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CTbites Invites: Happy Hour on the Kawa Ni Rooftop for $39

Are you still kicking yourself for missing the CTbites Happy Hour on the Patio at Artisan last month?  No worries… CTbites is excited to offer a second chance to celebrate Summer 2016,  this time on the wonderful outdoor rooftop patio of Kawa Ni Westport on Wednesday July 13th from 5:30-7:30 pm      ( Raindate Thursday July 14th )  Buy your tickets here

Overlooking the Saugatuck River, and watching the boats, kayaks and paddleboarders drift by is a special bonus to the evening which for $39 includes Chef Jeff Taibe's creative and delicious appetizers and two beverages of your choice.  Enhancing the patio experience are two familiar faces, Carissa and Maddy, from The Stand Juice Bar. They bring with them both their sparkling personalities, as well as some of The Stands juices and a specialty cocktail blend called "Pick Your Poison", to enjoy while nibbling Kawa Ni's Izakaya appetizers like :

Pork Spring Rolls
Mini Tofu Pockets
Peekytoe Crab Rangoon
Ebi Sticks
Kani Salad
Broccoli Salad

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CTbites Invites: Happy Hour on The Patio at Artisan for $39

For the third year in a row, CTbites has partnered with Chef Frederic Kieffer and Artisan at the Delamar Hotel Southport for an outdoor Happy Hour on their gorgeous patio and bar. Mark your calendars for Wednesday June 1st 5:30-7:30, as we kick off “al fresco” dining with assorted appetizers and cocktails.  

Priced at $39, the Happy Hour includes a specialty cocktail and a second cocktail or wine or beer. Buy your tickets here:

Chef Frederic is preparing a number of signature appetizers both passed and buffet style to accompany a special summer cocktail created by the talented Artisan bartender team.  

Menu Includes...

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CTbites Invites: White Truffle Dinner at Da Pietro’s Restaurant December 10th

CTbites Invites and Westport's own "celebrity chef" Pietro Scotti celebrate the final weeks of white truffle season with a special four course prix fix dinner for ONE NIGHT ONLY on THURSDAY DECEMBER 10 at 7:00 pm., specially priced at $150 pp. Purchase your tickets Here....

If you have never tasted this delicacy, this is your chance to savor the unique and special funghi foraged in the hills of Alba, Italy at a very special price. 

Join Chef Pietro in his intimate and award winning restaurant, Da Pietro's, for four courses that include: 

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CTbites Invites Recap: Artisan Happy Hour 2015

Last Friday, as the skies cleared up and the temps warmed up, over 60 attendees at CTbites Invites “Kickoff of Summer” Happy Hour on The Patio at Artisan enjoyed the gorgeous setting, the plentiful Margaritas and Chef Frederic Kieffer’s grilled hors d-oeuvres.

The theme of the Happy Hour was to introduce the new outdoor grill, recently acquired from The Lone Star state and even the Margaritas featured a grilled lime garnish.

The cozy patio bar was a buzz as the servers circulated with platters of prosciutto and mint wrapped grilled cantaloupe,  grilled sesame salmon,  grilled pineapple and shrimp skewers, baby lamb chops with mint yogurt and grilled vegetable and fruit skewers.

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Walrus + Carpenter & Mecha Noodle Bar Host BO SSäM Dinner!!!!

Walrus+Carpenter and Mecha Noodle Bar partner on Thursday 10/30 7 pm for a BO SSäM dinner for $100 pp starring Smoked Pork Shoulder, Kimchee, Oysters, and other East Asian flavors...against the backdrop of 70's cult action films of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Buy Tix Here.

If you were lucky enough to attend the last W+C event..."The Speakeasy", this promises to be "Astonishing, Unstoppable, Mind-Blowing and Delicious"!

The mission is to bring together East Asian flavors with Western smoking techniques for one incredible evening, inspired by cult film, "Way of The Dragon", starring the high kicking, fast punching Lee and Norris.

Ninja Warrior attire or any fun Halloween costumes are encouraged but optional.

Tempting menu items include:

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Speakeasy Night at Walrus+Carpenter: CTbites Invites Recap

As the back door opened a crack, a tuxedoed man eyed me and said, “What’s the Password?”… “Bees' Knees” I hesitantly whispered, palms sweaty, and only then I was ushered into the Walrus + Carpenter back room “Speakeasy” for a Throwback Thursday CTbites Invites event on May 8, 2014, of Prohibition cocktails, silent films and the food and music of the Roaring 20’s. 

