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Eating Out

MECHA Noodle Bar  brings Asian noodles and street food to Fairfield. This is a must try. 

Best of Mexican? Tacos Mexico in Norwalk. Super Tacos all around! 


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Fairfield County Chef's Table

After several years of immersing ourselves in the Fairfield County dining scene as partners and editors of CTbites, we had the opportunity to trade pixels for print. We are very excited to announce the launch of our book, Fairfield County Chef's Table, featuring over 50 restaurants and recipes, now available at your local book store and online

The book, published by Globe Pequot Press, was written by Amy Kundrat (yours truly), the executive editor and partner at CTbites. The photography is by none other than CTbites founder and editor in chief Stephanie Webster. It is the culmination of the many years we have been writing about and photographing the Connecticut food scene. This two year project was a blast to work on, and we only wish we could have included 50 more of our favorite restaurants. For more information, please visit our website.

A special thank you to all the chefs, restaurant owners, farmers, friends, CTbites contributors, and CTbites readers who shared their time, expertise, and support. We hope you enjoy the book, experiment with the recipes from some of our favorite restaurants, and share it with your friends and family!

Book Signings

Barnes & Noble, Milford: April 27 @ 1 pm

Barnes & Noble, Westport: May 17 @ 1 pm

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Discover Bethel Restaurant Week Starts February 24 

Discover Bethel Restaurant Week is Back!

Visit Bethel from February 24 - March 2, 2013 for the town's second annual Restaurant Week.  Several Bethel restaurants will be offering special discounts and prix-fixe specials for lunch and dinner. 

Participating Restaurants:

Stella Restaurant and Bar - 213 Greenwood Ave: Lunch Special - $10 or $15 prixe fix menu (includes appetizer, entree, tiramisu and coffee) and Dinner Special - $30 prix fixe menu (includes appetizer, salad, entree, tiramisu, coffee and glass of house wine)

Daily Fare - 13 Durant Ave (Free Coffee or Scone with any lunch purchase)

Sycamore Drive In Restaurant - 282 Greenwood Ave (10% off total bill)

Sal'z Pizza - 211 Greenwood Ave. Greenwoods Grille and Ale House - 186 Greenwood Ave

O'Neills Sandwich and Coffee Bar - 114 Greenwood Ave

LaZingara Restaurant - 8 PT Barnum Sq

Lebanese Cuisine - 23 Stony Hill Rd

LaFortuna Restaurant - 37 Stony Hill Rd

Putnam House Restaurant - 12 Depot Place

Ruzzuto's- Stony Hill Road

For more information, visit

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Second Date! Holbrook Farm Dinner with Chef Michael Bick

Holbrook Farm and Chef Michael Bick of Some Things Fishy Catering are hosting their second BYOB farm-to-table dinner of the season on Sunday, July 22, 2012, 4 p.m. at Holbrook Farm in Bethel, CT. The event is $55 per person. To make reservations, email or call 914.572.5648 to make reservations.

Their first event of the season was captured by Alicia Ghio of Local Food Rocks. Check out her recap and photos, here.

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Kids Review: Cadiz Tapas in Bethel

Most of the time at restaurants, I have no idea what to order because there are so many great choices. At Cadiz, however I can choose many different dishes. I can even order ten and share with friends and family.

Cadiz is a place where you order several tapas and share among the group. Don’t be fooled though. It is located in the Bethel movie theater but that doesn’t mean it's cheap diner food. Plus, there are some great gluten-free options. 

My family started out with a basket of bread, a small plate of hummus with baked pita chips, and a bowl of Greek olives. The bread had a crunchy and flaky crust with a soft and warm inside. It tasted amazing; a great way to kick off the meal.

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Holbrook Farm Dinner with Chef Michael Bick

Holbrook Farm and Chef Michael Bick of Some Things Fishy Catering are hosting a BYOB farm-to-table dinner on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at Holbrook Farm in Bethel, CT. The event is $55 per person. To make reservations, email or call 914.572.5648 to make reservations.

"John, Lynn, and I have been good friends for over 5 years coming to my events and often speaking about the importance of local and sustainable food sources. It just seemed like a natural thing to have dinner right on the farm where I get my produce," said Michael Bick.

