LIVE-EAT-LOVE: Kitchen Organization for the New Year by D2 Interieurs

D2 Interieurs

LIVE-EAT-LOVE is a new CTbites column focusing on the intersection of food and style. D2 Interieurs dynamic design team Denise Davies and Kerri Rosenthal’s Monthly Column to tastefully inspire your home, life and palette.

To launch this series, D2 Interieurs tackles Kitchen Organization. Here are Denise and Kerri’s top tips for an organized kitchen:

  1.  Store your kitchen items by the way you use them. Place everyday dishes in easy to reach shelves nearby and near the dishwasher.  
  2. Group items by category. Pots and pans stay in one place. Dishes can go in pull out drawers which makes them easier to access and put away. Glasses on the same shelves too.
  3. Create stations in your kitchen. Take cues from restaurant kitchens by creating a cooking station, keep pots and pans as close to the stove as possible, also walk through your cooking space and see how many steps it takes you to get to the items you use regularly,  put the items you need the most closest to your prep and cooking stations.  Also create storage stations, prepping, cleaning, baking and a station for putting food away.
  4. Install shelf organizers: sliding shelf organizers makes it easier to access everyday gear, and when items are divided into categories the shelves stay neater.
  5. Divide Drawers: this is another easy way to identify your cooking utensils and keep the drawers neat and tidy.
  6. Designate charging stations, keep wires and technical gadgets away from the cooking and prep stations. 
  7. Group your kitchenware by color and size, it’s important to keep the kitchen organized, but this tactic also makes the kitchen look pretty and camera ready. 
  8. Make your kitchen feel like a living space by adding artwork to the walls and placing colorful accessories on the countertops and table. We love to use colorful photography in a kitchen to warm up the space and add pops of color.
  9. Declutter counters by mounting to-do lists, calendar, and phone to the wall.
  10. Every year take inventory of what is your kitchen. Now is the time to throw out all the coffee mugs, chipped and mismatched dishes, broken kitchen utensils, items you no longer use and get a fresh start.  
  11. Replace old cutting boards.  It’s a good idea to replace your wood and plastic cutting boards every few years (if not every year) and keep it clean and dry. 

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