Designing The Perfect Family Dinner @ Home...D2 Style

D2 Interieurs

We all love to eat out, but it is also great to stay in with the family and gather round the table for a meal.  Well designed kitchens can promote quality family time.  Eating meals together provides the opportunity for great conversation and togetherness. 

It’s even more meaningful when the kids participate in the preparation of the meal. 

Tips To Create a Fun Family Meal…

  1.  Have a seat- Whenever we can, we design built- in banquet seating.  It’s kid friendly and always looks chic and NEAT! 
  2.  Invest in your kitchen table- We love this table by Duc Duc.  It’s a combo kitchen and art table.  Half of it is made of dry eraser boards.  Fun to play games before, during or after the meal.  This will keep the kids at the table longer!
  3.  Frame it- Frame your kids artwork and hang it in the kitchen.  Mix their masterpieces with other pieces in your collection.
  4. Chairs- Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  You spend the most time in your kitchen- invest in fabulous chairs and stools.  
  5. Color pops- Our signature D2 stamp is adding bold pops of color into a room., this creates a happy environment.  Embrace color!
  6. The meal- make a family pizza and bake some cookies.  Everyone gets an apron with their name on it and let the fun begin….

Bon Appetit!


Denise and Kerri