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Pho Saigon: Real Pho. Really off the beaten path. 

If you like Italian cuisine (I mean real Italian) and you haven't been to Fortina in Armonk yet, something is ALL wrong. 


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Bodega Hits The Road w/ The Bodega Food Truck Catering

Bodega Taco Bar continues to make its mark on Fairfield County with the addition of the Bodega Food Truck hittin’ the road this month. The rolling vibrant green mobile might as well be named the party bus as it already being booked for private parties, school functions and outdoor events – and the paint’s not even dry yet! Fans of Bodega’s innovative and edgy, while authentic and fresh cuisine, will now have the opportunity to follow their favorite cuisine to a street corner near them or grab a taco while partaking in a local event. This taqueria on wheels will also be the centerpiece of Bodega’s thriving catering business.

The team has created a catering menu that straddles the line between “fine” and “fiery” with ease. From a Burrito Bar and Taco Party, to passed hors d’oeuvres of Tuna Tataki and Smoked Chicken Albondigas,  party goers are assured to have a unique experience.  Bowls of hand slapped guacamole, pico de gallo, and cucumber mango salsa with fresh corn tortilla chips are a true crowd pleaser, as are roasted veggies with poblano agave yogurt dip and ceviche bowls with vibrant citrus shrimp and scallops. That deli sandwich platter at the office lunch meeting is transformed with hearty “tortas” such as; Argentinian grilled hangar steak with chipotle aioli, greens and queso fresco; Grilled Chicken with black beans, goat cheese and pickled onions; Grilled Portabella with truffle red pepper aioli and crispy kale; and the Baja Fish Wrap with mango cucumber salsa.

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Meriano's Bake Shoppe Introduces Connecticut's First Cannoli Truck in New Haven

The Cannoli Truck from Meriano's Bake Shoppe
Cuisine: Italian Bakery, Food Truck
Price: $3 per Cannoli 
The Highlights: Traditional, Oreo, seasonal flavors
Online: |

The first time I heard the phrase "Cannoli Truck" I was convinced it was a New Haven urban legend. The city has trucks and carts filled with almost any cuisine you can imagine, but a truck filled with Italian pastries? This seemed too good to be true. Lucky for New Haven, the truck exists, and its pink and leopard-trimmed reality is far superior to any Italian pastry-filled mirage you can conjure.

I discovered the truck early this summer, first as a hot tip from a New Haven friend excited to have a new truck to add to the city’s burgeoning food truck and cart scene. And then as luck would have it, the truck frequently parks in the neighborhood near my New Haven office, so I’m lucky to “stumble” into it, in all its 7 cannoli-flavor glory.

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Pizza Luca: Neopolitana Pizza Truck Debuts at Beer Garden @ Harbor Point in Stamford

How cool is it to walk up to a 1952 Chevy Pick-Up truck and order a perfectly prepared Napoletana pizza, with great ingredients imported from Italy, prepared by a classical trained Italian chef, and baked in under two minutes in a blazing hot, wood-fired oven. Pizza Luca, the brain child of Chef Dean Medico, creates pizza masterpieces that are steeped in the tradition of Italy, using only the best ingredients from Italy to create three distinctly southern Italian pizza delicacies, the Marinara, the Margherita, and the sauce-less Bianca.

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Maddy’s Food Truck – A Caribbean Escape in Stamford

We’ve all been there, you’re at work, it’s a long, hard morning and your eyes glaze over as you start to dream of an island vacation. While a quick tropical getaway may be a little out of reach for a working girl in her 20’s, there is a more realistic option that can be squeezed into the lunch break, Maddy’s Food Truck.

Several months ago, Maddy’s Food Truck hit the mobile meal scene as one of the first in the area and now spends lunch-time parked on Stamford streets and nights outside the Beer Garden. Offering a combination of American treats and family-inspired Haitian recipes, the menu offers a variety of dishes to appeal to the masses. My first taste was the bacon and avocado grilled cheese served with marinated tomatoes; I guess my reputation regarding my love for grilled cheese preceded me. The bacon was crisp, the avocado fresh and the marinated tomatoes added a nice flavor. Although I was pleased with having another delicious grilled cheese option, I was eager to show my palate something new.

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The Pop Shop Market – Making a Pop Up Debut in Fairfield

The Pop Shop Market is popping up in Fairfield this weekend!  The first of 4 yearly Pop Shop Markets will be making its debut at the Fairfield Theatre Company’s warehouse and parking lot on Saturday, June 1st.  People of all ages are invited out to experience the European-style open-air market.  Kelly Scinto, Andrea Espach and Ashley Kane, founders and curators of the Pop Shop Market wanted to create a unique experience unlike any other pop up shop.  “We wanted to plan a fun day; one that would bring shopping, food, drinking and music together,” says Scinto.  

The Pop Shop Market will feature a variety vendors from all over the area, showcasing items such artwork, jewelry, and repurposed furniture by local artists, designers and merchants.  All this shopping will surely leave you hungry!  Or perhaps it is the all the incredible local food that will draw you out this Saturday.  The Pop Shop Market has recruited some of Connecticut’s most popular food trucks!  Grab a lobster roll from LobsterCraft, a meatball grinder from the Local Meatball, some California-style fish tacos from Taco Pacifico, fries from Fryborg, and top it all off with some soft-served ice cream from Cowabunga Food Truck.

