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Behind the Scenes at Chop Shop Cooking School (sponsored)

About six years ago, I began teaching cooking classes out of my home in Westport. Long after culinary school, a couple of years catering at Abigail Kirsch and many years catering on my own, the classes became a perfect way for me to share my love of food and cooking. Initially it was mostly friends and acquaintances but word quickly spread and before I knew it I was booking 2-3 classes a week from people all over the tri-state area. Here is a behind the scenes look at Chop Shop Cooking.

A cooking class usually starts with an email: “I’m interested in a cooking class in December… “

Sometimes they have already done some homework and looked at my demonstration class schedule and it’s very straightforward:  “I have 2 people and want to sign up for the Holiday Bites class on Thursday the 8th.” Easy! Great! Done! 

But more often, people like to create their own, tailored experience.

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Guide to Kids Summer Cooking Camps & Classes in Connecticut: 2016 Edition

Kids and Summer vacation: No homework! No school! No tests! The beach! Playing with friends! Sleeping in! More friends! Camp! Baseball games! Swimming! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Parents and Summer vacation: WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE KIDS?!

Rest easy. Chill. We have some ideas that you will benefit from in more ways than one. Day classes, culinary camps, learning about where food comes from and then what the heck to do with it-you’re little (or big) foodie will be in their element. With any luck, junior will be able to make *you* a back-to-school breakfast by the end of the Summer. Ohhhh, yeahhhhh.

AMG Catering


Choose your week, choose your cuisine. Proceed to cook and eat your way around the world. Well, in an almost-Anthony-Bourdain kind of way. At AMG Catering in Wilton, traveling the world is the theme for the summer cooking sessions that will introduce your “Chefs in Training” (CITs for those in-the-know) to a wide array of dishes. These hands-on classes will have the CITs working in a professional kitchen and learning cooking skills that will have them creating “Street Food”, “Regional Dishes” from across the U. S, and a variety of “Small Plates”. The junior chefs (ages 10-15) will top it all off with a cooking competition on the last day. Watch out, Food Network. A word of note: these kitchens are not allergy-free kitchens. Everything and anything (nuts, shellfish, dairy) is cooked here. Cost is $475 per week, $900 for two weeks, or $1350 or three weeks.   


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Cooking Classes w/ Chef Tim LaBant of The Schoolhouse = Great Gifts

The holiday season is coming fast. The search for the unique gift for that special person can be easier this year. Give them a memorable experience that is both fun & useful. Sign them up for a cooking class at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale Restaurant in Wilton CT. Chef Tim LaBant & his staff will be sharing their years of experience each Tuesday evening beginning in February, through March. You'll also savor the finished culinary delights with wine pairings after the class. Classes range in topic from Winter Braising to Fish Cookery to Knife Skills. 

The schedule and focus for each evening is as follows:

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Garden of Ideas in Ridgefield: 2015 Cooking Classes 

Photo: Garden of Ideas

The Garden of Ideas, the outdoor community center and garden sanctuary in Ridgefield, is hosting a series of monthly cooking demonstrations and workshops from May through November with Chef Susie Buckley.

Each class will focus on how to make the most of the seasonal produce, using the bounty of their CSA as a way to highlight the intersection of food, nature, art and science within each workshop. Classes welcome all ages (kids from 8 years and up, and adults) and will feature fresh farm produce, focusing on basic cooking techniques, "nibbles, tastes, and recipes, included." View the complete class schedule below:

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Saugatuck Grain + Grape Launches Wine Education Class Series 

Saugatuck Grain + Grape is going to be holding a series of wine education classes. Classes will be held every other week this spring. The series will cover everything from "Introduction to Wine Tasting, Lexicon, and Labels" to "The World Through Rosé Covered Glasses" as they dive into specific varietals. For those who don't know Mimi and her team, there will most definitely be fun, food and some bad wine jokes in every session.

Classes will be led by Mimi McLaughlin and Jon Carr, the newest member of the SG+G team. There will be nibbles prepared by Mark Hepperman, their in-house chef, so your tummy and taste buds will be happy in a multitude of ways.

Below is a break down of the syllabus, cost and dates. Please call the store to reserve your spot. 

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Culinary Getaways at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa

Who wouldn't love a culinary-themed weekend getaway that is about an hour away (maybe two for those of you up in Litchfield County)?! The Saybrook Point Inn & Spa is kicking off a series of weekend getaways focusing on different cuisines from around the world centered on the Inn's restaurant, Fresh Salt, and led by its Executive Chef Leslie Tripp. Kicking off this series of three events is Italian Winter Holiday from January 30 to February 1, followed by a Taste of New England on February 20 - 22 and a Tour de France on March 6 - March 8.

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Kids & Adult Cooking Classes @ Aux Delices 

Aux Delices' 2015 Winter/Spring Kids & Adult Cooking Class Schedule has just been announced. Aux Délices offers cooking classes for adults and children at their professional catering kitchen in Stamford. Classes are generally held on Wednesday evenings for adults and Sunday afternoons for children. Classes are hands-on for children and both participation and demonstration for adults. 

Their focus is to teach easy, interesting and seasonal food preparation, utilizing a variety of cooking techniques. The chef instructors are from Aux Délices, as well as from well-known restaurants in Fairfield County and New York City. Lynn Manheim, the Cooking School Director does an incredible job engaging and challenging both children and adults, while teaching students the basics of cooking along the way.  

View the complete schedule below...For more information, click here. 

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Wine Making Class & Tasting @ Barcelona West Hartford


Winter Cooking Classes @ The Schoolhouse at Cannondale 

If you're still looking for the unique gift for that special person. Give them a memorable experience that is both fun & useful. Sign them up for a cooking class at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale Restaurant in Wilton Ct. In fact, sign up with them. Chef Tim LaBant & his staff will be sharing their years of experience each Tuesday evening beginning in February. You'll also savor the finished culinary delights after the class. The schedule and focus for each evening is as follows:
February 3...Winter Braising and knife skills
February 10...Appetizers and ingredient pairing guidlines
February 17...How to prepare our most favorite soups and stocks
February 24...Duck cookery and grain preparation
March 3...Fish cookery;  wet and dry cooking methods.When to use each method

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Chef Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo to Host Cooking Classes

Chef Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo in Norwalk announced that he will conduct a new series of cooking classes beginning in Jan 2015! For those readers who have visited Bar Sugo and enjoyed his great meatballs, pastas and entrées, these classes will give the secrets for creating some of these delicious dishes at home. 

There are currently six scheduled classes: 

  • Fresh Pasta Workshop – Saturday January 24th at 11:00am
  • Mama's Kitchen: Meatballs 101 – Saturday February 7th at 11:00am
  • Art of Braising – Tuesday March 3rd at 7:00pm
  • Pizza Workshop – Tuesday April 7th at 7:00pm
  • Farmer's Harvest & Feast – Saturday May 16th at 11:00am
  • Cooking with Seafood - Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:00pm

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