Owner Joe Farrell and GM Adam Roytman were on hand to greet the 30 attendees of this sold out evening, most who chose to follow the Invites suggestion of dressing for the period…every where I looked were Al Capone look-alikes dressed in pinstripe suits and fedoras…Fancy “molls” in fringe dresses, sequined headbands, multiple strands of pearls and fur boas.  

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The Invite: 5 Course Chocolate- Infused Dinner w/ Fritz at Chocopologie 

Join Fritz Knipschildt of Chocopologie, and CTbites on Tuesday April 1, 2014 7-9:30 pm as we indulge the master chocolatier and his talented team of chefs in realizing his vision for a perfectly decadent Chocolate- Infused meal for $60 pp.

This intimate dinner will feature five courses infused and/or influenced by Fritz's passion for chocolate. Inspired by his Danish roots and New Nordic cuisine, Fritz has created a truly unique menu... and for this night only! Each course will be paired with wine or spirits and will conclude with a decadent dessert, and Chocopologies Signature Chocolate Martini and coffee or tea. View menu below & DETAILS HERE.

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Recap: Happy Hours Cocktails Al Fresco @ Artisan, Southport  

That “drink after work” thing is not really about a drink.  It’s an escape from ennui, stale air, the copier just ran out of toner, we didn’t like the tone of that last email from our biggest client, and there’s a personal text message on our cell phone we’ve decided not to answer until later. Much later.

We claw our way out of the office, desperate for a breeze and a cocktail, and begin the search for an outside venue, of which there are precious few, and those include curbside seating on busy streets and tables in parking lots.

But Artisan in the Delamar Hotel in Southport opens their back doors onto an open-air bar and patio where, if you pretend a little bit, you can think you are in Europe.  

The hotel itself provides privacy from traffic on three sides, and the tiny street that abuts the fourth is private. Bicycles are lined up in sturdy racks, rattan furniture and Adirondack chairs are scattered in conversational groupings, and flowers hang from trellises and bloom in pots and boxes; hence, the name: the Pergola, Patio, and Garden Bar.

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Invites Recap: New Nordic Dinner at Chocopologie c/o Fritz Knipschildt

So what happens when creative and innovative chefs are given the chance to create a special dinner inspired by their homeland, Denmark and The World’s Best Restaurant, NOMA of Copenhagen??

Well…a 10 Course “New Nordic” Dinner with Fritz Knipschildt of Chocopologie presented by CTbites Invites, turns into a true culinary happening. I lost count, but 10 courses turned into 16 courses, each paired with local wines from CT, Upstate NY and Long Island and beers from local breweries; Southport Brewing Company and City Steam of Stratford. 

But first a little food history as Fritz explained the evening ahead.  In November 2004, on the initiative of the Danish chefs René Redzepi and Claus Meyer of the then newly opened NOMA restaurant, chefs and food professionals from all the Nordic countries met in Copenhagen to discuss how best to develop what they called the "New Nordic Cuisine." In particular, they sought to emphasize the need for what they described as "purity, simplicity, and freshness" as well as increased use of seasonal foods. Restaurants were encouraged to develop traditional dishes making use of ingredients benefitting from the local region's climate, water, and soil.

As Fritz stressed, this cuisine was taking the farm-to table movement one step further, by foraging the earth for unique flavors and ingredients by using fresh herbs, moss, edible flowers and burnt hay to enhance the flavors of each dish.  

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Invites: Celebrate CT! An Evening of Craft Beer & BBQ @ Bar Q

Join Bob Le Rose (of Bobby Q's) and CTbites for an evening celebrating "CT's Own!" Enjoy Craft beers from local CT breweries and 4 course dinner of CT BBQ as only BarQ can prepare it on Tuesday 2/26 7 to 9 pm for $40 per person. Buy tickets.

Taste and enjoy an authentic dinner of four courses of original CT BBQ, a dessert of Snickerdoodle Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich, all while washing it down with delicious beers from three local Connecticut micro-breweries, Half Full, City Steam and Two Roads Breweries. 

Menu includes:

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