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Denise Davies of D2 Interieurs 

Quick Facts:

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with how beautiful things are created. I grew up in Miami and a career in fashion took me first to Los Angeles and then New York and all along the way, life kept pointing me towards interior design. After One Soho loft, two Upper West side apartments, one Woodstock farmhouse  and my own Connecticut home, I finally realized that starting a design firm was what was next. An entrepreneur at heart, D2 Interieurs launched in 2010 and has grown to include residential and commercial spaces in Fairfeild County, Westchester, New York City and the Hamptons. When I'm not designing, I am singing and playing guitar in a local band. (really). Living well is very important to me, and part of living well is eating well. I live in Weston with my husband and our two boys, and our three dogs.  

My current food cravings are:  

Spicy crab guacamole from bodega, zucchini spaghetti and meatballs, and just about anything covered in dark chocolate

The only fast food I will eat is:  

In and Out Burger, when I lived in LA it was a weekly must. When I visit, it is my first stop right from the airport.

If I could be any Iron Chef, I would be: 

Mario Batali.  I think great food should be simple.

My favorite restaurant in Fairfield County is:  

Lucs French Bistro in Ridgefield. It’s like being transported to France. Herve, the owner does an amazing job and don’t be surprised if you have a Keith Richards sighting.

My favorite restaurant in the Tri-State area is:  Maialino in NYC. Besides having the most awesome food (and the do gluten free past like it’s nobody’s business), the décor is to die for.

Restaurant dish I wish I could make at home:  Chicken Pimentos from Barcelona. I have attempted it many times, but it’s never the same.

My go-to dinner party entrée is: Lasagna. It’s great because it can be prepared in advance. Serve it with a simple salad and a super Tuscan and I’m good to go.

When I’m not eating, I’m….

Designing homes, of course! 

Prepared food I have let people think was home-made… 

I’ll never tell…

I’d rather pick (pumpkins, apples, or strawberries…)  

Pumpkins – Love the color orange!

The last book I enjoyed was:  

Dianne Von Furstenberg’s “The Woman I wanted to Be”. It’s an incredible story by an inspiring woman who came from nothing.

My favorite movie of all time is:

The Devil Wears Prada