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Eating Out

MECHA Noodle Bar  brings Asian noodles and street food to Fairfield. This is a must try. 

Best of Mexican? Tacos Mexico in Norwalk. Super Tacos all around! 


The Hamblogger visits Norwalk's Blue Cactus Grill

The Hamblogger has once again touched down in Connecticut, this time double-fisting burgers at Norwalk's Blue Cactus Grill. We haven't ventured there yet, but it's now on the list. This neighborhood deli appears to be throwing down some seriously good-looking burgers.

From The Hamblogger:

"But Blue Cactus, with its hand-lettered chalkboard out front and shiny new signage, is at once a beacon of hamburger-righteousness and of the American entrepreneurial spirit."

Check out the full post over on The Hamblogger.



Local Find: Vande Rose Farms Artisan Bacon

In my family, bacon reigns supreme. As a dinner party guest or Webster clan member, you will find bacon fat, lardon, or bacon strips, in almost every dish coming out of the kitchen. For this reason we have made it a full time to job to cull the Fairfield County market in search of great tasting bacon. Recently we came across a find that is worth noting as you head out on your next shopping trip in search of cured pork.

Cooks Illustrated did an exhaustive taste test of artisan bacon in 2008, ranking Vande Rose Farms Artisan Dry Cured Bacon, Applewood Smoked at the top of the list. Brands it beat out were Applegate Farms, Niman Ranch, Nodine's, and North Country Smokehouse. Previously we had to satisfy our pork craving by mail ordering our Vande Rose bacon, but we found it at Balducci's in Westport for $8.99 (It is not sold at their Greenwich location). This is significantly less expensive than the mail order price from Vande Rose. Stock up...but leave a few boxes for us. 

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Local Chef Competes in Obama’s LET’S MOVE Campaign

CRUSTLESS QUINOA AND KALE QUICHE was served and critiqued in elementary school? 

That is precisely what happened last month as 200 fourth and fifth graders at Holland Hill Elementary School in Fairfield tasted the dish they had voted to “try” in response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s LET’S MOVE! campaign to combat childhood obesity.  Green Gourmet to Go chef and owner, Linda Soper-Kolton jumped on the opportunity to participate in the nation wide contest to create a tasty, highly nutritious, child friendly dish by approaching her own son’s elementary school Principle, Frank Arnone.  Lucky for the students and the chef, Mr. Arnone loved the idea of involving his students in the process of discussing ingredients and tasting the contest entry.

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Ad: Play With Your Food - Spots Still Open in Fairfield!!

Play with your food? Say no more. I'm in. Actually I am in and have been an active subscribers with Play With Your Food for years. For all you newbies in the midst, the concept is simple. During their 12noon -1:30 p.m. program, audiences are first treated to a pre-performance buffet lunch (catered by venues such as Nicholas Roberts, DaPietro's, and The Pantry), before enjoying 3 one-act plays and a follow-up discussion with the actors.  It is a combined social and theatrical experience, diverse and compelling entertainment to be savored mid-day during the work week. It is also the perfect break from suburban life.  

CTbites readers, take note…The Greenwich and Westport 2011 season are sold out but there are still spots available in Fairfield.

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El Charrito Poised to Open in Greenwich

It's official. The infamous El Charrito taco truck is opening a second location in Riverside (Greenwich), CT on Monday, January 10, 2010. Found most days on the West Side of Stamford at Jackie Robinson Park, The El Charrito truck will be opening a take-out operation based out of a commercial kitchen in Riverside, CT, opening just days after they close their truck for the winter.

This news direct from El Charrito and the Lunch Break Chronicles. Want to get pumped for Monday? Read our CTbites review.

See you Monday!


Simple Beef & Kidney Bean Chili: The Parsley Thief

I have been searching for a really simple & delicious crockpot chili recipe for a long time now. Not something exotic, or gourmet. Just super basic.

This is the recipe I was looking for. And, with Super Bowl Sunday around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to post it. You can play with the spices as much as you'd like. I kept them pretty low key, as I was serving this to the whole family & I wanted everyone to enjoy it.

If you don't have a slow-cooker, you can cook the chili in a stockpot over low heat for 2 hours. It will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days {it tastes even better after sitting a day, or more}. It can also be frozen for up to a month.

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New Haven Legend Dies, Frank Pepe's Comes to Danbury

Reheated is a twice-weekly round-up of bite-sized food news in Connecticut and beyond. 

In Connecticut...

Ken Lassen who ran Louis' Lunch, the "birthplace of the hamburger" for 65 years, and the grandson of the founder, has died. Via New Haven Register.

Effective on January 1, 2011, the state of CT passes a new law for jellies, jams, preserves and salsa at Farmers' Markets. Via State of CT.

Just over the border, Bartaco has opened in Port Chester and rumor has it they may also soon open an outpost in Stamford. 

After an all-too brief life in Newtown,Chao Chi Restaurant has closedmaking us all wonder if its co-owner Prasad Chirnomula of Thali, opens one of his signature restaurants in its wake.

The Sun Winefest 2011 is swiftly approaching on January 29. Tickets and info via

Frank Pepe's Pizza will be opening an outpost in Danbury, CT on January 31 at 59 Federal Road. Via @PepesPizzeria

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Graze Home Delivery: Fresh Food is a Click Away

I’m not much for New Year's Resolutions, but I do know that by making small changes, we can impact our health, the planet and the way we raise our kids. Something as small as where you buy your food can be one of those changes, so I was eager to check out Graze, a local farm-to-fridge online grocery delivery service “on a mission to bring fresh, wholesome and sustainably produced foods directly from small local family farms in Vermont to your front door.” Graze sells pasture-raised beef, just-picked local organic produce in season, award-winning artisanal cheeses and even home-cooked meals.  

After a long weekend, capped off by a nasty blizzard, my supplies of fresh milk, eggs, fresh cider, meat and other staples have dwindled down to nil, and our fridge is pitifully bare. Normally, at this juncture, I’m faced with the quandary: Do I bundle up, shovel out and brave the unplowed back roads so that I can then fight the crowds at Whole Foods or Stew’s? Not anymore, thanks to Graze (

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Southwest Cafe in Ridgefield: It's all About the Chilies 

Long before a group of gourmet purveyors began staking claim to what is now a blossoming culinary corner of Ridgefield known as the Marketplace at Copps Hill, Southwest Cafe has been roasting, grinding and blending red and green chilies into dishes that serve as the cornerstone of its New Mexican cuisine.

Just over twenty years ago Barbara Nevins opened Southwest Cafe inspired by a life in New Mexico and a love for its cuisine largely defined by the chile. Toss any notion of that green grocery store bell pepper out of your mind. A chile in the New Mexican sense is a nuanced creature with multiple personalities that restaurants such as Southwest Cafe exploit to their fullest and many New Mexicans trade as currency

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Friday Froth: Barleys, Stouts, and Porters

Here and now, in the some of the shortest days of the year, life could use a little brightening up. This is an instinctual thing with people. We light candle displays, light our homes, and celebrate the low tide of winter having passed, and the return of longer, better days ahead. But it’s still dark. So the brightness in our spirits gets helped along with stronger, winter brews. That’s our theme today.

I always look forward to the old ales, barley wines and especially porters that come out in the late fall and winter. Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter from Vermont is one of my absolute favorites, but Southampton Imperial Porter is a new one (to me) to which I'm giving pretty high marks.

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