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Eating Out

MECHA Noodle Bar  brings Asian noodles and street food to Fairfield. This is a must try. 

Best of Mexican? Tacos Mexico in Norwalk. Super Tacos all around! 

We Wrote A Book!


Salmon Fish Tacos via Chef Nicole

Growing up in California, fish taco’s were very common.  When we moved to the East Coast, they were almost impossible to find.  I’ve been making this dish for years and everyone loves it!  These Salmon Fish Tacos are a little bit o'sunshine with the crunchy purple cabbage and blood orange slaw.

I still remember the first time I had ever seen a blood orange, my husband and I were in Venice and we wandered past a fruit stand selling Sanguines- blood oranges.  We peeled one and the ruby colored flesh immediately took us by surprise.  The flavor is similar to an orange, but a little sweeter and a little tarter.

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Martha Stewart @ Stamford's Fairway Market 

If you would like to get a book signed at the event, pre-registration is necessary. Go to and send in your name to pre-register. 


Fairfield County's Top 10 Spots for Valentine's Dinner

Looking for that perfect restaurant to woo your significant other this Valentine's Day? Try one of these great romantic spots in Fairfield County, CT. 

Schoolhouse - Wilton This quaint renovated schoolhouse is the quintessential special occasion spot (if you can get a reservation). Local ingredients and nuanced flavors highlight this menu.  

Paci - Southport Nestled in the Southport train station, Paci's unique interior combines a renovated freight depot with urban modern chic. This Southport favorite has been serving some of the best Italian fare in FC since 1996. 

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Ask Conrad: More Ideas For Your Super Bowl Party

The best way to ensure a successful Super Bowl party—and I say this with the most wholesome attitude in the world—is to pack as much vice into it as you can. First, offer your guests plenty of opportunities for gluttony. (Here is a suggestionfor a delicious, non-heart-healthy game-day menu. Suggested portion sizes: extra large.)  And have more alcohol on hand, and in all its glorious variety, than may be strictly necessary. A  Super Bowl party is one of those times when some wives let their husbands slip the leash. You never know when one of the men will find himself on a binge.

But nothing adds interest to watching football quite so much as gambling.

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Top Ten Chocolate Shops & Chocolatiers

You don't really think we believe that box of chocolates you're buying your sweetheart is bound for anyplace other than your own stomach, do you? Let's face it. Valentines Day is really just another excuse to feed your sweet tooth. So with that out of the way, we're stepping in to give you a list of places in your neighborhood to satisfy that craving and maybe score a few points with your honey. A word to the wise: when buying chocolate, you'll want to stop in the week of to strike the best balance between freshness and selection.

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Souterrain #3: Underground Dining @ Lillian August

Bill Taibe and the leFarm team hosted their 3rd Souterrain (underground dining experience) at Lillian August in Norwalk this past Sunday. Check out the photo gallery for all the tasty details. You'll find the full menu here as well. 

Who doesn't like dining and shopping for living room furniture at the same time?  


Cap'n Crunch Milkshakes @ The Filling Station

The Filling Station Company is kicking it old school for the month of February with their Cap'n Crunch milkshake.

Always partial to cereal infused frozen dairy desserts (think Momofuku Milk Bar), you'll know where to find me tomorrow...New Canaan.  


The Schoolhouse At Cannondale: A Wilton Gem

The Schoolhouse at Cannondale was built  just after the Civil War, in 1872  and has been owned and operated by Chef Tim LaBant, a native of Wilton, since 2006.  The setting of this authentic one room schoolhouse along the banks of the rushing Norwalk River, makes for an unusual destination dining experience.  The deep chocolate hue on the walls, the comfortably upholstered banquet seating that runs under the windows that frame the river just outside, the simple decor accented by 4-5 framed photos of classes of students and teachers from over 100 years ago, sets the tone.  This quintessential New England scene is authentic, inviting and superb.

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Ask Conrad: Super Bowl Party Planning Tips

Conrad Banks (a pseudonym) lives in New Canaan and operates a web site,, devoted to planning & hosting great parties. 

The main thing to keep in mind as you plan your Super Bowl party is that most of the men who’ll be attending it, no matter how enthusiastically they gush otherwise when they arrive, would rather be somewhere else. Where that somewhere else is, of course, is in their own houses, on their own Barcaloungers, in some peace and quiet so they pay attention to the darn game already.    

But this reluctance can easily be overcome with some adroit planning by you.

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Friday Froth: Notable Wheats

Isn't it odd how our tastes change? I remember when I used to ride my bike five miles to buy Charleston Chew and Cry Babies at the old Vic's Variety in Stratford, and now I won't even lean forward in my seat to grab a piece of Halloween candy. Every dinner accompanied by broccoli used to be a contest of wills. Now I'll do actual work to pair my steak with asparagus, and I order collard greens with my BBQ at Smokey Joe's. So it is with wheat beer: I couldn't be bothered after an unimpressive first pint, but that may be changing. Broccoli remains a better projectile than comestible, though, in most cases. The dog seems to appreciate it. 

I decided years ago that wheats just weren't up my alley, and have largely ignored them since. Having a first-person column gives one Nursultan Nazarbayev-like power, but I'd like to be a more benign dictator, and really, this column is about you and I both learning - so on it was to round two.

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