Holbrook Farm is a family farm run by John and Lynn Holbrook. They have lived on the 13-acre property for 34 years. "Holbrook Farm has been clean of pesticides and herbicides for at least the last 30 years that we have owned the land. We don't spray with pesticides, we try to use beneficial insects and companion plants," John Holbrook says, "and we don't use herbicides. Weeds have a place in the ecological mix as long as they are controlled."

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Discover Bethel Restaurant Week

Bethel is where in Connecticut? Fairfield County? Yes and yes.

The Bethel Chamber of Commerce is hosting their first-ever Discover Bethel Restaurant week from February 27 through March 4 with participating restaurants offering prix-fixe specials for breakfast, lunch, dinner and take-out. Menus and participating eateries can be found on the Bethel Chamber of Commerce website.

This tiny town sandwiched between Redding, Newtown and Danbury boasts a few great places we've written about such as The Sycamore and Pizzeria Lauretano, as well as a few others firmly on our to-do list. 

So if you find your passport and make your way up to Bethel (for the record, I'm allowed to make this joke because this is my 'hood) my recommendations are: pizzas at Pizzeria LauretanoLa Zingara for one of the best Northern Italian meals in Fairfield Countysoups at Wah Lah Soupsespecially the Chicken pot pie; and my go-to train snack is always a scone and a cup of Redding Roasters coffee at Daily Fare

And although it's not officially on the list of participating restaurants, you'd be remiss if you didn't stop by The Sycamore on your way home for their thin French-style burgers and a root beer float. You'll need to sustenance to return home after your long journey, after all.

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Dr. Mike's Ice Cream in Bethel via NBC Connecticut

Where can you find some of the creamiest ice cream in Connecticut? According to NBC Connecticut, that would be Dr. Mike's Ice Cream located at 158 Greenwood Ave in BethelCT. 

With only eight flavors, don't miss their chocolate dubbed as the "best chocolate in the world" by Gourmet Magazine. Our pick would be the chocolate lace, a sweet cream and candy combination featuring chocolate candy from Hauser chocolate just across the street.



Old School Charm @ Sycamore Drive-In Diner

Many things have changed over the last fifty years, but don't bother mentioning that to the Sycamore. The diner and carhop in Bethel, CT has been serving the same burgers, root beer floats and fries since 1948. While our dining habits have ebbed and flowed from those early carhop days, from TV dinners, chinese take-out and sushi rolls to today's preoccupation with farm-to-table dining, the Sycamore has been steadfast in their devotion to the diner.

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Daily Fare: Down To Earth Gourmet To-Go

Being greeted with a cup of locally roasted coffee and the promise of a healthy prepared meal each day may be the only foolproof way to overcome the indignity that is a Metro North train commute. Located inside the Bethel train station, Daily Fare offers a nourishing and caffeinated segue into the freneticism of a work day and the welcome flexibility of a healthy prepared take-home meal for lunch or dinner.

This coffee shop-meets-gourmet-to-go is not just for commuters. For many of us faced with the daily demands and dwindling hours of busy schedules, Daily Fare affords us hungry and time-crunched souls the luxury of well balanced meals instead of shopping, cooking and preparing a meal. For many of us who like to cook, it can be a much-needed respite. For others who can't cook or don't want to, it's like having your own personal chef without having to foot the bill.

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Pizzeria Lauretano: The Art of Pizza

There is pizza, and then there is pizza.

Over the last century pizza has emerged as one of Americas' favorite foods if its ubiquity (thousands of pizza parlor chains operate in the U.S.) and increasing reverence (the growth of the artisanal pizza parlor) are any indication. As inexpensive luxuries find their elevated place in our uncertain economic climate, pizza is poised (and deserves) its place as a culinary rock star. This moment is especially sweet for foodies who eschew chain restaurants and irreverent meals in favor of seeking out more authentic and artisanal experiences. The latter can be characterized by a deference to the hand-made, a regard for craft, and an appreciation of traditional methods and tools.

So what is the difference between pizza and pizza? Pizza is a fast-food with forgettable crust, flavorless cheese and an emphasis on speed. Pizza on the other hand, is the type of food that can transport you to Naples in a bite, and by the time you've finished your slice you might swear you're on another continent surrounded by your extended Italian family and hundreds of years of tradition. Dedication to craft, tradition and an awareness that something that is being practiced and not merely produced, is pizza.

One restaurant that successfully achieves this artisanal approach is Pizza Lauretano in Bethel, CT.

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