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Christy Colasurdo 

Quick Facts: Former special sections editor at New York Magazine. Author of Bar Excellence and Restaurant 2000 (Rizzoli) written under maiden name, Casamassima; writer for national magazines and newspapers and frequent contributor to Westport and Greenwich Magazines. Lives in Westport with her husband and 2 boys.

My current food cravings are: The lunch buffet at Coromandel in South Norwalk, the Ropa Vieja at Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk, the Penang Curry Shrimp at King & I in Fairfield.  

The only fast food I will eat is: “Belly Bombers” at White Castle. Haven’t had one since I was 17, but it’s the only fast-food I’ve ever craved.  

If I could be any Iron Chef, I would be: Bobby Flay. Successful, but still down-to-earth enough to invite for dinner without intimidation.  

My favorite restaurant in Fairfield County is: Osianna in Fairfield for fresh Mediterranean fare, served in “small plates” for sharing. 

My favorite restaurant in the Tri-State area is: The Palm Too on Second Ave. in Manhattan. Though now a clichéd chain, the original has long been my family’s go-to celebration spot for 5-lb. lobsters, Porterhouse steaks, creamed spinach and frizzled onions. 

Restaurant dish I wish I could make at home: Thai Larb and Nam Sod, but I’d love to learn to cook almost all Thai specialties. 

My go-to dinner party entrée is:  In winter, it’s filet mignon, served medium rare, with old-school scalloped potatoes and a good salad. In summer, it’s spicy marinated shrimps and flank steak on the grill, served with yellow rice, black beans and Mexican sides. 

When I’m not eating, I’m….Reading good books, writing magazine articles, bating around a tennis ball, taking my kids on outings and contemplating my next meal. 

Prepared food I have let people think was home-made…Trader Joe’s Tarte d’Alsace (a thin pizza with caramelized onions, melted Gruyere and diced ham) makes a tasty appetizer in a pinch. 

I’d rather pick (pumpkins, apples, strawberries). Connecticut-grown apples, although this year’s family outing cost a small fortune! 

The last book I enjoyed was: “The Arsonist’s Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England” by Brock Clarke and “Mudbound” by Hilary Jordan; both totally worth the time. 

My favorite movie of all time is: My most recent fave is “Something’s Gotta Give.” I catch it any time it’s on TV. 

My favorite food-related movie of all time is:  I rarely enjoy foodie flicks, but I’m guilty of watching “Top Chef “ reruns and cooking shows with Lidia Bastianich and  Jacques Pepin.