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CTbites' Catering Guide to summer Clambakes & Pig Roasts. Let these guys plan your next party!

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Upcoming Workshops at Millstone Farm in Wilton

Millstone Farm has just announced a few more workshops going on at their beautiful 75-acre working farm in Wilton, CT. For those unfamiliar with Millstone, heir focus is on rebuilding our food community through small scale agriculture, educational activities, and events. Millstone raises pastured heirloom breed sheep, pigs, and poultry, and grow vegetables for their CSA, local chefs, and family owned markets. They do wonderful events and workshops with top chefs and guest speakers. Here is the spring lineup including "Backyard Composting" and "Foraging & Cooking with Wild Edibles." 

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Women Entrepreneurs Share Their Recipes for Success

After listening to three incredibly accomplished women dish about their culinary success, one thing became perfectly clear—although their individual paths differed greatly, all shared the same passion and personal commitment to what ultimately goes on the plate. Food feeds their souls and fuels their creativity.

More than 110 attendees gathered at The Jewish Community Center in Woodbridge, CT last month to attend, “Let’s Dish: Entrepreneurs Serve up Their Recipes for Success.”  The event presented a panel of esteemed chefs and food entrepreneurs: Cynthia R. Bigelow, President, Bigelow Tea Company, Carole Peck, owner of Good News Café in Woodbury; and Missy Robbins, Executive Chef at A Voce (NYC).  Syndicated columnist, blogger, consultant, and culinary talent agent, Bonnie Leblang expertly moderated.  In addition to spilling secrets of their culinary success, these ladies divulged how they managed to navigate, chop, slice, dice and eventually prove themselves in this mostly male-dominated industry. Here’s how they accomplished this.

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Beer Talk: The Basics of Aging Beer w/ The Ginger Man

Andrew Hoenig is the Beverage Director at the Ginger Man, located in Norwalk CT. 

So winter came and went. Actually, it never really got here, did it? And I bet you’ve got a few “big” bottles of winter beer left over.  What to do, what to do…I have a suggestion that involves not drinking that leftover beer.  There are many beers out there that will last for years to come, some improving with age, much like a fine wine.  So start a vintage beer collection!

Let’s clear up any confusion about when in the life cycle is the best time to drink your beers.  Truth is, it entirely depends on the style of beer. Lagers and Pilsners demand freshness, as do any light bodied and low alcohol ales.  Traditionally you are encouraged to drink these beers within the first 3 months of their life.  Most hoppy beers will lose their best bright citrusy aroma and bitter flavor characteristics over time, yielding a relatively flat tasting beer behind. So, if you get your hands on some Ithaca Flower Power IPA bottles, drink ‘em up!

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MOM 100 Cookbook Author @ Westport Public Library

Katie Workman, author of the new hit cookbook The Mom 100 Cookbook is coming to the Westport Public Library on Thursday, May 10 at 10:00 a.m. 

Katie Workman is the founding editor in chief of and a mother of two. In The Mom 100 Cookbook she delivers solutions to the 20 most common cooking dilemmas that every modern mom faces, providing recipes and tips for parents who are so baffled by their kids’ food preferences that mealtime has become a minefield.

Katie Workman will talk about her new cookbook The Mom 100 Cookbook, answer questions from the audience, and give a book signing. 

Ok's what people are saying about this new compendium:

“One of the best cookbook authors of her generation.” — BOBBY FLAY

“These are the 100 recipes everyone needs!” — INA GARTEN

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Dolce Cubano Rum Bar & Restaurant Coming to Stamford Waterfront

The waterfront dining scene in Stamford is about to get a whole lot spicier, and OmNomCT has the scoop on a new restaurant concept from a familiar team. 

If you’re familiar with Stamford restaurants by the water, you’ve probably had some food and drink down at Paradise Grill (next to The Crab Shell).  And if you’re familiar with what really great food is, then you were probably disappointed. With such a great spot, it could’ve been so much more! Well, it will be because Paradise Grill is gone and a new kind of paradise is taking over from Nick Racanelli Sr. & Jr., owners of the beloved Pizzeria Molto Wine Bar in Fairfield and Zaza Italian Gastrobar in Stamford. Yup, the new restaurant is called Dolce Cubano Restaurant and Rum Bar.

