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Tasty sushi at Soosh sushi in Stamford + it's kosher. 

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Jason Sobocinski of The Big Cheese @ Fairfield Cheese Co.

TV personality, restaurant owner and cookbook author Jason Sobocinski will be appearing at Fairfield Cheese Company on Saturday, March 3rd. 

Sobocinski, who has recently authored his first book, CASEUS FROMAGERIE BISTRO COOKBOOK, will be on hand between 1:00 and 3:00 pm for a book signing and macaroni and cheese sampling.

Overflowing with signature recipes, mouthwatering photos, and tons of personality, this visually stimulating cookbook showcases a hot young chef’s zealous pursuit of pleasure through artisanally produced products. Jason Sobocinski’s landmark New Haven, Connecticut, bistro is known for its cheese-oriented menu with a classic French twist; a funky atmosphere with an educated palate. 

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Christophe's Crepe Truck in Fairfield: Ooh La La! 

Food trucks have been a growing trend for the last few years. The L.A. Times reported on one of the first food trucks to gain massive popularity, a fusion of Korean, Mexican, and barbecue back in 2009. And a recent article from USA Today about food trends in the U.S. hailed the food truck, what was once the “roach coaches” for construction workers at lunch time, as the hot new thing. 

But the street-side vendor is certainly nothing new. New York City has been rife with dirty water dogs. And, you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a falafel stand. Roam the urban alleyways from India to Vietnam and some of the tastiest foods can be had from street vendors. Although, be sure to bring your Pepto-Bismol with you. 

Here in Connecticut, we’ve got coffee trucks, cupcake trucks, even a cheese truck. Quel surprise! Fairfield is now home to a freshly made crepe and waffle truck., Christophe's Crepes


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Chocolate Inspired Dinner w/ Chef Knipschildt of Chocopologie

Join Fritz Knipschildt of Chocopologie, and CTbites on March 13 as we indulge the master chocolatier and chef in realizing his vision for a perfectly decadent meal. Inspired by Valentines Day, this intimate dinner will feature five courses infused and/or influenced by Fritz's passion for chocolate. Each course will be paired with wine or spirits and will conclude with a tour of his SoNo chocolate factory.
This event will be held privately at Chocopologie Cafe's SoNo location on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 and is $80 per person.  View the complete menu below OR Purchase now and surprise your loved one as a Valentines Day gift.

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CTbites Pizza Contest: Design Pizzeria Rosso's 2012 Pie

What were they thinking? I can do better than that? Why didn’t they use sausage? You wanna put pineapple on that pizza? What is Thai pizza anyway? These are typical statements that spark debate on the perfect combination of ingredients to place on a pizza.

And now the readers of CTbites will have the opportunity to create the CTbites 2012 Pie that will be featured on Pizzeria Rosso’s menu. So welcome to: DESIGN PIZZERIA ROSSO’S “CTBITES 2012 PIE COMBO.”

The rules are pretty simple. Submit the toppings that you think will create the primo, perfect, over the top pizza pie. At midnight on February 27th the entries will close and a small team of pizza lovers will choose the five finalists. (Try to be as specific as possible as the Editors of CTbites have told me these judges are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.) These final five combinations will compete in a “Pizza Throwdown” at Pizzeria Rosso (Exact Date will be posted when the Finalists are announced). The winning pie will go up on Pizzeria Rosso's menu as the "CTBites 2012 Pie Combo.

So get those ideas submitted and have the chance to see one of the best pizza makers in Fairfield County turn your idea into reality and a chance to see your name next to the CTBites 2012 Pie Combo.

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Olivette: EVOO Tasting Room & Retail in Darien

Alina Lawrence opened her wonderful olive oil tasting room and retail shop, Olivette, in Darien days before the New Year, resolving to bring freshly pressed, single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils and brilliantly flavored vinegars to Fairfield County.  I recently spent a delightful 2 ½ hours sipping and slurping my way around the room, grateful for her resolution. 

