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Pho Saigon: Real Pho. Really off the beaten path. 

If you like Italian cuisine (I mean real Italian) and you haven't been to Fortina in Armonk yet, something is ALL wrong. 


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Bobby Q's BBQ of Westport Opens Beer Garden

While the rest of us bitch that downtown Westport virtually shuts down before the sun sets, Bob Le Rose, the owner of Bobby Q’s Barbeque & Grill, and the president of the Downtown Merchant’s Association, is slyly doing something about it, turning his popular rooftop bar into a funky Beer Garden, complete with a thousand twinkling outdoor lights, a newly installed garden and a respectable selection of domestic microbrews.

“We’ve been sitting on this terrific asset for six years now,” says LeRose, about the newly opened Bobby’s Rooftop Beer Garden, a rooftop space that has long been the site for live music, well before Bobby Q’s came to town. Though Bobby Q’s had been using the space for live music and private parties, LeRose said he didn’t fully throw his resources behind it until the town started banging the drum for more nightlife. He says, “When P&Z started loosening up their regulations about outdoor spaces, we thought, “Let’s carve out a place in the community that is totally unique.

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New Canaan's Filling Station's June Burger & Shake

The June 2011 Filling Station Special Burger and Shake are a tribute to the upcoming summer season with a backyard favorite Chili Cheeseburger and a delicious Strawberry Maple Waffle Shake.

The Chili Cheeseburger includes the Filling Station’s farm-raised meat topped with cheese, their house-made chili, lettuce, and tomato.  The “chili” is the Filling Station’s Sloppy Joe, which was developed in-house after significant research and development and includes BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, vinegar and several other ingredients to allow for a sweet and sour combination that nicely complements the flavors in the organic meat. The lettuce adds a nice crispy element, the tomato accents the tomato-ey based chili and the cheese is an essential part of any hamburger, in my opinion. The lightly toasted bun is still a favorite with a light exterior crunchy and the soft interior. I enjoyed this burger and it is a good way to start to the upcoming summer months.

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Zee Burger in Woodbury: A First Beefy Bite

When news first broke that Carole Peck, our east coast answer to Alice Waters, would be opening a burger joint adjacent to her popular farm-to-table Good News Café in Woodbury, the first thing I did was clear my calendar.

The second thing I did was ask the obvious question. Was this the same Carole Peck who has been running the Café in Woodbury since 1993, hosting culinary trips to France and espousing local farms?

Burgers? Carole, really?

Actually it makes perfect sense that Peck, who has been committed to sourcing locally and seasonally for Good News Café for almost twenty years, would want to widen her spectrum and open a more accessible establishment using the same approach that has won her accolades and a loyal following. Fueled by an extended financial recession, the inexpensive luxuries of the gourmet burger joint formula has been trending in Connecticut. Peck has joined the fray staying true to her signature style – by creating the farm stand version of the burger joint.

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GMonkey: Sustainable Vegetarian Food Truck

I'm no food diva- sure I love a fine dining experience. I enjoy white tablecloths- and the particularly high-end places that scrape the crumbs from your table between courses. But there is a time and a place for this sort of event. 

Though I love a great restaurant, I am equally satisfied by a well made sandwich, burger, or just about anything from a greasy spoon diner. When I worked in Boston I frequented the street meat kabob purveyor, and enjoyed a couple visits to Clover- a vegetarian food truck. Cheap, hearty, and satisfying, I miss these lunch options more than I miss Barbara Lynch.

So when Gmonkey mobile, a sustainable & vegetarian food truck, began tweeting their presence in Hartford earlier this month, I knew I had to try it.

