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Cooking Camps For Kids in Fairfield County

I don’t remember any of my peers taking cooking classes when I was a kid, but the world is different now, what with the Food Network and all the other TV cooking shows, websites, special events and the general blossoming of our foodie culture. At the same time, it’s no longer a given that a child learns to cook at home with Mom or Grandma, so a little outside instruction is often welcome. Whatever the reason, cooking classes for kids are a phenomenon of our times, and Fairfield County has many options for kids who are so inclined.

This will be an occasional series on opportunities for kids to learn to cook (mostly) in the Fairfield County area. Because right now is the time to think about summer camp, let's start there...

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Food Truck Fridays @ Sugar & Olives

Join Skinny Pines Pizza and Sugar & Olives on April 8th & April 29th for a little Friday night dinner with the family. Skinny Pines' Wood Fired Pizza Truck (the only wood-fired mobile pizza truck, using local and seasonable ingredients) will be parked and fired up outside S&O this Friday from 5-8pm. We hear this might even become a weekly event...more on that TK. 

Here's the menu...



Reserve a table for inside or out! Email | 203 454 3663


Kids Make Pizza Every Sunday @ Coalhouse in Stamford

Sundays are pizza making days for kids at Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford.  First rule co-owner, Gerard Robertson, puts out there?  DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE A MESS!  Better his place than yours, and a lot more fun, for sure.  If one too many rainy days has given your clan cabin fever, this is a great way to get out, make your own pizza and learn something too.

Robertson invites kids of all ages to pull up a stool and gently work a ball of dough on the long stretch of white marble that wraps around the pizza prep area and the enormous coal oven.

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Local Chef Competes in Obama’s LET’S MOVE Campaign

CRUSTLESS QUINOA AND KALE QUICHE was served and critiqued in elementary school? 

That is precisely what happened last month as 200 fourth and fifth graders at Holland Hill Elementary School in Fairfield tasted the dish they had voted to “try” in response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s LET’S MOVE! campaign to combat childhood obesity.  Green Gourmet to Go chef and owner, Linda Soper-Kolton jumped on the opportunity to participate in the nation wide contest to create a tasty, highly nutritious, child friendly dish by approaching her own son’s elementary school Principle, Frank Arnone.  Lucky for the students and the chef, Mr. Arnone loved the idea of involving his students in the process of discussing ingredients and tasting the contest entry.

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Homemade Apple Chips c/o Fix Me a Snack

This easy recipe for homemade apple chips is a new favorite at our house. My kids love them. I love them. Everyone’s happy. It’s been a while since I made something so simple yet brilliant. Hooray Apple Chips!

Apple Chips Recipe via Fix Me A Snack

I use Macoun and Empire apples to make these and they didn’t require any measures to prevent browning. If you think your apples will brown excessively, dip them in a solution of 2 cups water and 2 tablespoons lemon juice right after they have been sliced.

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Gingerbread Contest: Part 2

Gingerbread House Day 3: After a fitful night full of dreams involving houses crashing down with disastrous effect, we gathered to set the foundations and raise the walls for our edible CTbites farm stand. For those late to the game, this exercise in amateur baking is all part of a plan to raise money for The Stamford Museum's "Visions of Gingerbread" Exhibit" where professional bakers will show and then auction off gingerbread houses far more spectacular than ours.  

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Visions of Gingerbread @ The Stamford Museum

CTbites is proud to be this year's media sponsor for the 2nd annual "Visions of Gingerbread: The Sweetest Architects" exhibit at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center.  Opening November 6th, this show will feature unique and amazing gingerbread creations by many of your favorite bakers. Check out the lineup: CakeSuite, Sugar & Olives, DiMare's Pasty Shop, SoNo Baking Company, Karin Krumpelbeck, and (are you sitting down?) CTbites will be working on an entry. (If you are a baker and want to help team CTbites, contact us!

Here's the best part...You can bring one of these incredible edibles home to your family. These sweet structures will be put up on the silent auction block, with proceeds going to the Museum's educational programs.

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Great Programs for Kids & Adults @ Ambler Farm 

Don't miss these spooky, educational, & tasty activities @ Ambler Farm. 

Fright Night: Friday, October 29 & Saturday, October 30 

Drop off the kids (grades 3-5) for haunted activities and frightful (and not so frightful) storytelling. Those who were present last year are still talking about the ghost dog who frequents the Farm! Creepy sights and mysterious sounds abound when the moon rises at Ambler Farm. Refreshments included. Enrollment limited. 

Haunted Halloween Ride, Guessing jar to win the Farm's largest pumpkin, Games, if you dare play... 

Launch the Trebuchet: Sunday, November 14 

If you've been to Ambler Farm Day, you've probably fired the apple slingshots, taken a hay-ride or two, and witnessed pumpkins flying through the air. If the pumpkin-launching trebuchet has intrigued you, now's your chance to get a closer look at this medieval-inspired machine. 

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Sweet Stuff: Halloween Candy Bark 

My girlfriend and I were thumbing through our monthly cooking mags and we both noticed the cover picture of a very decadent looking Halloween themed candy bark.  I thought, “ this looks like fun, but I can do better than that!”  So off I went to our local grocery store that is stocked with bins of interesting looking sweets and nuts.  10 mini bags later, here’s what I came up with!  Alas, it's not healthy, but Halloween only comes once a year, and it's a great activity for a kids Halloween party.  The making is (almost) the best part of this recipe!

Halloween Candy Bark for Kids

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Ambler Farm Day Is This Weekend!! 


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