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Head to SoNo for Washington Prime w/ a bustling bar scene and creative American fare. 

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2014 CT Food Lover Gift Guide. We've got the perfect gift the foodie in your life. 

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Friday Froth: Nelson's Red Oktober

On October 21, 1805, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson lead a British fleet against the combined power of the French and Spanish fleets miles off the coast of Trafalgar, Spain. Napoleon wanted a French hegemony in Europe, the British, not so much. Nelson had twenty seven ships at his command against thirty three in the Franco-Spanish fleet. By the end of the battle twenty two ships would be destroyed and Nelson would be dead. Twenty eight ships would eventually sail on to England - every single British ship, plus the French flag vessel Bucentaure, and its Admiral, Villeneuve. The British hadn't lost a single one. As for Admiral Nelson, his body was placed in a barrel of "spirits," likely rum, and Nelson became one of the biggest heroes in British history. The story goes that when the barrel was opened back home it was found to be empty of liquid - the sailors had drilled a hole and drank it all. Thereafter rum was given the nickname "Nelson's Blood" on ships of the Royal Navy. Honestly though: this column has almost nothing to do with any of that. I just like the story. Shall we?

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L'Andana to Bring Tuscan Cuisine to New Canaan

New Canaan continues to expand its reputation as a restaurant destination with the scheduled opening of L’Andana next month in the space formerly occupied by 50 Coins on Locust Ave. The Northern Italian inspired restaurant represents the newest addition to owner Allan Basaran’s list of culinary accomplishments, which currently includes Carpe Diem in New York City. Prior to opening Carpe Diem, Basaran was a Director at Le Caprice Restaurant at the Pierre Hotel, the Maitre d" at the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel and the Italian eatery Nello’s.  

Significant renovations are currently in process and L’Andana will include a private dining room, a separate bar and chef’s table to complement the Northern Italian menu.

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Make the Perfect Pie with Fritz Knipschildt

"Making the perfect pie is an art."

Master Chocolatier Fritz Knipschidlt, owner of Café Chocopologie in South Norwalk uttered these words that inspired his upcoming October 20 class at Clarke Culinary Showroom. 

"This is the time of year that everyone starts thinking about pies and baking. The holidays are coming, and thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and what to make for dessert to serve after the turkey," continues Knipschildt, who will share his secrets of creating fabulous pies during his class at the The Clarke Culinary Center on Thursday, October 20th from 6-8PM.

Pre-registration for this and Clarke's impressive fall class line-up are required and can be done online at or by calling 800-842-5275, ext. 206. 

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Cocktail Naming Contest

WIN a FREE Lunch for two @ Old Post Tavern in Fairfield. Here's how...

It's time for another cocktail throw down! Old Post Tavern in Fairfield has decided to trust the fate of their new fall specialty cocktail to the naming skills of our CTbites readers.  If your cocktail name is selected, you will win a FREE LUNCH FOR TWO at Old Post Tavern (cocktails included). 

Here are the ingredients for the cocktail in need of a name:

1.5 oz Stoli vanilla

1 oz Stoli

1.5 oz apple cider

.5 or splash of sour apple pucker

Pinch of cinnamon, Touch of fresh lime

Rim martini glass w/ raw sugar & garnish w/ cinnamon stick and slice of apple

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Foodie News: Stew's Wine Event, Fairway Mkt & More

Here are a few foodie tid bits we though you might not want to miss...

Stew Leonard's Wine Event

Join the wine specialists from Stew Leonard's Wines of Norwalk as they travel "Around the World in 80 Wines" at a food and wine tasting to benefit Norwalk Exchange Club! The event takes place on Thursday, October 20 from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at Stew Leonard's food store, located at 100 Westport Avenue in Norwalk.

First Annual Catering Expo at Fairway Market

Attn. party planners and anyone who just wants to have a nosh. Fairway Market in Stamford invites you to come and try their delicious catering menu at their First Annual Catering Expo. From corporate meetings and events to bridal parties and wedding receptions, they can cater any gathering where great food is essential. Join them in the café (699 Canal St) on Wednesday, October 12 from 5PM-7PM.

Southwest Cafe Pumpkin and Chile Wine Dinner

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Old Post Tavern Hosts Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is in full swing and many of our local haunts are celebrating the "holiday" with hearty servings of bratwurst and beer. On Thursday, October 20thOld Post Tavern in Fairfield is hosting their own sausage-fest by partnering with Twisted Vine Wine Shop to deliver both German wine and beer pairings with their otherwise traditional German menu. See complete menu with wine pairings below:.  

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Greenwich Food & Wine Festival

The first annual Greenwich 2011 FOOD+WINE FESTIVAL will take place on October 22nd and 23rd to benefit Breast Cancer Alliance. This grand event is presented by Serendipity magazine, and if you like food and celebrity chefs, you'll want to keep reading...

The weekend-long event at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich will include a Culinary Village tent with more than 60 exclusive food, wine and spirit experts, BBQ Grill Masters, Sunday brunch specialties, a Market Place, celebrity book signings, private event tents and live performances by Rusted Root, Entrain and Sister Hazel among others.

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Revisiting Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich

It may draw inspiration from the cantinas of New Mexico and the mid-century Americana of Rt. 66, but Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich is most deeply rooted in the soil of Connecticut

Locally sourced and organic ingredients have been a signature of Boxcar’s New Mexican-inspired menu for the past seventeen years well before Farm-to-Table was a claim to fame. With a weekly presence at the Westport Farmer’s Market and a green restaurant certification, the first thing you may notice upon arriving at this Greenwich restaurant are several small raised herb and vegetable garden beds filled with a variety of lettuces, herbs, tomatoes and peppers (depending on the season) that will invariably make it onto your plate. If you're as curious as I was, when I stopped by earlier in the growing season, an impressive lineup of lettuces included: Emerald Oak Lettuce, Mascara Lettuce, Lollo Bionda Lettuce, Lollo Rossa Lettuce, Gourmet Lettuce Mix, and Claytonia. 

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Ad: Big News for Pinkberry Fans...Greenwich & More

Attn. Fairfield County fro-yo lovers. Pinkberry has some big news and great new services coming to their Fairfield location! And if you reside further South, they've got something for you too. Downtown Greenwich store is opening soon.  

Curbside Pick Up

For those times when you need your Pinkberry fix but you don't feel like braving the parking challenges of downtown Fairfield, let the fro-yo come to you. Yes…I kid you not. Just call in your order 15 minutes prior to desired pick up time and sidle (or idle) up to the curb. One of Pinkberry's friendly servers will happily walk your frozen dessert to your car.

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Oktoberfest: Wieners & Beer @ The Boathouse

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Chef Holzwarth at the Boathouse Restaurant. This aint your average sausage-fest. Former brewer of the “Holzweizen” label will be manning the beer line, while Chef Holzwarth and the boathouse crew will be featuring homemade wieners, sauerkraut and a long line of artisanal brews. I can hear the polka music now. 

Call 203.227.3399 to reserve a spot by the tap. 

When: October 18th 6:30 to 9:00 pm

How Muich: $35 per person