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300 Seat Beer Garden @ Harbor Point Opening in Stamford

Imian Hospitality, in collaboration with Building & Land Technology, announce The Beer Garden @ Harbor Point. Beginning in early May beer enthusiasts will have a new venue to call their own, Stamford’s first ever waterfront beer garden with over 300 seats, craft beer, and food trucks. And now we are excited for Summer. 

With a carefully curated roster of 24 craft beers on draft showcasing hard to find ales from Dogfish Head, Captain Lawrence, Curious Traveler and local Connecticut brewers Thomas Hooker, Half Full and Two Roads, it promises to be a beer lover’s nirvana. The Beer Garden will also feature a reserve list of large format bottled craft brews for the true connoisseur. In addition, master mixologist Jason Clark has created a collection of hand crafted American-centric cocktails that provide a refreshing alternative to great beer.

A rotating collection of Gourmet Food trucks slotted along the Beer Garden’s driveway will provide a culinary bounty that will contribute to the innovative and unique character of the Beer Garden. Lobster Rolls & Crab Cakes from Lobstercraft, Wood Fired Farm to Table Pizzas from Skinny Pines, Sandwiches from Hot Off The Grill, Authentic Caribbean from Maddy’s and Gourmet Grilled Cheese from Melt Mobile

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Melt Mobile in Stamford: Great Sandwiches Day & Night

CTbites is pleased to welcome Eliza Schlesinger as a new contributor. She will help guide our readers to great tasting venues perfect for 20-somethings in the Stamford area.

When the weekend night bar scene in Stamford comes to a close, a girl has two options, take home a man or take home a sandwich, and this single lady prefers a sandwich. As my friends and I were finishing another night of laughter and dancing, I looked around to see if anything caught my eye. I peered across Bedford Street and instantly had my answer, the Melt Mobile.

As a little girl, there were few things as delicious and comforting as a grilled cheese, and Melt Mobile’s creations bring me back to my childhood while igniting the flavors that my adult taste buds love. The scene is exactly what I would expect around 2 am, utter drunken chaos and sloppy flirtation combined with an aroma that makes it all bearable. Until this visit I’ve always ordered the same sandwich, the Caprese, for two simple reasons. The first, it’s typically listed towards the top of the Specials menu, and the second because I swear it’s always tasted like heaven. The sandwich is a wonderful balance of fresh mozzarella and Prosciutto di Parma, accompanied by my favorite combination of roasted red peppers, arugula, fresh tomatoes and pesto aioli on Kalamata olive bread. But I am here to be objective and thorough, so I let my eyes wander down the rest of the deliciously cheesy menu to look for new and exciting options.

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The Local Meatball Food Truck Rolls into Fairfield County

There is a new food truck on the block in Fairfield (well, not so much food truck as in food car – Smart Car to be exact).  The Local Meatball is rolling into town and making its debut this Saturday, April 6th, dishing out meatballs on the Town Green in Fairfield, made with local, organic ingredients.  Meatballs, a comfort food of many, no longer need to be served over spaghetti to complete a meal.  The Local Meatball is proving these balls stand great on their own!  

Wanting to share his passion for meatballs with the town, chef and Fairfield resident Michael DiStassio started The Local Meatball.  “Meatballs are such a simple idea, but they resonate with so many people,” says DiStassio.  The Local Meatball was revealed online on March 9th, National Meatball Day and “People have been so responsive to the idea,” added DiStassio.  

Working from his grandmother’s recipe, DiStassio has tweaked it slightly to come up with a variety of 5 different kinds of balls that will rotate weekly. 

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Melt Mobile Grilled Cheese Truck Opens in Stamford

If there’s one thing consistent with trends, it’s that followers will do anything to get in on the action to stay, err, well, trendy.  This was evident yesterday at the opening of Melt Mobile, a new gourmet grilled cheese truck, parked smack in the middle of downtown Stamford’s Landmark Square. 

Backed by Bobby Flay as part of his new “Food Project” reality show, what was started by two fierce women as a paddy wagon, one with an entrepreneurial background, the other, a trained French Culinary Institute chef and former restaurateur, is now a “permanent for now” gourmet food trend in the form of a food truck. Two trends in one, food truck and gourmet comfort food.  And as I mentioned about those followers… 

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Christophe's Crepe Truck in Fairfield: Ooh La La! 

Food trucks have been a growing trend for the last few years. The L.A. Times reported on one of the first food trucks to gain massive popularity, a fusion of Korean, Mexican, and barbecue back in 2009. And a recent article from USA Today about food trends in the U.S. hailed the food truck, what was once the “roach coaches” for construction workers at lunch time, as the hot new thing. 

But the street-side vendor is certainly nothing new. New York City has been rife with dirty water dogs. And, you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a falafel stand. Roam the urban alleyways from India to Vietnam and some of the tastiest foods can be had from street vendors. Although, be sure to bring your Pepto-Bismol with you. 

Here in Connecticut, we’ve got coffee trucks, cupcake trucks, even a cheese truck. Quel surprise! Fairfield is now home to a freshly made crepe and waffle truck., Christophe's Crepes


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