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Naked Greens Opens in Wilton


If you've been driving up or down Route 7 in Wilton of late, chances are good you've seen the gleaming green sign at 239 Wilton Road (formely Soup Alley) announcing the impending arrival of Naked Greens, officially opening on January 12, 2013.

A healthy and convenient take on fast food, Naked Greens (first opened in South Norwalk in 2012) stocks soups, wraps and salad greens with a selection of fresh and natural ingredients. First opened in South Norwalk, Naked Greens is health conscious brain child of Victor Melendez, a Wilton resident. This location will be a 3,000 sq. ft. space with seating for 35 and convenient hours for commuters (a breakfast menu is planned).

Naked Greens Wilton is located at 239 Danbury Road (Route 7). For more information, visit, or

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Lorca Churros, Coffee & More Opens in Stamford 

There is a place -a tiny, subway tiled place- where dreams really do come true. Layla Dam, owner of LORCA- Churros and Coffee bar- has created Mecca for those in NEED of sugar sprinkled, fried choux and a cup of wickedly awesome Joe. Located in the heart of Stamford at 125 Bedford Street, Lorca is the new jewel in town. The design is funky, complete with a wall mural created by Dam's brother Chris. But "Why LORCA?" I asked. As I dined on the divine, the answer was clear. Passion.

Ms Dam was born in Granada, Spain - hometown, also, of the famous poet/author, Federico Garcia Lorca, - and her heart yearns for that place. She grew up in Darien and has longed for the romantic, ancient town of her infancy. You can take the girl out of Granada but why take Granada away from the girl? She moved back to Seville for a time to study the art of CHURRO creation and LORCA is the fruit of her research.

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Scratch Baking Debuts Classes for 2013

Kick-off 2013 with Scratch Baking in Milford. Due to popular customer demand, owner Leslie Flick and the Scratch team will be sharing their baking prowess in two new classes to be offered in January: Breakfast Pizza & Quiche 101 and Artisan Breads. These small, two-hour classes (limited to 8 per class) will be held at Scratch's Milford location, and participants will head home with a hefty to-go box of Scratch treats. For more information or to reserve your spot, call 203.301.4396 or visit

CLASS #1: Breakfast Pizza and Quiche 101

In this two-hour class we will start by making quiche dough... Learn the method for making the flakiest, most buttery crust quiche and tart crust that you will ever sink your teeth into. We will then go onto our Breakfast Pizza, quite possibly the most popular item at Scratch Baking. You can’t go wrong with a thin whole wheat crust topped with seasonal veggies and finished with organic local eggs. Don’t worry, we will give you a box of each items to go.


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Bartaco Gains Approval for Westport Location

Bartaco wins approval from Westport's Planning & Zoning Commission to continue with plans to open in a 3,700 square foot space at 20 Wilton Road in Westport, with outdoor seating. Bartaco currently has locations in Port Chester, Stamford and West Hartford. No confirmation yet of an opening date, but we are hoping to take advantage of that outdoor seating at the height of summer.

Read the full story on the Connecticut Post.

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Pasta Bolognese in Fairfield County Roundup: Part I

Mangia, Mangia Mangia…and Mangia again.

Pasta Bolognese..a dish so embedded in the DNA of Italian culture that the Italian Academy of Cuisine registered a recipe for "classic Bolognese ragù" with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. The recorded recipe calls for beef from the plate section, unsmoked pancetta, carrot, celery, onions, tomato purée, meat broth, dry wine, milk, salt and pepper, plus a small amount of cream as an option to finish the sauce. There are numerous variations and nuances in the design, flavor, ingredients and most importantly the partner on the plate, the pasta, traditionally a taggliatelle.

