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Eating Out

MECHA Noodle Bar  brings Asian noodles and street food to Fairfield. This is a must try. 

Best of Mexican? Tacos Mexico in Norwalk. Super Tacos all around! 

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Lorca Coffee & Churro Shop to Open in Stamford This Fall

Lorca, a 10-12 seat coffee shop that will serve home-made churro and doughnuts, will be opening this October ar 125 Bedford Street in Stamford. 

Leyla Dam developed a passion for churro stands as a child growing up in Spain. When she completed architecture school in Brooklyn and was faced with few job prospects in her field, she returned to her roots finding investors to allow her to design and launch a churro and coffee shop. Part of the process of opening Lorca included moving to Seville to learn how to make churros and working with Rachel Haughey at Espresso Neat to learn how to make impeccably brewed coffee. In addition to developing the business and recipes, Dam is also designing the shop, a perfect blend of her passion for the churro and degree in architecture.

As Dam explains, "Basically this is a total dream come true. I get to feed people, meet people, and design without a client. I couldn't ask for anything more!

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Taste and See Cupcakes in Milford

Is Taste and See Gourmet Cupcakes in Milford worth a 30-minute drive from Westport? The answer is a resounding “yes”! Recently, I’ve diagnosed myself as cupcake obsessed. There are worse obsessions, right? Through mail order, vacation excursions, and day trips, I estimate I’ve tried more than 50 cupcake purveyors. With complete honesty, Taste and See is my winner.  

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Behind the Scenes @ Isabelle et Vincent Bakery in Fairfield

It’s 8am on a Friday and we’re here to observe the inner workings at Isabelle et Vincent, aka The French Bakery in Fairfield. Eight a.m. is nowhere near the dark morning hours one would associate with a baker’s schedule, and yet there’s plenty going on even at this “late” hour. In one corner of the kitchen, a wide galley space behind the counter lined with ovens, a gigantic standing mixer, and speed racks of measured flour and finished pastries, strawberry tarts are being assembled. The scent of fresh berries, an enormous pile of ruby red, hit us before we even laid eyes on them. In fact, the entire space is a feast for the senses. Piles of baguettes, stacks of macarons in a rainbow of color, glistening apple tarts, fondant covered eclairs, and savory quiches...close your eyes and just imagine a symphony of freshly baked bread, butter, sugar, fruit, and chocolate. It’s incredible.

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Wave Hill Breads Serving Breakfast & Lunch in Norwalk

Wave Hill Breads recently moved their renown bread baking mecca and opened a new cafe in Norwalk, heralding a new “must eat” venue to add to your Fairfield County foodie dance card. At their new location on 30 High Street, Wave Hill Breads is baking way beyond their notorious three-grain pain de campagne which graces the tables of some of the finest CT restaurants and markets. The cafe features 20 seats for eat in dining with sandwiches (on Wave Hill Bread of course), soups, muffins, pastries, tea and coffee, as well as wi-fi. And if you just want to stop in for a loaf of that pain de campagne, just knock on speakeasy-esque “Back Door Bakery” around back (no password necessary). 

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Perfect Pies Cookbook from Michele's Pies 

Fairfield County's own Michele Stuart of Michele's Pies has a new product on her menu...a cookbook, featuring "the best sweet and savory recipes from America's pie-baking champion." Fresh from her appearance at the Primetime Emmy Awards with her Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie, and her recent throwdown with Bobby Flay, Michele reigns supreme in the pie making world. 

If you have enjoyed Michele's Pies at your Thanksgiving table, or have visited her new Westport retail location, you will likely crave the secret to her sweet success. We hope the answers are in her new cookbook, "Perfect Pies." 

Buy your copy here. 


Short & Sweet Cupcake Truck: A Mobile Bakery in CT

The scene at Cove Marina today was, in a word, cute. The green and white striped cupcake truck was cute. The owners, 16-year old twins Kate and Gavin Nelson, were cute.  And the cupcakes themselves were, yes, very cute. 

But there’s much more to the Short and Sweet Cupcake Truck. The truck is actually a fully equipped mobile commercial kitchen/bakery.  The young Nelson twins are not just accomplished bakers and entrepreneurs, but also authors (with two published children’s books between them) and philanthropists (founders of The Gift of Words, a non-profit foundation providing books to children in underserved communities).  Not bad for two high school juniors who don’t yet have driver’s licenses (their dad drives the truck)!  And the cupcakes don’t just look good – they taste great.  But more on that later.

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Connie's Cakes of Westport: Nostalgically Delicious

David Evans knows a thing or two about coffee cake…and I don't mean those cloying jobs you find at the local deli. We are talking classic Midwest coffee cake, simply baked and conservatively dressed with streusel, but Connie's Cakes are based right here in Westport. David Evans launched this brunch-friendly brand in response to the throngs of people who reminisced about his mother Connie's coveted coffee and carrot cake when she passed away in 2008. In Indianapolis Connie's Cakes were legendary, a sought after nosh at every local event. In his new venture, Dave Evans has brought back a piece of his family, enabling Connie's recipes to live on. 

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Local Find: You & Me Cookies

Every so often the fine art of sampling in grocery stores uncovers a delicious new product. While shopping last week in Fairway Market in Stamford I stumbled across a local business, You&Me Cookie, that is creating three scrumptious versions of old-time favorite cookie recipes: the original Chocolate Chip, a Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Chunk, and a modern version of an old-fashioned Oatmeal Raisin. I sampled and loved all of the varieties. With one bite I knew I had an obligation to let our readers know that You&Me Cookies are now available in Fairfield County. After two years of successfully selling through specialty stores in Westchester County, co-owners Heather Mahland and Kyle deLasa have expanded their distribution with the addition of Walter Stewarts in New Canaan, and Plum Pure Food, Starlight Café at the YMCA and Caffé Bon in Greenwich.

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Big News @ Wave Hill Breads: New Location...New Bread!

When husband and wife team Margaret Sapir and Mitch Rapaport first began delivering their signature bread to farmers markets in 2005, it was with a signature bread crafted from one recipe. Not that this has been a bad thing. Their Pain de Campagne is what started it all and has brought them the recognition they receive to this day. 

Now, in addition to the fabulously addictive three-grain country loaf that we all know and love, Wave Hill Breads is proud to announce the launch of two new breads for your dining pleasure (+ spoiler alert...come May, you can dine in their new bakery/cafe in Norwalk). But first, let's talk about these magnificent loaves..

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Food 411: Name the Restaurant that Served This...

OK CTbites. Take a good long look at those deep fried rings of deliciousness. Do you know what restaurant cooked these tori up?

The first person to ID this dish wins a CTbites mug. 

(For dunkin'...although these aren't from Dunkin")