” around back (no password necessary). 

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CTbites Pizza Contest: Design Pizzeria Rosso's 2012 Pie

What were they thinking? I can do better than that? Why didn’t they use sausage? You wanna put pineapple on that pizza? What is Thai pizza anyway? These are typical statements that spark debate on the perfect combination of ingredients to place on a pizza.

And now the readers of CTbites will have the opportunity to create the CTbites 2012 Pie that will be featured on Pizzeria Rosso’s menu. So welcome to: DESIGN PIZZERIA ROSSO’S “CTBITES 2012 PIE COMBO.”

The rules are pretty simple. Submit the toppings that you think will create the primo, perfect, over the top pizza pie. At midnight on February 27th the entries will close and a small team of pizza lovers will choose the five finalists. (Try to be as specific as possible as the Editors of CTbites have told me these judges are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.) These final five combinations will compete in a “Pizza Throwdown” at Pizzeria Rosso (Exact Date will be posted when the Finalists are announced). The winning pie will go up on Pizzeria Rosso's menu as the "CTBites 2012 Pie Combo.

So get those ideas submitted and have the chance to see one of the best pizza makers in Fairfield County turn your idea into reality and a chance to see your name next to the CTBites 2012 Pie Combo.

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Fine Dining in Disguise at Oceanview Café in Norwalk

Oceanview Café is your typical diner. They serve breakfast and lunch with the common bacon, eggs, home fries and toast, and burgers, you get the idea. It is not a big place, with 8-10 tables, tops. Decorations of marine life and fish nets echo the area of its location but postcards from France that peer at you through the glass on the tables offer a subtle hint to what Chef Jean Paul Pauillac is all about. French cuisine.

Every Friday and Saturday night, from 5:30-9:00 p.m.,Pauillac, who once worked at Maxim’s in France (as did Wolfgang Puck) and La Grenouille, turns his modest diner into a French culinary experience. After his friends pleaded with him to cook up some French classics, the idea caught on and the semi-secret menu began. And what’s even better than this "underground restaurant", are the prices, the ability to BYOB, and more importantly, the food.

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Tim’s Philly Steaks Opens in Norwalk

Tim’s Philly Steaks opened on Westport Avenue in Norwalk several weeks ago and I am not one to resist the calling of bread, meat, cheese and grilled onions. So I braved the weather to try one of my favorite sandwiches, and I was not disappointed. 

Many years ago I was taught that eating a cheesesteak is always performed while in “the position.” This entails standing with your legs positioned directly beneath your shoulders, a slight bend forward at the waist, a second bend at the neck with your jaw protruding and always use two hands on the sandwich. The goal is to avoid any of the delicious ingredients landing on your chest or stomach. So when I sampled Tim’s cheesesteak while seated at a table (there are three booths and four tables inside) it was an unusual feeling, but I still assumed “the position” of leaning forward and I successfully consumed the sandwich sans accident 

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Norwalk's Valencia Luncheria is Moving!

Valencia Luncheria customers will never have to wait in line again” says Michael Young, owner of the Norwalk eatery that has achieved cult-like status in the minds and stomachs of Fairfield County diners. After 6 years of arepa driven success, Valencia is growing up and getting bigger...much bigger in fact. Michael Young tells CTbites that Norwalk's Valencia Luncheria will be moving to a new location, possibly as soon on April 1st (no joke) just 600 feet down the street. While the menu and look and feel will not change, the address will.  Put it in your nav systems; 164 Main Street will be the new home to Chef Young’s authentic Venezuelan beach food. 

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Food Porn: White Truffles Class w/ Chef Matt Storch

The white truffle. Available for only a few months a year, this buried treasure is sold for $2500 a pound and is one of the most sought after ingredients on the planet. They are elusive, hidden underground. No longer sniffed out by pigs who had the audacity to occasionally eat them, the white truffle hunters have been replaced by the more trust-worthy canine. Their complex delicate taste is revered be chefs and diners everywhere, but you can only find white truffles in one place...the Piedmont area of Italy...and Fairfield County.

October-early December is white truffle season, and in celebration of these sublime fungi, Chef Matt Storch of Match Restaurant hosted a 12 course White Truffles Cooking Class at Clarke Culinary Center in Norwalk. Each course featured raw shaved white truffles (added at the last possible moment to preserve the taste of their ethereally earthy flesh). The smell alone could have kept the foodie in me satiated for days. 

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A Good Crêpe is Hard to Find...A Guide to FC Crêpes

I’m tough on crêperies.  I can’t help it.  I’m constantly comparing their crêpes to the ones of my French childhood summers spent in Brittany, the northwest peninsula of France and the crêpe’s birthplace.  My great-grandmother made them in her two room farmhouse –– she poured the mixture of buckwheat flour, salt and water onto a billig, a hot, round, buttered, grill surface, then with her rozell, a small toothless rake, she spread this batter into a fifteen-inch-round sphere the thinness of butterfly wings.  As the batter bubbled there and the edges browned, she coaxed the half cooked, wobbly, crepe onto her long, wooden spatula and flipped it over, intact.  The crêpe continued cooking this way until completely golden, signaling to her to scrape this fragile delicacy gently off the billig with her spatula.  From here she held the hot crêpe between her fingertips and the spatula.  She then placed it onto a waiting plate, setting the crêpe down with the same carefulness as though she was putting a drowsy baby onto a pillow. 

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3 New Picks For Top Burgers: Greenwich to Westport

Shake Shack

Earlier this summer CTBites published my list of Ten Recommended Hamburgers from Greenwich to Westport. Subsequent to the article I received numerous suggestions, both here and through my e-mail.  I want to thank all of the passionate hamburger lovers for some great options for me to try and I made every attempt to visit as many as I could. 

With summer now officially behind us, I wanted to report back and add three destinations to my list of Recommended Hamburgers from Greenwich to Westport. 

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Brunch @ Sugar & Olives in Norwalk

The weekend morning meal. This sacred cow for many, consists of copious amounts of coffee, newsprint (for you digital hold-outs), and a healthy combination of carbs and protein. In addition to providing fuel for the errand-filled, kid-chaffeuring day ahead, brunch can also be one of the most frequently debated destinations of your weekend.

Since they began serving brunch just a month ago, Sugar & Olives in Norwalk has easily moved to the top of my brunch list. House-made ingredients, a green certification and a happy space make Sugar & Olives the type of place you can drop-in with your friends, a gaggle of kids or simply fly solo and enjoy this most important of weekend meals.

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Sono Fall Restaurant Week Starts September 25th



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