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CTbites 2013 Burger Round-Up Needs Your Help

CTbites is gathering candidates for the 2013 Best Burger Round Up and we need your help.

What restaurants do you think are deserving of a spot on our Third Annual List of BEST BURGERS? Post the names of your favorite Burger spots below and we will do our best to sample your suggestions. 

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Best Burgers in Fairfield County: 2012 Edition

“It is the Americans who have managed to crown minced beef as hamburger, and to send it round the world so that even the fussy French have taken to le boeuf hache, le hambourgaire.” – Julia Child

Forget the fish, hold the pasta, toss the vegetables to the side…May is National Burger Month, thirty-one days dedicated to one of my favorite culinary creations …the hamburger. And in honor of this great event, CTbites is please to highlight both the places that were included in the two Recommended Hamburger Lists from 2011 plus additional establishments from my continuous search for scrumptious hamburgers. 

Here (in alphabetical order) is a list of recommended hamburgers from Greenwich to Westport to enjoy during National Hamburger Month.

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Shout Out: Best Brunch Spot in Connecticut

Breakfast with a dash of lunch, paired with a cocktail and not a single dirty dish to clean. That's brunch in a nutshell. What more could a mother want for Mother's Day?

CTbites wants you to throw down your top candidates for BEST BRUNCH in CONNECTICUT.

Is it a spot with white table cloths, or the neighborhood joint with individually wrapped maple syrup packets. Either way, we won't judge (much).

Which spot is your favorite for brunch? Why?

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The Best Movie Popcorn in Fairfield County


Forget the sliders at Butterfield 8 or the pepperoni pizza at Remo’s. The tastiest treat along Stamford’s Bedford Avenue could be the popcorn served at the Avon Theater.  Like its magnificent art-deco neon marquee, Avon’s popcorn is iconic. Always fresh, these tiny cumulus clouds lightly coated in pure butter, melt in your mouth and stir remembrances of times past:  double features, dark balconies and stolen kisses.

Popcorn may be the main profit maker at every movie house in Fairfield County, but there’s a lot of disparity, especially between chains and independents. 

The popcorns served by three independents get my nominations for Best Performance by a Popcorn.

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CTbites Votes: Best Sushi in Fairfield County

The people have spoken yet again, and this time we're talking raw fish. Here are the results of our Best of Sushi poll with top ranking Kazu strongly in the lead with 38%. If you are in the Norwalk area with a hankering for sushi, go check it out.

If you have suggestions for future CTbites Votes polls, please contact us and share your thoughts. 


Photo: Courtesy of Kazu Kazu (Norwalk) 38%

Tengda (Multiple locations) 16%

Matsu Sushi (Westport) 14%

Wasabi Chi (Norwalk) 12%

Fin (Fairfield) 8%

Duo (Stamford) 6%

Shiki Hana (Fairfield) 3%

Matsuri (Darien) 2%

Kotobuki (Stamford) 1% 


CTbites Votes: Best Italian in Fairfield County

Who needs Zagat's? Our 5000 CTbites readers have spoken, and they have rated Fairfield County's Italian offerings. Let's check out the numbers: 

Quattro Pazzi  21%

Strada 18  17%

Pasta Nostra  16%

Paci  11% 

Columbus Park Trattoria  9%

Tutti's Ristorante  11%

Molto  6%

Liana's  9%

Watch for our next CTbites Votes poll coming soon.