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Macdaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar in Monroe

And now a word from our 10 years old food critic....

Hey kids, guess what? Want to win a free Mac Daddy’s T-ShirtMac Daddy’s will give the first 10 kids to correctly guess the amount of macaroni boxes used to fill the pan on the wall (described below) a free t-shirt Contest ends on November 20th. Mention CTbites to enter. 

What do you think of when you think of macaroni and cheese? A small box of Kraft mac and cheese? Well… now I think of Macdaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar, an amazing macaroni and cheese restaurant with at least 20 different kinds of macaroni. I had thought that Macdaddy’s was going to be bigger than it was (they can seat about 25 people) but that didn’t mean it wasn’t good. Macdaddy’s is a quick service restaurant (which means that you order at a counter and they bring the food to your table). 

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Honey Bee Jamboree at Ambler Farm in Wilton

Prepare to get sticky at Ambler Farm's Honey Bee Jamboree, September 17, 2011 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. This event is being presented by the Backyard Beekkeepers Association with a bevy of family friendly activities include hive observation, honey tasting, honey extracting, candle roll ing, honey ice cream making, face painting, children's activities, bee products and more. All of these bee encounters will be led by the master beekeepers of the Backyard Beekeeper Association. 


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Slice of Saugatuck Festival on Westport's Waterfront

On Saturday September 17, 2011 from noon - 3pm three dozen of Saugatuck's finest restaurants, shops and galleries will be opening their doors and inviting the community to come and sample their offerings. Walk the streets of Saugatuck Center and enjoy sampling some of the area's restaurants, caterers, and liquor stores. Participants include: The Boathouse, CakeSuite, Tarry Lodge, Julian's and Saugatuck Grain & Grape. Plus...Ryan Fibiger of Craft Butchery will be demonstrating how to butcher a pig in front of his shop (opening soon) at 1:00 pm. And it's not just food. Retailers will offer kayak rides, gym work outs, fly fishing lessons, Environmental tips, discount coupons and martial arts demonstrations - all free. Come see what's going on in Westport's Saugatuck area. See below for complete event details: 


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CT Food Bank Launches "Hunger Action" Month

On September 1st, the Connecticut Food Bank (CFB) begins its "Hunger Action" month and the CTbites team is asking your help.  Food is our passion and we thank our lucky stars that we are privileged to dine at the fabulous restaurants of  Fairfield County and blog about truffle chips, sous vide lamb belly and Marscapone cheese cake. Last week I volunteered at the CFB's mobile pantry where we gave out bags of onions and carrots to too many CT residents whose stars are not so lucky. But the CFB is making a difference and so can we. 

According to Nancy Carrington, the Food Bank's president and CEO since 1984, over 400,000 CT residents are "Food Insecure."  That means that they are not sure where they are getting their next meal. Over 50% of these people are above what the government considers the income threshold which would allow them SNAP funding (formerly known as food stamps.) In the state with the highest per capita income (2010), that is surely 400,000 hungry residents too many. Right???

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Ultimate Guide to Making Ice Cream: A Recipe (of Sorts)

Nothing says “Summer” like ice cream.  I make a lot of ice cream – more than we can eat.  I make really great ice cream, if I do say so myself.  So when my sister-in-law asked for an “award winning” ice cream recipe, to use in her local agricultural fair, I was happy to oblige.  I haven’t won any actual awards, but if you follow my instructions, you’ll appreciate my confidence.   Although Eleanore skipped the contest, she said she wished she had entered, if only because the entries all required detailed recipes and, as you will see, mine is nothing if not detailed. 

The key to a great ice cream is its base.  I almost always make fruit ice creams.  While different fruits require different treatments and benefit from different supplemental ingredients, the base doesn’t vary.  

I use a basic Cuisinart one-and-a-half-quart ice cream maker that only costs about $50.  If you like ice cream, it’s the best $50 you will ever spend

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Cooking for Kids: Camp Fine Dining w/ Chef Paul Desiano 

Camp Fine Dining is a two week camp for teenagers that will run this August led by Paul Desiano, Chef and Owner of Cello (formerly Plate) located in Copps Hill Plaza in Ridgefield.

In the first week, Camp Fine Dining will focus students on basic skills including knife cuts, butchering, sauces, and pasta making.  By the second week, the students and Chef Desiano will brainstorm a 5-course tasting menu. The class will spend the first week preparing and the program will conclude with the students cooking that menu for their families. 

Dates and time: August 16 -18, August 23 – 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Blueberry Season Opens TODAY @ Bishop's Orchards

Pick your own blueberries at Bishop's Orchards will open for the first day of the season on Wednesday, July 13.  The blueberry crop looks great this year and the the berries are big and full of flavor.  It doesn't get better than local berries, fresh picked.  The recent warm days have helped add to the flavor and are waiting for you to come and pick them. Hope to see you tomorrow! --Bishop's Orchards

For more information, call their PYO Hotline for up-to-date information on Picking Schedule, Price and Location: 203.458.PICK 


A Taste of Litchfield Hills 2011

Advance tickets are now on sale for the 26th annual Taste of Litchfield Hills 2011 at Ski Sundown in New Hartford, CT during Labor Day weekend. The event will be held Saturday to Sunday from 12 noon to 8 p.m. and Monday from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Tickets are $8 purchased in advance or $10 at the door and kids under 12 are free, which does not include the cost of food or drink.

The Festival touts itself as Connecticut's oldest food and wine festival live entertainment and shopping in addition to food and wine from local restaurants and purveyors. Last year the festival, held at Lime Rock Park during the Rolex Vintage Festival, featured many Litchfield and Harftord County restaurants and local vineyards such as Hopkins Vineyard, Miranda Vineyard and White Silo Winery. Vendors are still signing on, so check with the Festival's site for the most up to date informaiton.

Although I'm sad to see it moved from Lime Rock Park, Ski Sundown looks to be a dedicated location and is a great opportunity for one-stop-shopping for those interesting in trekking north to experience food and wine from beyond Fairfield County.




July 4th Strawberry S'mores Kits c/o Peace Tree Desserts  

July 4th just got sweeter. Peace Tree Desserts is serving up Sustainable Seasonal Strawberry S'mores this 4th of July. For those of you who have sampled their Classic Chocolate S'mores c/o Skinny Pines Pizza at your local farmers' market, you know Peace Tree does a s'more justice. These S'mores Kits are ideal hostess gifts or one stop shopping for a high end night by the campfire. The S'mores Kit is handcrafted in small batches with local and organic ingredients, and includes homemade graham crackers made with local honey and Wild Hive Farm's organic whole wheat flour, strawberry marshmallows made with local strawberries, and Taza's organic stone-ground chocolate. Each kit makes 6 s'mores. If this doesn't make you hungry, check out their S'mores Video:

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"Line Entertainment" @ Pinkberry of Fairfield

Pinkberry's Fairfield CT location has turned those tiresome weekend lines into an evening's entertainment..."line entertainment" to be exact. While customers contemplate "salted caramel" or "watermelon," and ponder the wide array of topping possibilities, they can also enjoy the musical stylings of the bands listed below. This lineup is slated for the weekend of June 24th, but it has been such a hit that I would expect this tradition to continue throughout the summer.  



Gage Elliot Frank performs Friday night 7PM - 9PM with  friend and their beautiful acoustic guitars

Carter Vail performs Saturday night 7PM -9PM 

Ajohnny returns Sunday night 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM with the Caribbean steel drums

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