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Here are all the reasons we love breakfast @ Rosie in New Canaan.  

Check out our Guide To Great Caterers in Fairfield County. 

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CT Beer Week Recap Finale: A Look At Gose + Rare Beers @ Half Full Brewery

The third act is here, the lights are low, and the curtain is set to drop. This is the final post on the Connecticut Beer Week that was, 2014 edition. The first two focused on food and beer pairing, while these last two recaps are more food-accompanied beer events. Make sense? No? Good, because there's no use in telling the audience a story they already know.

Let's ease back into the narrative where we left off in act two, with sours, and the ancient art of brewing beers we callgose. This tart, slightly salty beer is at least 1,000 years old as a style, evidenced by the fact it was actually mentioned in writing by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, who ruled during the last millennial turnover. The name gose (say "go-zuh," like Janine Melnitz pronouncing the first name of the Gozerian), comes from the town of Goslar in Saxony, which is slightly famous for its medieval old town, and for introducing this refreshing beverage to neighboring Leipzig, where its popularity exploded.

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Weekly Nibble: Thanksgiving Cooking Classes; Winter Markets; Stew Leonard's Turkey Brigade & More!

Greenwich Restaurant Week continues through November 19 with dining specials and events.  

Join Cask Republic of Stamford as they team up with Stony Creek Brewery on Wednesday November 19.  Stony Creek will debut new beer that they have been brewing on their Brew Magic System.  Attendees can enter to win a mug membership at the brewery as well.  It starts at 6pm.

Festivities Catering has moved into the cafe at Lillian August in Norwalk. Executive Chef Bill Kaliff will host a Holiday Entertaining Class on Wednesday, Nov. 19th 11-11:45 AM. The Holiday Table class will cover holiday table fashions with a twist. 

Sugar & Olives in Norwalk has launched FARMS AND A MARKET. This indoor, rain-or-shine market runs every Friday through February (except after Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year’s) from 3-7.  It offers locally produced edibles, including milk, eggs, cheese, honey flour, grains, produce and meats.

Learn how to do Thanksgiving Barcelona style!  Each cooking class is $30/person plus tax & gratuity and will take place at these locations on the following days:

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Positano's To Take Over Dressing Room Restaurant Space @ Westport Playhouse

In case you missed this bit of news, Dan Woog, of 06880 Westport news blog, recently reported on the new restaurant going into the old Dressing Room in Westport. 

Old Mill’s loss is the Westport Country Playhouse’s gain. Positano’s — the much-loved-but-too-seldom-visited restaurant kitty-corner from Elvira’s — is closing at its Old Mill Beach location. “06880″ broke that news 2 months ago.

But it’s reopening in February, next to the Westport Country Playhouse. That’s the space was occupied for 8 years by The Dressing Room. The Paul Newman-created restaurant closed last January.

Positano’s has been owned and operated by the Scarpati family for more than 15 years. Owner Giuseppe Scarpati was born on the island of Ponza, Italy. He learned to cook from his father, who studied with master chefs in Italy and was one of the island’s leading fisherman. Giuseppe focuses on all-natural cooking.

Read the full article on Dan Woog's Blog,

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Guide To Thanksgiving Planning & Recipes via Marcia Selden 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Don’t panic. Let us be your guide to creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a traditional meal with family and friends, right? For some people Thanksgiving turns into an all-out crazy fest in the kitchen filled with ranting’s and multiple trips to the supermarket.  Never again!  Read on for our simple, fool proof guide to hosting a stress free Thanksgiving meal.  If this all seems like too much for you, we’d be happy to help you…just call!

Not only do we have an up to the minute timeline for your Thanksgiving prep, but we have the quintessential recipes for: Marcia’s Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey & Old-Fashioned Southern Pecan Pie. 

Ready, set...Go!

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Washington Prime in Sono Launches Sunday Prime Brunch Buffet

Washington Prime opened just a few months ago to rave reviews, and a steady stream of satisfied customers as a result of the visions of owners Robb Moss and Marco Siguenza and the creative innovations of Chef Jared Falco. This past Sunday, at the request of many of their patrons, Washington Prime decided to do something new – the Sunday Prime Brunch Buffet where, for $29.90, you can select from a complimentary Mimosa, Bloody Mary or Moscow mule as you indulge from an incredible buffet. Select from a raw bar, artisanal cheeses, salads, a prime rib and omelet station as well as the traditional fare - a selection of bacon, sausages, French toast, Eggs Benedict, miniature bagels with smoked salmon and the works, assorted pastries and Danishes, yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. 