What started as a simple idea within CTbites to find and recommend a few good Pasta Bolognese dishes in Fairfield County took a life of its own as more suggestions led to more great sauces, which led to, well more great sauces. Over the last several weeks, the two of us have enjoyed some great Pasta Bolognese preparations (and several that were not so good) to give our readers a list of recommended restaurants that serve delicious versions of this traditional Italian fare. It is not all encompassing, is listed alphabetically and we look to our readers to offer other suggestions of restaurants that serve their favorite Pasta Bolognese to be included in next year's search.

And this is only part 1…there were too many for just one list of recommendations, so stay tuned for part 2 in the near future.

Buon Appetito!!!

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Four to Participate In “ARTISAN IRON CHEF DINNER”

On January 21, four local culinary favorites, BAR SUGO, CRAFT BUTCHERY, FAIRFIELD CHEESE COMPANY and SAUGATUCK GRAIN & GRAPE will team up for an “Iron Chef” inspired artisan dinner to be held at Bar Sügo.

Four days before the event, Craft Butchery will choose the meats or poultry that will be the “secret” ingredient and inform both Bar Sügo and the Fairfield Cheese Company. Fairfield Cheese Company will choose an equal amount of cheese to complement the meats and poultry and then Bar Sügo will have five hours to develop a full five course menu. Next, Saugatuck Grain & Grape will pair wines and cocktails for the each of the courses.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details and how to reserve limited spaces to this special January event.


6 Great Cleanses to Start the New Year Right

What could be more appropriate for a CTbites article than to paraphrase a Shakespearan play whose title contains a tasty pork product? HAMlet, at his existential and post holiday binge worst probably also asked "To cleanse or not to cleanse...that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the gut to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous feasting, Or to take action against a sea of troubles and, by cleansing, - end them. Don't worry. And don't bother with the nunnery. Instead, get thee to one of the establishments listed below and sample a cleanse to rid yourself of post-food-orgy regret.

Start the new year by taking care of your body with one of these 6 great cleanses:

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Little House Molasses Snow Candy via "Fix Me A Snack"

The other day, we finally made Molasses-On-Snow Candy from The Little House Cookbook. And let me tell ya that nothing enlivens a snowy New England day like playing with molten sugar! 

Last winter, books from the Little House series dominated our bedtime reading. I don’t recall reading them as a child so I was enjoying them as much as the kids were. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s retelling of her childhood transported us back in time. 

Given our heartfelt connection to the Ingalls family, it’s unclear who likes the whole idea of making foods out of the Little House Cookbook more, me or the girls. Either way, they did a spectacular job making molasses candy. Nobody had to go to the hospital with third degree burns. Another successful day of parenting!

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CTbites Staff Picks for TOP EATS OF 2012

It's that time again...time to reflect on the year that has passed, and look forward to what is yet to come. For the food obsessed in Fairfield County, 2012 was a stellar year. The restaurant scene literally exploded with some very notable openings, and 2013 promises to continue the trend. 

As we say good bye to 2012, we asked the CTbites Team to list the restaurants at which they spent the most time eating throughout the year. What you see below are the STAFF PICKS for TOP EATS OF 2012.

Let us know your favorite spots as well.

Happy New Year from CTbites

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Cooking Classes w/ "Dinners at the Farm" Chef Rapp

Want to cook effortless, mouthwatering dishes for your guests this holiday season or anytime? Then register today for White Gate Farm's series of Farm Kitchen cooking classes featuring the Dinners at the Farm Chef Jonathan Rapp on January 8, 9 or 10 -- Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday --  3:00 to 9:00 pm. Chef Rapp will be coming down from his red truck where he orchestrates his magical dinners during the summers, allowing for a hands on cooking experience. 

COOKING FROM THE GROUND UP, is Jonathan's simple fresh approach to cooking in season. Learn uncomplicated farm-to-table cooking by first heading out to the fields and greenhouses with Jonathan and White Gate farm manager Susan Mitchell. Gather beautiful organic produce for the evening's four-course menu that students and chefs develop together. Then it's back to the kitchen where the team will prep and cook. Finally, participants will sit down together with some exceptional wine and enjoy the "fruits" of their labor.

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