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Aux Delices Opens in Westport: Great Food for Busy People

Back in Greenwich it was more than 10 years ago that I first walked into Greg Addonizio and Debra Ponzek’s tiny yellow-and-blue striped jewel of a café, Aux Delices. I went there almost every day, unable to resist their lemony ginger tea, inspiring desserts and gourmet take-out items. After I moved to Westport, I literally dreamed about their unbelievably decadent chocolate cake. Now, at long last, my dreams have come true. Aux Delices, which in French means “all the delicious food in life,” has opened a new Westport, centrally located at 1035 Post Road East. With an airy, relaxed French brasserie ambience of copper fixtures, colorful chalkboard menus, and an outdoor patio, it’s the perfect instant getaway. And, while the service is quick and easy, the food however, is anything but fast food-like. With the exception of a few imported specialty items, drinks and cheeses, all foods and pastries are baked on-site, prepared by culinary institute-trained chef Ponzek, who describes her own cooking as “quality, healthy food for busy people.”  

For those who are not yet familiar with their other locations, you’re in for a treat. They first opened in Riverside in 1995. In addition to a take-out area, they’ll soon be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert along with beer and wine. Their menu is diverse but substantive, with signature dishes that include the aforementioned dreamy chocolate cake, orzo salad, roasted chicken and oatmeal. Other items not to be missed are chunky fruit scones, poached salmon, and the raw kale and Brussels sprout salad. There is definitely something for everyone, whether you’re rushing to pick up a quick lunch, planning a beach picnic or a large party, or lingering over a coffee and cake. 

As a mom who often runs on little sleep and even littler time, their kids’ specials – no-mercury tuna salad, meatloaf, ribs, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and vegetable purees – are a godsend when you want a special something.

Having a child who cannot eat wheat, I was also surprised at their large selection of gluten-free items – which will be clearly labeled on their menu– including brownies, breakfast “strata” of spinach, eggs and cheese and a quinoa/yogurt parfait. Other items, like cakes, can be specially-ordered depending on your food allergy or issue, so just ask.

For those going vegan, you’re also in luck. Their delicious grain salads, crunchy tofu salad shakers and rich tofu mango cheesecake are hugely popular. 

Struggling with the holidays or special events? Their recent Father’s Day menu included pecan sticky buns, seven layer dip, yogurt and Indian spice-marinated flank steak, corn bread, profiterole, tarts – sure to please any dad from the traditional to the avant garde.

For a town that has lacked both breakfast and late-night options, I was also excited to find out that they open at 7am, serving breakfast daily. For now, the retail area is open until 6:30pm but will soon offer table service until midnight, with drinks. No reservations are needed at this time, you can just walk in. 

So, the evolution of Westport’s scene continues to take shape with this latest addition of a well-loved mom and pop, family-owned small business: Aux Delices’s hands-on approach to creating simple, good food, as well as carrying a large selection of interesting take-out items, handling private and corporate catering events, offering cooking classes – will soon likely make it into an instant classic. One definitely worth getting out of bed for...even for the sleep-deprived. 

Aux Delices 1035 Post Road East, Westport. 203.557.9600

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About Catherine Siroka: 

As a Westport mom of two active boys, Catherine publishes a local parenting blog called She is also currently writing a children’s book on making healthy food choices for those living with food sensitivities. When she’s not dreaming of eating chocolate cake, she welcomes your feedback at or you can visit her at

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Reader Comments (3)

Serving dinner too? How lucky can we get? What a great addition to the resto scene here.

June 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLiz Rueven

You know it's a real sorrow that we have created a life since the second world war that no longer has time for a meal every day together... That food somehow is just a thing to eat quickly on the way to some event!?
What the hell has happened?
Let's try to feel food and make it important and a way to love one another again, rather than fathers that work way too much and mothers that are busy driving most of the time form one activity to the next and then a pass out in bed because of over extension and no real bonding or closeness with each other.... (Hey, and when I say all this I say it mainly to myself also, though I never got into over extension only because it just is not in my blood)..
It is nice though, to have really quality food places to go as, we do need a great place to go every now and then..


June 19, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermelissa lee

I believe that I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in Westport - Dressing room, The Farm and The Whelk but until you've tried Aux D's you are missing out. I'd even admit to the odd trip to Swanky Frank's... but do try it - it will make your day!!

March 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterFranklin Silverstone

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