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We just keep going back to South End in New Canaan. Here's why...

Ummmmm.....Tacos..... Run, don't walk to Casa Villa in Stamford if you haven't been. 

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The Mind of Chef Debuts on PBS

For a limited time on, you can stream the first four episodes of the PBS series narrated by Anthony Bourdain, The Mind of a Chef. The focus of the first season is chef David Chang of Momofuku fame who takes the viewer on a tour of a few of his favorite things including ramen, the chef's love of pig, his path as a chef and Spain. 

In the series premiere, "Chang dissects the roots of his passion for ramen dishes and tsukemen on a trip to Japan." The episodes capture the playful curiousity of Chang and insight into what makes him tick as a chef. The editing and background music may be a bit wonky, but the episodes are as addictive as the MSG-laden instant ramen that Change demonstrates how to eat raw.

The first four series on now on until November 23. 

Watch The Mind of a Chef - Preview on PBS. See more from PBS.

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