Oh heck yeah.  When’s the last time (if ever) you hit up a rum bar and you weren’t at some sort of tropical destination? And, in addition to a ton of rum drinks, there will be wine, beer, mixed drinks and dishes of Cuban meets Italian cuisine. -- via OmNomCT

Read full story here.

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10 Questions w/ Dressing Room's Chef Jon Vaast

Jon Vaast is the talented chef at Dressing Room in Westport. He may be young but he has been in the kitchen for most of his adult life. Here are a few things you likely didn't know about this Fairfield County chef. 

If you had unexpected guests arriving at your home for dinner in 1 hour, what would you whip up? I would run to the store and grab some strip steaks, some vegetables in season, got to make some mashed potatoes either roasted garlic or caraway, along with a few bombers of craft beer.

What is the last dish you cooked for yourself? Made some duck ragout with spinach linguine after lunch service today. 

What are your guilty pleasures in terms of food? I’m a sucker for a burger and fries.

What ingredient could you not live without? Farm fresh eggs

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Chipotle in Greenwich Now Open: Free Tacos April 16

The Mexican-inspired food trend is at a fever pitch with the opening of the third Chipotle in Fairfield County today on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT. The tenth location in Connecticut and third in Fairfield County, their soft opening is tonight, April 16 from 5 to 7 p.m. They will be offering patrons the entire menu and fountain drinks at no charge for today only. A liquor license is pending.

Chipotle is now open at 49 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT. Hours are Monday through Sunday, 11 am to 10 pm, tel: 203.625.5394.

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Don Carmelo's Mexican Grill Opens in Norwalk

Please welcome Kimberly Vigier & her first contribution to CTbites. You'll see her experience at Don Carmelo's was a mixed bag, but taste for yourself and let us know what you think. 

Nestled next to the East Norwalk train station sits Don Carmelo’s Mexican Grill, the next restaurant venture from area restauranteur, Luis Solis of Norwalk Pizza & Pasta.  The restaurant touts itself as a Mexican grill and tequila bar, which drew a full crowd on a Thursday night with not an empty table to be found.  The space itself is non-descript and with the exception of the mariachi band playing, one would never guess you were in a Mexican restaurant.  Upon being seated, a basket of housemade warm multicolored tortilla chips was promptly presented with a trio of accompaniments: a traditional pico de gallo, a chipotle salsa and a salad of pickled vegetables.  The pico was your basic chopped tomato, onion and cilantro mix with a bit too much acidity but was more balanced when enjoyed with a chip.  While the flavor of the pickled vegetables was spot on, the mix of carrots, zucchini, onions and garlic would have felt more at home on an antipasti platter, perhaps an ode to the owner’s Italian roots? The chipotle salsa was smooth, smokey and packed a nice punch of heat, the most enjoyable of the three.  

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Win Dinner w/ Colman Andrews @ Library Fundraiser

Despite our obsession with restaurants, what could be better than a fabulous dinner at home? How about a dinner for six prepared by renown chef, author and restaurant critic Colman Andrews, Co-founder and former editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine, restaurant critic for Gourmet magazine, current editorial director of The Daily Meal? This rare opportunity is available at The Ferguson Library's benefit in Stamford, A Novel Affair, on May 3 from 6-9 pm, when Colman will be offering this unique package as an auction item. 

Assisted by Stamford native and fellow restaurant editor at The Daily Meal, Molly Aronica, as his sous chef, Colman will work his magic in your kitchen.

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Little Pub & Berkshire Brewery Team up for Beer Dinner

Like beer? Like to learn about beer? You'll want to know about Little Pub's Berkshire Brewery Beer dinner hosted by Berkshire Brewing Co. co-founder Gary Bogoff, on April 24th.

Gary will explain the flavor profile, ingredients, and special brewing process for each beer served while you enjoy a five course little pub dinner paired with six different berkshire beers. He’ll also share stories about Berkshire’s journey from a couple of home brewers to one of the regions largest craft brewers still brewing beer the old fashioned way: unfiltered, unpasteurized, free of any chemicals or preservatives, and delivered fresh every week. you can even try beer the old fashioned way because we’ll have a a hand drawn cask of extra hopped lost sailor ipa (and maybe a few other surprises too). Menu is below:

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