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Pho Saigon: Real Pho. Really off the beaten path. 

If you like Italian cuisine (I mean real Italian) and you haven't been to Fortina in Armonk yet, something is ALL wrong. 


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A Moveable Feast: Skinny Pines Brick Oven Pizza Truck

The green Dodge pick-up truck slowly backed into my narrow, curved driveway with the 6 x 13 foot trailer leading.  A dome shaped, brick pizza oven was mounted on the open trailer by some ingenious contraption that prevents it from being jostled and toppling off in a crumbled mess of mortar.  Jeff Borofsky, chef/owner of SKINNY PINES, a portable wood fired oven catering company,  was bringing the party to my home. A group of lucky CTbites contributors and other Fairfield County food producers were due to arrive in 90 minutes.  I was beginning to wonder if the party would be ready for these friends with their discerning palates and voracious appetites. 

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Cows Not Cars at the Creamery: Wells Hollow Farm

These days, going out for a cone often means visiting a scoop shop situated along a well-traveled roadway and eating your favorite flavor in a parking lot - think Carvel at 7 pm any summer evening. Small, mom and pop type ice cream stands are a rare and serendipitous find that usually require a lengthy drive into the country.  But we’ve found an exception to this rule: Wells Hollow Farm in Shelton is a quick trip up Route 8 (to exit 12) and provides a surprisingly bucolic backdrop to your ice cream experience.  

A working farm since the late 1800’s, Wells Hollow Creamery is located in a large red barn shared with 6 cows (although I was corrected when I asked for verification: 4 cows and 2 calves) and a whole bunch of chickens and roosters – I didn’t ask how many.  With 30 hard-packed flavors to choose from,

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How To Make Grilled Pizza

With warmer weather on its way, it's time to clean up that grill and bring on the 2010 grilling season. And really...doesn't everything taste just a little bit better on the grill? Even pizza....

If you've never made grilled pizza, you'll be amazed by how simple it is. Chef Nicole throws down some serious pie in her step-by-step video, and she's got tons of great tips. We've gone with Prosciutto, smoked Gouda, and arugula for our toppings, but feel free to dream up any accompaniment you wish. 

If you decide to make you own pizza dough vs. picking one up in the store, Chef Nicole has a great recipe for homemade dough. Happy cooking!

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Kids Cooking Party With "Cindy's Sous Chefs"

It's not easy finding a unique kids birthday party activity in Fairfield County. Sure, there is My Three Sons and Pump It Up but what if your kid doesn't want to jump around or collect coins? What if you just want something with more food science and less bouncy castle? With the emergence of the Food Network's 24/7 culinary programming, kids have been acquiring valuable cooking tips during their sick days and developing an interest in all things related to food. In fact, so many of our readers are looking for "cooking themed birthday parties" we decided we had best do some research.  What better way to acquire data than to host a cooking party for my five year old daughter chez moi. Read on for Cooking Parties for Kids, Part 1.

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Passover Dessert Solution: Matzoh Toffee Brittle

Passover can be tough times for the young who need to give up their baked goods, or at least modify their ingredients. Here is a dessert recipe that is both satisfying and simple, and it makes for a great gift.

Kids will enjoy decorating the brittle once it is prepped, and the topping options are limitless. Think marshmallows, sprinkles, candied name it!

Our tester felt she could have used half the quantity of butter in this recipe, but taste it yourself and see what you think. 

Matzoh Toffee Brittle

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Kids STILL at home? Bake Up Some Pizza Pops

School's closed again??!! Don't fret, just keep those kids busy in the kitchen (if you have one working). I found this recipe while browsing (on a friend's computer, as mine is still out of commission). These Pizza Pops are a great activity for any age, and what child doesn't like food on a stick? Even vegetables are more fun on a skewer.

Just like the 2 dimensional version, these Pizza Pops can be made to suit every palate. Try adding sausage and cheese, ham and pineapple, plain cheese, and so on. When creating your pizza bites, note a good tip from Distinguishing the different fillings once the bites are baked might be tricky. Maybe a different topping sprinkled on the top of each batch?

Here's the original recipe from Pennies on a plattter.

When the pizza bites are cool, just separate them carefully and put a lollipop stick in the middle of each one. Have fun!

(Photos from Nikki from Pizza on a Platter, via Tastespotting)


Kid-friendly Cooking Project for Stir-Crazy Adults

For those of you with functioning ovens and kids home from school, here is a tasty time consumer.  For creative great tasting "homemade" cookies in a pinch, try this shortcut from Jennifer Spaide of

As a chef it’s important to know your weaknesses in the kitchen.  And I am fully willing to admit that mine is baking.  If it’s more complicated than emptying a mix into a bowl, cracking a few eggs, and whisking, don’t expect me to do it well.  So you can imagine the panic that pulsed through me when I was asked to bake cookies for some gift baskets. 

What, me?  Really?!  But I was up for the challenge… or the cheat.  Don’t tell, but I decided to pull a Sandra Lee and take some “semi-homemade” help from the grocery store by purchasing premade sugar cookie dough.  I chose an all-natural brand because it’s a little healthier (no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup).   

With the basic batter under control, and a little stress off my shoulders, I was free to get creative with the flavors & fillings.  I decided to make three different kinds of cookie:  Chocolate Cherry Almond, Ginger Sesame Coconut, and Orange Fig Thumb Drops.  These recipes are so simple it's genius (not to toot my own horn, but “Toot toot”).

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Ask Chef Nicole: Asian Turkey Vegetable Potstickers

Chef Nicole has mastered the art of the kid-friendly recipe that works just as well the adults in the crowd. These Asian Turkey Vegetable Potstickers are a perfect hands-on activity for all ages. Personally, all that folding took me right back to those origami craft projects from my younger days. These little GBD packages are deceptively simple to make and very tasty. We also have a vegetarian version below. Try 'em in your house and let us know what you think. 


Asian Turkey Vegetable Potstickers

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Visions of Gingerbread @ The Stamford Museum

Every year, I buy one of those boxed gingerbread house kits and my kids and I go at it. We glop it together with that glue-like petroleum by-product substance that they call icing, we decorate with the stale jelly beans and mini gum balls they provide, and we call it a day. It’s fun and the kids enjoy it. Do yours? If so, head to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center (SM and NC) this month and next to see how the pros do it. “Visions of Gingerbread: The Sweetest Architects” is the name of the exhibition that the museum is presenting as both a showcase for local bakers and as a fundraiser for the SM and NC.

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What's in Your Lunchbox? Do-it-Yourself Pizza Dippers

What snack food is more universal and beloved than pizza? As a play on this perennial favorite we thought we would create a deconstructed pizza that kids could have fun assembling at their desks. Instead of standard pizza crust, we are using tortillas for their flexibility and wrap-ability. Sure, you could cut up some handmade triangled pizza crust, or even pita bread for this one. Build them any way you want.

You will need a few small containers for proper travel, but your children will be the envy of the classroom. 

Turkey pepperoni, shredded cheese and tortilla “pizza dippers”

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