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Crossing the River: Jordan's Restaurant in Westport

There is a powerfully moving gospel song about crossing the River Jordan, but the fact that Jordan's of Norwalk recently crossed the River Saugatuck into Westport is what makes my wayward soul call out "Hallelujah!" Jordan's Restaurant and Pizza is a tried and true Greek/Italian establishment with FAMILY RUN written all over it. Pappa Nikos (Nick) and Mama Haroula (Carol) Ouzounidis came from their tiny town of Agios Loukas in Greece to Connecticut in the 70's and bought the original Jordan's at 369 Westport Ave in Norwalk. Now, with three locations to oversee, the three Ouzounidis children are taking over at the helm to keep things running smoothly, And with that honor, there is a dish named for each child - there's John's (Ionnis) Bread (with ricotta, melted mozzerella and marinara sauce), Lazaros (Larry) Chicken (sauteed with tomato, feta and garlic), and my drug of choice, the Kitsa Pella Salad (which you can read about in detail in my Colossal Salad review from last year.)

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It's All Good At Lakeside Diner in Stamford

How many CTbites contributors does it take to order chicken salad, a breakfast burrito, a Grecian omelet, a reuben sandwich, grilled blueberry muffins, pancakes, apple pie, coffee milkshakes and the worlds' BEST homemade donuts to top it all off? Apparently only 3. But the full bellies and groans were all worth it due to the great food and fantastic retro atmosphere at the LAKESIDE DINER in Stamford. Located at the bottom of the ramp of exit 34 off the Merritt, this joint offers the quintessential diner experience. So much so, it has been used as a location in several films including "College Road Trip." It isn't large and it isn't fancy. This is authentic diner fare done right. Mel, I would kiss these grits anytime. 

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The Flaxette Debuts @ The Dressing Room

Last spring we reported on a new local artisan bread baker, Fairfield Bread Company. Their wonderful Flaxette is made with organic flax and whole wheat, using slow, old-world methods. The result...a hearty loaf with a delightful caramelized crust and a tender chewy crumb.

This small-batch artisan bread is making its restaurant debut at The Dressing Room on their new lunch menu with four new sandwich offerings including: DR Steak and cheese with grass-fed beef and Nobel cheddar sauce, Pulled pork with root vegetable BBQ sauce,  and a Roasted organic vegetable sandwich- all on the Flaxette. Executive Chef, Jon Vaast, describes his excitement about this menu addition: 

"The Flaxette for sandwiches is really something else, it grills great, and holds up to the different sandwiches we are doing right now. It's just a really great hearty loaf of bread which is what makes a great sandwich."

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Behind The Scenes @ Bar Rosso's Stamford Opening 

In case you haven't noticed, something is afoot in the old Bennett's Steak House on Stamford's Spring St. as the countdown begins on one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in Fairfield County, a venture that brings together the restaurant  acumen of Napa & Co.'s Mary Schaeffer, and the culinary talent of Chef Dan Kardos, most recently of Harvest Supper in New Canaan. Combine this team with an inventive rustic Italian country menu (including a wood burning oven), a bar-centric two-story space, inventive homemade Italian inspired cocktails, and the buzz amongst the foodie obsessed is warranted. CTBites had an exclusive sneak peek into their pre-opening plans, interior renovation, and the much anticipated working menu of the inventive interpretation of traditional Italian fare that will become Bar Rosso.  

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SAILS American Grill Opens in Rowayton

When the River Cat shuttered its doors in March, after 12 years on Rowayton’s main drag, the closure of the beloved neighborhood restaurant and bar left a gaping hole in Rowayton’s dining and social scene. 

So when I returned to check out the recently launched SAILS, a new American bistro with a spiffed up nautical vibe, I wasn’t surprised that the highly polished teak bar was three-deep with old-timers and new fans, making themselves right at home in a familiar, yet completely transformed haunt. 

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El Charrito Poised to Open in Greenwich

It's official. The infamous El Charrito taco truck is opening a second location in Riverside (Greenwich), CT on Monday, January 10, 2010. Found most days on the West Side of Stamford at Jackie Robinson Park, The El Charrito truck will be opening a take-out operation based out of a commercial kitchen in Riverside, CT, opening just days after they close their truck for the winter.

This news direct from El Charrito and the Lunch Break Chronicles. Want to get pumped for Monday? Read our CTbites review.

See you Monday!