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Momma's Boy Cook Off @ Aitoro's April 11

With a strong culinary foundation rooted in family history and tradition, local chefs share the spotlight with the women who have inspired them. Published in Woman to Woman Magazine (W2W), “Momma’s Boys” tells the story of 5 chefs and the influence their mothers have had on their careers. Shared recipes, spirited view points, and a friendly competition in the kitchen will be revealed on Thursday, April 11, 2013 in the beautiful kitchens of Aitoro in Norwalk. Tickets can be purchased online for this unique cooking event where guests will have the privilege of meeting the women behind these talented art culinaires and sample the dishes that two-cooks-in-the-kitchen prepare their way. Tickets are $40:

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Zinc: Modern American Farm-to-Table in New Haven

Zinc has been a fixture on the New Haven green since 1999, well before farm-to-table restaurants became the sought-after reservation.  Even then, Chef Denise Appel was designing plates that changed with the season, and "continued to do so even when people in town wondered if she'd ever make her mind up on a menu," laughs co-owner Donna Curran, who has worked alongside Chef Appel for more than two decades. 

Named for the traditional zinc bars in European bistros, Zinc has successfully become a well-known neighborhood gathering place over the past dozen years. Warm and welcoming for its minimalist design, the restaurant is long and narrow, as expected in an urban setting. Yet with a profound cherry bar, generous seating and plenty of quiet nooks, you know you’ll gladly stay a while.  

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Westport Weston Restaurant Week March 10-16

Westport & Weston Restaurant Week returns March 10th through March 16th. This year the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce will be offering a new Patron Reward Program that should entice you to dine more frequently during Restaurant Week. A minimum of three dinners and/or lunches out will make you eligible  to be entered into The Chamber raffle to win gift certificates to your favorite restaurants or tickets to the Westport Country Playhouse’s season premiere, The Dining Room. 

View the list of participating restaurants below:

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THE FRONT OF THE HOUSE: Gabriele's Italian Steakhouse, Greenwich.

Though CTBites traditionally reviews the food created by gifted chefs in the Back of the House, we thought a story about the talent at the Front might be in order.  So who better to feature than Tony Capasso, the celebrated maître d of Gabriele’s Italian Steakhouse in Greenwich and unquestionably the biggest personality on the Connecticut restaurant scene? Actually, Copasso may be more MC than Maitre ‘d.

"My mother tells me that when I was five, I was already meeting, greeting and introducing people to each other in my apartment house," he told us. "I've always been a people person. President of my high school. Captain of the football team, I like people, they like me, and that's what this job is all about."


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Q & A with Carissa of The Stand Juice Company

That's right folks, the day you've all been waiting for is finally here. Carissa, co-owner of The Stand Juice Company is putting together an evening for you to come to The Stand and hear about how to incorporate The Stand's lifestyle into your own.  Her goal for the evening, on March 26th from 6:30 - 8:00,  is to help everyone move in a direction towards a healthier sustainable lifestyle.
Her talk will be followed by a Q & A , and she welcomes you to bring in your favorite recipe and she will do her best to convert it into a healthy vegan option!

Where & When: March 26, 2013 @ The Stand Juice Company Fairfield, Sportsplex 87 Mill Plain Rd Fairfield

Time: 6:30 - 8:00

Cost : $10.00

Please Email or call Mae to sign up 207-712-1080 OR

Related Links: The Stand Juice Cleanse: 5 Days Without Food

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Hot-tail Happy Hour at Parallel Post

Parallel Post has launched a "Hot-tail Happy Hour," a week-day cocktail list of of three steamy concoctions that can be paired with their usual happy hour specials, available Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. Although it will take more to transport me from the Trumbull Marriott to the slopes of Val d'Isère, at $7 each, these après-ski cocktails are a nice alternative to the usual glass of wine. In addition to their full menu which I wrote about last week, I have become a fan of Parallel Post's wallet-friendly happy hour menu and this new cocktail addition.  

The man behind these inventive drinks is a familiar face to Fairfield County, lead mixologist Greg Genias who is the man behind Barnum Publick House's epic Bloody Mary Bar. For Parallel Post, Greg has created a full menu of original cocktails, featuring many house-made liquor infusions. A native of Jamaica, Greg comes to Connecticut by way of Utah, Greg's preference leans toward classic cocktails like Manhattans and brown liquors served neat. In addition to these new concotions below, don't miss Gregory's Bloody Mary made with an infused spicy vodka and a blend of roasted vegetables.

Parallel Post Hot-tail Menu

Hot Buttered Popcorn: House-blend herbal tea and popcorn-infused rum

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Winesday: When It Rains, It “Pours”... Wine & the Weather

“What’s going to come next- a sandstorm?” asked my friend as we stared out at the never-ending expanse of snow in front of us.

This season certainly has seen its share of weather anomalies from Hurricane Sandy to the recent blizzard that hit some parts of Connecticut with more than 30 inches of snow.  As I assessed the damage and tried to get my daily routine back in order, I couldn’t help but consider how these extreme storms have affected the wine industry.  A wine’s quality depends on a host of climate factors including the length of the growing season, temperature, and composition of the soil.  Even a small deviation can alter an entire bottle.  What happens to production in the wake of such monumental weather upheavals?

In order to find the answer to my question, I turned to Andie Martin, Tasting Room Manager, and Chris Moore, Vineyard Manager, at the Jonathan Edwards Winery. 

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Embody Fitness Gourmet in Westport: Fitness Inspired Functional Food

When I first walked into Embody Fitness Gourmet after it opened last September, it was a hot sticky day, the kind that melts the asphalt in the road. I could barely breathe and was in the midst of my usual daily stress. My car had almost died and the AC was acting quirky so I rolled into the parking lot off Riverside Ave across from the gas station. I ordered a GT Surge, a blend of crushed ice, green tea, freshly pressed lemon and agave nectar accented with fresh mint. Suddenly, my mind drifted off as the cool mojito-like flavors hit my tongue. I was transported to some palm-tree beach far away. Now, that the days of hot sunshine are long gone, I pull over and grab a homemade bean and kale soup as well as another GT Surge, if only to return to the summer in my mind. It seems these days, after much bad news and crazy weather, I need to escape often. 

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Vote for CTbites for Best Local Blog in Best of Fairfield County Readers Poll 2013

To all our readers who have enjoyed CTbites this past year, please VOTE FOR CTBITES to win BEST LOCAL BLOGGER in the annual Best of Fairfield County Readers Poll. Every vote makes a difference. VOTE HERE. 

Here's how to vote: Quickly register and then select the Media & Education category. You will find CTbites under "Local Blogger" &"Local Twitterer." If you don't see us in the pulldown menu...WRITE US IN. 

Thanks for your support!

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EOS Greek Cuisine in Stamford Revamps Menu

EOS, the Greek goddess of the dawn, signifies the beginning of a new day. EOS Greek Cuisine, an upscale Greek restaurant in Stamford owned by the Glekas family, recently introduced its new menu and invited CTbites (along with several other bloggers for what we nicknamed "Bloggers' Row") for a tasting of several of these items. All of the dishes are based on family recipes with slight modifications to modernize the dishes while maintaining their Greek roots.

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