If you are looking for true Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with all its health and culinary benefits, the grocery aisle is a convenient place to shop, but may not be the best place to find what you are seeking. Tom Mueller, has written extensively on the perils of purchasing olive oil, and recently published Extra Virginity, The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. To sum up his work briefly, the oil industry is fraught with fraud, and we are not always getting what we expect in the bottles we purchase.  

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Prasad Chirnomula Recreates James Beard House Dinner

Chef Prasad Chirnomula is bringing his James Beard House dinner to The Clarke Culinary Center in South Norwalk, CT on Thursday, March 15, 2012.

From Mole to Masala, Chef Prasad's menu weaves together the cuisines of India and Mexico reflecting his Connecticut restaurants, Thali and Oaxaca, providing a unique opportunity to taste the ingredients, spices and spirit of both Mexico and India. This event is $200 per person and pre-registration is required.

"We are very excited about this unique and intimate evening," said Marco Barallon, manager of The Clarke Culinary Center and Clarke showroom in South Norwalk, CT. "This is going to be a wine dinner like nothing you've ever experienced."

In this Clarke event entitled, "Journeys of Cultures from the James Beard House," Chef Prasad is recreating the dinner he prepared when he was invited to cook for an audience at the site of the James Beard Foundation in New York.  Seating is limited and preregistration is required online at ClarkeCorp or by calling 800.842.5275.

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And the Winners of Chowdafest 2012....

Congrats to all the winners of the 2012 Chowdafest. A great time was had by all and 2012 set records for both attendance and donations. If you missed it or simply didn't hear who won, compare these top picks with your taste buds. 

Classic New England

1st:  Mansion Clam House (first to repeat in the same category)

2nd: Rory's (their first top 3 finish)

3rd:  O'Neill's (their first top 3 finish)

Creative Chowder

1st:  Ginger Man (a two time champion now plus a 2nd for same entry)

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Travel to Tuscany for the Week w/ Chef Pietro Scotti

Join Westport's beloved chef, Pietro Scotti, for a unique, hands-on cooking experience in the magical region of Tuscany Italy on Friday April 27- Friday May 4,  2012. We’ll supply the aprons, just bring your culinary curiosity, appetite and love for Italy for a very special 8 day/7 night culinary and cultural adventure. This intimate journey will be limited to a maximum of only 14 participants.  Whether your preference is to spend time creating in the kitchen with Chef Pietro and/or to have unique access for exploring the secrets of Tuscany, this is your dream journey. 

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Spring Workshops at Millstone Farm

This just in from The Fairfield Green Food Guide: Millstone Farm's spring workshops series has been announced. These events range from Pig Carving 101 with Chef Tim LaBant of The Schoolhouse to Raising Backyard Chickens with Millstone’s Master Farmer, Annie Farrell. You'll want to check these out. 

Pig Carving 101

Saturday, March 17: 12pm – 2pm

Tim LaBant, Chef and owner of The Schoolhouse at Cannondale Restaurant provides a comprehensive how-to on carving a full pig. We’ll also discuss benefits of the different cuts of meat, and how best to prep and cook them.

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Hunan Pavilion: Chinese in Fairfield for 22 Years

I’d been lamenting the lack of good Chinese food in Fairfield County, a complaint I’ve shared with quite a few food lovers here, including a friend who’s a Westport transplant from Singapore. To stop my whining, said friend took me to her family’s favorite Chinese restaurant in Fairfield, Hunan Pavilion. Ever since, I haven’t been deprived of good Chinese nearby, and now neither will you. 

Hunan Pavilion has been in the same Post Road location in Fairfield for 22 years and it’s very good. But to insure a truly exceptional experience, skip over the conventional menu and jump right to the Shanghai Bund Select (or Shanghai New Menu), an edited list of house specialties and an eclectic mix of Shanghai, Szechuan, and Hunan cuisines. Also ask for the menu in Chinese, even if you don’t speak a word of any dialect. The Chinese menu isn’t overly extensive, and if you aren’t shy about it, the staff will patiently translate, and this is where the hidden treasures can be found. 

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