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Amuse Bouche: Food News for May 3, 2012

We're trying out a new feature on CTBites wherein we'll offer up small servings of news, happenings, and other ephemera for your delectation. Some of these may be followed up with longer reviews, others will fade into memory. 

Website Lifehacker teaches occasional tricks for foodies

We hear The Ginger Man, Greenwich, has welcomed a new Executive Chef, Gerald Alcin. Chef Alcin comes to The Ginger Man from Lexington Square Cafe in Mt. Kisco. 

- Bar Rosso in Stamford has a new Italian pizzaioli, and he is putting out some mighty fine pies. 

- Tiny newcomer Relic Brewing opens to the public this Fri/Sat!/RelicBrewing/status/197473696313647106

Foodie feud! Esquire's reviewer upset with Joe Bastianinch over the latter's book, Restaurant Man

You don't mess with a man's wheels. Guy who stole Fieri's Lamborghini caught:

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