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The Chelsea in Fairfield Launches New Menu 

Many restaurants update their menus seasonally, but The Chelsea in Fairfield has made some significant changes to the menu...changes so significant that we felt they bear mention.

Chef/Co-Owner Matt Storch says, The Chelsea has made “some really delicious additions to the menu this go around, we wanted to create a unique menu that makes us stand out as having some of the best and most diverse food in Fairfield."  The Chef de Cuisine, Eric Felitto, has worked in The Chelsea kitchen almost since its inception, and has moved up the ranks to assume this new role. Felitto has a great background in Asian Cuisine, and this passion influenced many of new menu items such as the China Ribs & Vietnamese Chicken Soup. For lunch, we loved the bánh  inspired Porchetta Sandwich, slow roasted crispy pork, on a soft roll. Eric has also worked closely with Chef Matt Storch to perfect some of the exciting new dishes you can see pictured above and described below.   

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Westport Farmers' Market Moves Indoors To Gilberties November 15th 


Tipsy Cones Ice Cream Food Truck: Alcohol + Ice Cream = Yum

A new food truck is rolling into Fairfield County and this is some serious scoop!

How many times have you come up with a brilliant idea, only to dismiss it or put it on the back burner never to revisit it again? Most of us do this, but not so for Brooke and Jon Albers of Stratford. Like all great ideas, It all started out innocently enough - over coffee one morning, while sitting on the couch, half asleep still, watching the news, half paying attention to a story about stout beer and ice cream. At that moment a bell went off in Brooke’s head – She had a revelation. She wondered, what would happen if you took some ice cream and some booze and put them together? And so she set off to find out.

Brooke purchased a small ice cream machine and set it on her kitchen counter. Soon the machine would start cranking away, blending vanilla ice cream and whiskey. The result was Whiskey Bean, an instant success. The favors paired perfectly. And Tipsy Cones was born. 

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The Granola Bar in Westport Launches Dinner Menu & NEW Kid Friendly Fare

If you love the cozy, familiar space of The Granola Bar for your lattes, lunch or gluten free baked goods, well, you can now love them for another good reason.  Dinner—is served! With beloved Chef Jes Bengtson at the helm of The Granola Bar’s kitchen, a full menu of healthy, delicious items, familiar, new and seasonal, are now available to you and your family Wednesdays through Saturdays.  

Owner Julie Levitt speaks passionately about her mission of bringing a healthier food movement to focus, and the restaurant’s kitchen has no fryers…or even a stovetop!  The produce is organic and whenever possible, locally sourced, a nod to Levitt’s commitment to support local farms.  The menu aims to capture the tastebuds of every member of your family at a favorable price point, so when you have that pang of guilt for not having the time to cook and put dinner on the table, TGB is the locals’ no brainer.

There are some new additions to the menu, such as Candied Turkey Bacon Deviled Eggs, which were divine.

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Friday Froth: Recap of Sourcopia w/ Chef Plum & Two Roads Brewing Co.

OK, ok: I know I've gone all 2Roads2Furious on you, but I did say these events arrive in pairs. Connecticut Beer Week ended as it began this October, with me sitting at a table and listening to brewmaster Phil Markowski explain his newest beers, this time beside Chef Plum, of Plum Luv Foods and The TasteThe event, Sourcopia, was the pre-release party for Two Roads' new collection of sour beers, a kriek, a gueuze, and the concoction 2R calls "Philsamic" against - it should be noted - the wishes of one Phil. He was pretty, pret-tay clear on that last part. 

This was a beer dinner, but the portion sizes Chef Plum provided were more akin to a tasting menu. I appreciated this, since I've walked out of some previous pairing events in dire jeopardy of tipping over like a one legged T. Rex. I'm not sure if this was the plan all along, or it was a result of Chef Plum et al. having to work in an ad hoc kitchen on site.

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